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Everyone agrees that kids learn new things and get better at the ones they already know when they play. They do it to think and figure out the world. It makes them think of new things and feel good about what they can do. When kids play, they also learn useful skills, like how to plan their time, get along with others, and believe in themselves.

Kids can improve their physical and mental skills through play, which will help them in the real world. Games and activities that are fun and interesting are a great way to teach survival skills to everyone. Also, this will help your kids remember things when they need to.

Here are ten fun things you can do with your kids to get ready. You can change these based on their age, your family's needs, the time of year, and where you live:

For Food and Medicine: Teach your kids about plants as soon as you can. They will enjoy nature and feel like they are a part of the world around them. As part of a game or a hunt for prizes, find plants. For younger kids, simple gifts work well. It's better for older kids to use field guides or apps that name things.

Most kids used to be able to start a fire with no trouble. This is what you need to start a fire. Make sure your kids know how to stay safe while you teach them how to start a campfire. They will know how to use fire to stay warm, cook food, and clean water in case of an emergency.

Cooking Over an Open Flame: To help your kids get better at making fires, teach them how to cook over an open flame. They'll feel good about cooking on their own, even if something goes wrong. You can make these meals outside. They're fun for kids and will make cooking outside a memory you'll never forget.

Building a Shelter: Teach your kids how to do this and tell them it's important to do it before it gets dark. Building a cabin in the woods can be fun in some games. They will learn how to find places where animals rest and use that information to build their own homes, which will make them better watchers.

You can teach your kids how to find water in the wild by showing them how to look for animal tracks that lead to water sources and water that flows downhill. First, show them what happens when you drink dirty water. Then, stress how important it is to always have clean water on hand.

Simple: Teach your kids how to get back on track. Kids these days usually only use tech to get around. You can show them how to use the sun, the way plants grow, and the stars to get where they need to go without a guide. It will be fun to learn how to get around this way.

Do "lights out" drills with your kids, let them play with non-tech toys, and show them hand-powered games like crank radios to teach them how to be Earth-friendly. Send them on a treasure hunt to find habits that make them tired. This is how they'll learn how to save things.

When you grow your own food, let your kids help you at all times. They can help you pick the right seeds and gather the food. This will teach them something useful. Getting them a garden will help them grow up and get them excited about growing their own food. They'll be able to get food and take better care of themselves.

Giving First Aid: Let your kids practice giving first aid with dolls or stuffed animals. This is something fun to learn. Let them help you put together a first-aid kit for the whole family. Show them what each item is for. If you need help, they'll be there.

To keep yourself safe, teach your kids how to use tools and guns in a smart way. Doing martial arts and learning how to stay safe in the wild are also good ideas. These changes will make them feel better and make them pay more attention to what's going on around them. When a family learns how to protect themselves, they are more likely to stay together when they are in danger.

When kids are young, their parents teach them the most. We teach them important life skills and how to be strong and responsible by making plans for situations every day.

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