Enzyme Factor: A Healthy Way of Living - Hiromi Shinya - The Habits That Make Up Your Body

Much of the cause of diseases comes from habit rather than genetics

For people who are sick, there will definitely be the following causes: disturbed eating habits, wrong ways of eating, or disordered living habits. There are even cases due to all of the above causes.

In the United States, since 1990, the incidence of cancer and the number of deaths from the disease have tended to decrease. This may be because after the "McGovern Report" was released to Congress in 1977, "dietary guidelines" issued by the U.S. government spread throughout American society.

However, this does not mean that all Americans have paid attention to the "healthy meal." More specifically, the more people at the top of society, the more they try to improve their eating habits. Therefore, people with economy, or people in the "upper class" have a very healthy diet. They eat more fruits and vegetables, and greasy dishes like steak appear less often on the table. Therefore, not many people suffer from obesity anymore. It is even said that obese people cannot become directors. This concept comes from the common perception in society that people who cannot manage their health cannot manage socio-economically.

So why are there "differences" in the eating habits of the elite and ordinary people? One of these is the issue of cost. When buying vegetables, if you choose fresh and delicious ones, without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, the price is quite high. Just like in Japan, good food is always very expensive. So, even if you follow the same method at the same time, the person who can do it immediately is only economical.

Moreover, in my opinion, cognitive ability and financial ability are directly proportional. Although it is known that eating is the source of disease, to be able to explain the meaning of the information in depth and apply it to actual daily eating habits requires adequate cognitive ability.

As a result, there is now a tendency in the United States to divide into two classes, one is the healthy wealthy, the other is ordinary people with poor health. And I think this trend is becoming more and more pronounced. Because later, they will gradually form "habits" from the current way of eating.

Many people reach middle age suffering from the same diseases as their parents such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer ... Someone said: "My parents have cancer so I don't know how. My family has a history of cancer." But that's not the case. I'm not saying there is no genetic factor in the disease, but the biggest reason is that they have inherited the "habits" that caused their parents to get sick.

As they grow older, children will unconsciously absorb the "routines" in the family where they were raised. Favorite dishes, cooking methods, life cycles, important values... Depending on the family, these may vary. But parents and children in the same family will have very similar notions. In other words, children are susceptible to the same diseases as their parents not because they inherit the genes that cause the disease, but because they inherit the lifestyle habits that cause the disease.

If children inherit good habits such as choosing good food, choosing good drinks, living in moderation.

Do not abuse drugs... then babies can maintain good health without suffering from illness.

On the contrary, if children inherit bad habits such as regularly eating oxidized foods, not even buying mineral water to drink, abusing drugs as soon as they feel uncomfortable, disordered activities ... then babies can suffer from diseases even more severe than their parents.

Thus, whether it is a "good habit" or a "bad habit" is adopted by the next generation. If, from a young age, children are taught by their parents: "drinking milk is good for the body, so you have to drink it every day", they will believe and maintain drinking milk. By adulthood, this habit will sabotage your baby's health.

Therefore, we have the responsibility to carefully evaluate what habits we have, whether they are good or bad, and to pass on good habits to the next generation.

Habits that will rewrite genetics

The older we get, the harder it is to change our habits. Conversely, what has been imprinted on a person since childhood is very easy to influence throughout life. Therefore, trying to create good habits early is very important.

In Japan, the training of concentration, creativity or intelligence development for children before they perceive things such as stimulating left brain development for children from 0 years old or for preschool children is being promoted. However, we have not paid attention to being aware of health-related issues. Developing intelligence is an effort to be able to learn in the future, or to have a better life; Creating a habit of staying healthy affects a person's whole life, and to me this is more important than anything. No matter how smart you are, how good you are, but without health, you cannot live happily and happily.

Unlike the United States, in Japan, the sense of health is not directly proportional to social status. Whether they are university professors or company directors, eating is entrusted to their wives, health specialists, leaving doctors to take care of, even many people do not know the names of the drugs they are taking. As a doctor, I have to admit that many people have a level of knowledge related to medicine or health far below their social status.

In my opinion, human physicality is determined by two factors, one is the "inherited" factor from the parents, from birth, and the other is the "living habits" formed from the baby.

For example, for people whose parents don't have alcohol-breakdown enzymes in their bodies, many of them will probably have very little of it. However, even if they have the fewest alcohol-breaking enzymes, just gradually increasing the amount of alcohol they drink will increase the amount of enzymes used to break down alcohol in the liver and after a while they can drink quite a bit. Such a form we call "training". And of course, we can all practice drinking.

Similarly, even people with fewer alcohol-breaking enzymes, depending on whether their parents "ever learned to drink" or not, their awareness of alcohol varied. In other words, if your parents practice drinking and as a result, they can drink, then you will also be aware that if you practice, you will be able to drink. Conversely, if your parents didn't drink, you had the idea from the beginning that you were born into a non-drinking family.

I may have just given you a bad example, but in fact, in the same way, we can change our genes for the better.

For example, a person is born carrying genes that are more likely to develop cancer. If his parents pay attention to his health, follow good lifestyle habits, and can live for the rest of his life without developing cancer, he will be aware that "even if I carry the gene that is susceptible to cancer, I can prevent it with my own efforts."

And if children inherit from their parents "good food", "good way of eating", "good living habits", then in future generations, genetic factors associated with cancer will weaken. In other words, by inheriting good living habits, we can rewrite our genes for the next generation.

For example, during breastfeeding, if the mother does not have milk but has to breastfeed, compared to breastfed babies, the baby may have health problems such as prone to allergies, poor intestinal bacteria balance, etc. However, after weaning, if this baby is given enough attention to healthy eating, forming good living habits, then they will develop healthy normally.

In contrast, for children who are breastfed very healthy but have poor living habits, like to eat meat, milk, often eat foods containing additives, oxidized, by the age of 30, this person is likely to die of a heart attack.

The genetic factor is something that from birth we already have. However, habits are something that we can change with our own "effort and willpower." Based on your habits, genetic factors, good or bad, can be changed.

Remember that the "good habits" that help you can also save your children and grandchildren.

Alcohol and tobacco are the worst lifestyle habits

Most doctors in Japan rely on drugs and surgeries to treat diseases, few pay attention to the patient's eating and living. However, people around the world are now beginning to become aware of the deep relationship between diet and cancer.

However, no matter how comprehensively you improve your diet, just changing your eating habits cannot prevent disease 100%. Because in addition to diet, there are many causes of miraculous enzyme consumption in the body that come from the modern human lifestyle. To protect our health, in addition to diet, we must consciously eliminate all "habits harmful to the body".

Typical of these harmful habits are "alcohol" and "tobacco". The reason why these two things become the two most toxic elements is that they are very addictive, causing us to drink (must smoke) every day.

I only need to look at a person's face to tell if that person smokes or not. Because if they smoke, their skin will have the characteristic "darkening" color of cigarettes. So why does smoking cause skin to darken so much? When smoking, the capillaries will shrink, causing oxygen and nutrients not to be replenished in time, causing cells to age, residues are not eliminated. In other words, this "darkened" color is dirt, toxins accumulated in skin cells.

When it comes to the harmful effects of tobacco, people usually only pay attention to the amount of tar that accumulates in the lungs. However, there is another equally serious problem, which is that the capillaries of the whole body will contract. When capillaries shrink, water is not transported to the organs, meaning the nutrients in them are not transported either. In addition, the waste that needs to be disposed of cannot be treated. As a result, these residues accumulate in the body, decompose and produce toxins.

The "darkening" marks on the skin are only the most noticeable manifestation. In fact, all organs connected to capillaries are developing the same problem.

People who drink alcohol daily also have blood vessel constriction just like smokers. There are also people who claim that drinking a little alcohol can dilate the veins, helping blood circulate better. However, alcoholic capillary dilation lasts only about two or three hours. In fact, this "dilation of the veins" is the cause of blood vessel spasm. Because when blood vessels are suddenly enlarged due to alcohol, the body will suffer the opposite effect that the blood vessels will constrict. When blood vessels constrict, the condition will be similar to that of smokers, that is, the process of absorbing nutrients and excreting waste does not work effectively.

Both alcohol and tobacco produce large amounts of free radicals (especially oxidative free radicals). To neutralize these free radicals, we need antioxidant enzymes such as SOD, catalase, glutathione, peroxidase... People who often smoke or are deficient in vitamin C are because vitamin C is also an antioxidant.

To neutralize free radicals requires spending a lot of antioxidant enzymes. Today's modern society contains many causes that produce free radicals such as electromagnetic waves, environmental pollution... If there are more factors that we can control such as alcohol and tobacco, then when free radicals burst out in large quantities, we are forced to consume a lot of miracle enzymes in the body.

Enzymes are substances that can be consumed when used. In other words, it's like savings, if we spend it indiscriminately, the money will soon run out. Eating right, living in moderation is like accumulating more savings every day. Normally, instead of spending extravagantly, if we know how to accumulate little by little, it is okay to spend a little when we need it. But if you keep throwing money out every day, there will be times when you will incur huge debt.

In the case of enzymes, this debt is "disease." With money, if you do not worry about paying off debts but keep splurging on your forehead, there will be times when you will go bankrupt. In health matters, bankruptcy is equivalent to "death" for you. The final destination for people who regularly drink and smoke cigarettes is already set at the moment they get into this habit.

Sleep apnea syndrome can be cured with this habit

While bad daily habits are the cause of illness, there are also cases where illness is improved by changing habits. One of the outstanding issues that many people are concerned about today is "sleep apnea syndrome".

Sleep apnea syndrome is a disorder characterized by intermittent apnea while a person is sleeping. During sleep, the muscles in the body are at rest, anyone who sleeps in the supine position, the tongue and the root of the tongue will retract so that the airways are narrowed. In people with sleep apnea syndrome, "airway spasms" are more severe, and the airways are temporarily closed, leading to apnea. When breathing stops, the body will feel discomfort and the person will wake up. However, the person is usually unaware and will wake up several times during the night. As a result, the person with this syndrome does not have deep sleep, which leads to daytime drowsiness and a decrease in the ability to concentrate.

Although there have been no deaths caused by this syndrome, it is still a scary disease. Lack of sleep causes life-sustaining functions of people such as immunity, metabolism ... Deterioration, moreover, it also affects the circulatory system, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke by three or four times.

Among patients suffering from this disease, 70~80% of people are obese, so it was initially thought that obesity was the cause of airway obstruction. Now, however, research results have shown that obesity and sleep apnea are not directly related.

There are three types of sleep apnea. One type is "obstructive apnea," which occurs because the airways are blocked, one is "central apnea," which occurs because the brain's central respiratory activity is impaired, and one type of "mixed apnea" includes both types of symptoms.

In fact, most patients suffer from "obstructive apnea" syndrome, which has a very simple cure. Before going to bed for four or five hours, absolutely do not eat anything. In a word, it is to let an empty stomach go to sleep.

The human windpipe works by a mechanism that lets nothing but air through. However, when sleeping, if there is food in the stomach, then when lying on your back food may spill up the throat. At that time, so that these foods do not enter the trachea, the body will narrow the airways leading to apnea. In my opinion, severely blocked airways are the cause of the "obstructive apnea" syndrome. My hypothesis also suits patients with obesity.

If you eat before bed in the evening, your body will secrete a large amount of insulin. Insulin converts it all into fat, so even if you eat the same food, if you eat it late at night, you will be more likely to get fat. In other words, it is not obesity that leads to sleep apnea syndrome, but the habit of eating at night before going to bed is the cause of both apnea syndrome and obesity at the same time.

Eating arbitrarily, leaving the stomach still working before going to bed is a "bad habit".

Many people have the habit of "drinking alcohol before bed" because they think it is more effective than taking sleeping pills, but this is also a dangerous habit. The person may find himself sleeping better, but during sleep, it is easy to have apnea that causes blood oxygen (PO2) levels to drop. For people with hardening of the arteries or narrowing of the coronary arteries, reduced oxygen levels will lead to ischemic heart disease leading to death. Many people die from heart attacks or heart attacks near dawn due to the habit of eating late at night, leading to food reflux that blocks the airways leading to non-breathing, leading to reduced oxygen levels in the blood, eventually leading to death due to ischemic heart disease. If before going to bed we not only eat, but also drink alcohol, this risk is even higher. The reason is that when drinking alcohol, it will cause central respiratory depression and cause oxygen levels in the blood to plummet. For people who have fewer alcohol-breaking enzymes, alcohol intake will accumulate in the blood longer than others, so careful attention should be taken.

In addition, there are also people who think that milk helps sleep better, so give children hot milk to fall asleep. But this is also a "bad habit" that needs to be eliminated. Children often go to bed early, so even if they eat dinner at six in the afternoon, in many cases when they go to bed, their stomachs still have food. Therefore, if you give your baby milk, it will easily lead to reflux. And when children inhale sharply due to apnea, they will easily inhale milk, which is easy to cause allergies. In fact, I think this is one of the causes of asthma in children. Although my hypothesis has not been proven, based on the survey data with my patients, I realize that many of those who suffer from childhood asthma, often have the habit of falling asleep immediately after eating or drinking milk to ease sleep.

To prevent diseases such as childhood asthma, sleep apnea syndrome, heart attack or heart attack, you need to make a habit of leaving your stomach empty at bedtime. For those who cannot tolerate hunger at night, you can eat a little fresh civet fruit containing many enzymes. These fruits are easy to digest, and take only about 30, 40 minutes to move from the stomach to the intestines. So, with fruit, if you eat an hour before lying down, you don't need to worry about food reflux.

Drink water an hour before eating

One of the "good habits" I'm doing every day is to drink about 500 milliliters of water an hour before eating.

It is often recommended that drinking "good water" every day to ensure health. If there is a "good way to eat" in eating, then with water there is also a "good way to drink". Perhaps gardeners or bonsai caregivers will understand this more easily, if you keep watering indiscriminately, the plant will rot the roots and wilt. There is always the right "interval" and "amount of water" to supply the plant with water. This is the same with humans.

The majority of the human body is water. In young children, water makes up about 80% of the body, adults 60-70% and the elderly 50-60%. Baby's skin is always soft, smooth and "plump" due to the high amount of water in the cells. Therefore, drinking good water is very important for the human body.

Water from the mouth goes down to the stomach, is absorbed by the stomach, thanks to the blood vessels that are transported to the organs in the body. At that time, water helps the blood circulation process better, metabolism takes place more smoothly. Good waters also have the ability to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. For adults, a day should drink at least 1,500 ml – 2,000 ml, the elderly should drink 1,000 ml.

However, it is not only water that enters the body from the mouth. And it is good to drink water all the time. If you drink too much water right before eating rice, your stomach will be full of water making you unable to eat, in addition, during and after meals, diluted digestive enzymes affect digestion and absorption. If drinking water with meals, only a 200 ml cup should be medium.

In addition, there are also doctors who advise drinking water before going to bed at night or when waking up in the middle of the night even if you are not thirsty to avoid stagnant blood circulation. However, I strongly oppose this idea. We must avoid absorbing water before going to bed at night to prevent the "reflux" process as I mentioned above. For example, even if you only drink water, the water will mix with stomach acid. When the reflux process takes place, this mixture enters the trachea, if it enters the lungs there is a risk of leading to pneumonia.

Thus, in order to match the body's circadian rhythm, the addition of water should be carried out during the day, after waking up and one hour before going to bed is ideal. If you only drink water, it only takes about thirty minutes for water to reach the intestines, with this way of adding water, you will not worry about affecting meals or digestion.

The water drinking routine that I am doing daily is as follows:

– Morning after waking up: 500 ml – 750 ml

– One hour before lunch: 500 ml

– One hour before dinner: 500 ml

Of course, this is just an option for your reference. In the summer or for those who are often active, sweating easily needs to add more water. People with poor digestive systems, however, can get diarrhea if they drink too much water. Depending on the size and shape of each person, the amount of water needed is also different. Therefore, each person must judge the amount of water to be absorbed in a day to suit the body. If you drink 1,500 ml of water a day and have diarrhea, you can reduce the amount of water you drink in one go to 300 ml and increase it little by little.

In addition, in winter, if you drink cold water, it will make your body cold, so you need to drink warm water and should drink little by little. Enzymes in the human body work most effectively when the body temperature is between 36 degrees and 40 degrees. In addition, in this range, for every 0.5 degree increase in body temperature, immunity also increases by 35%. The fact that we develop a fever when we are sick is to make the enzymes in the body work harder by increasing our body temperature. "Cold" is the biggest enemy in staying healthy.

Water is a good partner of miracle enzymes

Water performs many functions in the human body. In particular, the most important function is to improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism. Water also helps eliminate toxins, waste substances in the body, promotes the activity of intestinal bacteria and enzymes. Even dioxins or pollutants from the environment, food additives, carcinogens ... Water is excreted from the body. Therefore, people who do not drink water will be more susceptible to disease.

I can give a very simple example, if you regularly drink water, you will be less likely to catch the flu. The reason is that parts that are susceptible to germs and viruses such as the bronchial mucosa, the lining of the stomach will be moistened by water, stimulating the activity of immune cells and turning them into places where viruses can hardly penetrate. Conversely, if not enough water is added to the body, the bronchial mucosa and stomach lining will dry out due to dehydration. Although the bronchi will secrete phlegm or mucus, if there is not enough water, they will adhere to the bronchi and become an ideal breeding ground for the virus.

Water is not only present in the veins but also acts in the lymphatic system to protect human health. If you consider the vein to be a river, then the lymphatic system is the sewer system of that river. Since this gland plays the role of purifying water, proteins, excess waste under the skin and after re-purification, removing foreign bodies returns substances into the blood circulation. In this system there are also gamma globulin antibodies with immunity and lysozyme enzyme with antibacterial ability. For this immune system to function properly, it is necessary to have the support of water.

Water is related to all parts of the body. The body without water cannot sustain life. It's like growing trees in the desert. It is often said that the important elements in growing plants are the sun, soil and water. If there is only the sun and soil, the plant cannot absorb the nutrients and leads to withering. Because of the water, the plant can absorb nutrients well.

The cells in the human body are the same, without water, many problems will arise such as not absorbing nutrients, not excreting toxins, waste substances from the body. And in the worst case, the toxins accumulated in the body destroy the genetic structure of cells, developing into cancer.

Thanks to the macroactivity of water, activities in the digestive system, circulatory system, lymphatic system take place smoothly.

The process of penetrating each of the body's 60 trillion cells, delivering nutrients, receiving and processing waste are other microscopic activities. Water even affects many different enzymes in the process of generating energy or neutralizing free radicals that are formed.

In other words, without water transported to 60 trillion cells, enzymes cannot do their job. In order for enzymes to work effectively, it is necessary to have a lot of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals ... And the means to help transport important micronutrients is water.

Moreover, the amount of water humans excrete a day, including the amount of sweat exuded, amounts to about 2,500 ml. Of course, food also contains a certain amount of water, so at least, a day we must replenish 1,500 ml of water for the body.

When asked to hydrate the body, there are many people who say: "I do not drink much water but I am very active in drinking tea and coffee". However, with the human body, the absorption of water through "water" is very important. Because if you drink a variety of non-"water" drinks such as tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, beer ... Instead of adding water, on the contrary, it makes the body lose more water. Substances in the above drinks such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol, additives ... will absorb water in the cells and blood, making blood circulation difficult.

In the hot summer or after the sauna, some people always have a full glass of beer. The stimulation of beer can immediately stop you feeling thirsty. However, for the elderly, people with high blood fat, high blood pressure or diabetes, such drinking is easy to cause heart attack and cerebral infarction. Practice yourself the habit of not drinking beer and tea when thirsty, but instead drinking "good water" to fully replenish your body.

Strongly alkaline water is "good water"

I hope you understand the importance of drinking good water. So, what kind of water is "good water"?

No one would assume that the "good water" I'm talking about is tap water. Tap water, in addition to chlorine used for disinfection, also contains many other substances such as trihalomethane and trichloroethylene, both carcinogens, even containing dioxins. Although the concentrations of these substances are all within the safe range, in fact, tap water is a type of water that contains toxic substances.

A lot of people know that people use chlorine to disinfect tap water, but do you know why putting chlorine in tap water has this disinfecting effect? In fact, when chlorine is added to tap water, it produces large amounts of active oxygen. Thanks to this active oxygen, microorganisms are killed, as a result of which the water is disinfected. However, by this method, at the moment the microorganisms in the water are killed, the water is also oxidized at the same time. Therefore, tap water is the type of water that has been oxidized.

To measure the degree of oxidation of water, we have the ORP index, the "oxidation-reduction potential". Oxidation is the process of losing electrons or the process of electrons being broken. The reduction process, in contrast, is the process of receiving extra electrons. In short, by measuring electron rise and fall, we can know if this water is capable of oxidizing or capable of reducing other substances. Accordingly, the lower the electronic value (towards the negative direction), the stronger the reducing power of water (the ability to reduce other substances). The higher the electron value (positive direction), the stronger the oxidation capacity of water (the ability to oxidize other chemicals).

In such a way, tap water is water with a very high oxidation capacity. In particular, water in big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka has a very high oxidation index, about 600-800. So, which type of water is high reducing water?

As I explained above, the reduction process is the process of receiving extra electrons. Water is electrolyzed to form such a state called "reducing water". Water purifiers of this type will perform ionization by electrolyzing water to produce reducing water.

Alkaline ionized water purifiers, like negative ionized water purifiers, produce reducing water by the same mechanism. In the process of electrolysis of water, at the cathode of the machine, there will appear adhered minerals such as calcium, magnesium, so drinking water that has been electrolyzed can absorb more minerals. In addition, during electrolysis also produces active hydrogen, so we can hope it can remove some of the excess active oxygen in the body. The water filtered through such a water purifier removes residual chlorine or chemicals in tap water, so it can be called "good water".

In addition, there have also recently been proponents of good water conditions as "clusters", small water molecules. Regarding this cluster theory, people are still debating its advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, "good water" is "water that is not contaminated by chemicals and has strong reducing properties". In Japan, there are many types of mineral water for sale, both domestic and imported. Among the minerals contained in water, the most important for humans are precisely "calcium" and "magnesium". Balancing these two minerals is very important. When calcium passes from the mouth into the body, it does not go to the fluid outside the cell, but stops inside the cell. Calcium buildup in cells is the cause of arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. But if we absorb magnesium to create balance, it is possible to avoid excess calcium accumulation in cells. The most balanced ratio between calcium and magnesium is said to be 2 to 1. Thus, "deep sea water" or other hard water contains many minerals in addition to calcium and magnesium such as iron, copper, fluorine ... can also count as "good water". You can also calculate the hardness yourself according to the formula: [(amount of calcium x 2.5) + (amount of magnesium x 4.1) = hardness], in Japan, water with this value below 100 is "soft water", from 100 and above is "hard water".

However, there is one thing I want to pay attention to about the mineral waters mentioned above. If this type of water is stored in a plastic bottle for a while, the reducing ability of the water will be reduced. Plus, if all your drinking water is mineral water on the market, it will cost a lot of money. So, buy a water purifier with high reduction and alkalization.

If you want to lose weight, drink plenty of good water

When walking the streets of New York, it is easy to see overweight women carrying water bottles while walking. That's because people have known weight loss effects when drinking lots of good water.

Just drinking water can lose weight may sound like a joke, but it's true. Only drinking water can lose weight because the sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, promotes energy metabolism, increases calorie expenditure.

The sympathetic nervous system is stimulated, i.e. Adrenaline 6 is secreted. Andrenaline activates the sensitive hormone linpase (HSL) present in adipose tissue, breaks down triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol, converting pre-stored fats into a burnable form.

An experiment has been published that studies how much when drinking water, calorie expenditure increases. According to the results of this study, if a day three times a day 500 ml of water, calorie expenditure increases by 30%. Plus, about 30 minutes before and after drinking water, the calorie burn rate peaks.

From the above results, we can see that those who are excess fat should drink 1,500 ml of good water per day. So, how do we drink water to be most effective. It is water with a lower temperature than body temperature. In this experiment, it was shown that cool water of about 20 degrees helps increase calorie expenditure. Drinking cool water is better because in order to heat the amount of water entering the body to equal body temperature, the body needs to use a significant amount of energy.

The human body is always equipped with many mechanisms of action to keep the body temperature stable. For example, on a winter morning, when we urinate, we often feel trembling. This is because the amount of warm urine stored in the bladder is excreted suddenly, leading to "tremors" so that the body can quickly overcome the imbalance in temperature.

When drinking cold water, the body will use many measures, quickly warming up the water to equal the temperature of the body. In fact, the stimulation of sympathetic nerves when drinking water is also part of the body's mechanism to generate energy to increase body temperature. However, although energy expenditure seems to increase, in fact, drinking cold water has the opposite effect. Because when drinking water that is too cold, the body will be suddenly cooled, leading to diarrhea or discomfort in the body.

Recently, people with "low body temperature syndrome", at 35°C, are concentrated mainly among young people. Low body temperature will lead to many adverse effects on the body. Normal healthy people have a body temperature above 36.5°C, lowering the body temperature by one degree will cause metabolism to decrease by 50%. Moreover, when the body temperature is at 35°C, cancer cells are more likely to grow. The reason may be that the activity of enzymes decreases, immunity is also poorer. Because enzymes will work better at high body temperature. The fact that we have a fever when we are sick is because the body is boosting the activity of the immune system. Therefore, if it is not summer, your drinking water should only be kept at about 20 degrees is safe.

Adequate enzyme supplementation will prevent overeating

However, no matter how much good water you drink without improving your eating habits, you cannot expect weight loss results. Although it is said to improve your lifestyle habits, it does not mean reducing your daily intake. If you want to lose excess weight, first of all, you need to eat foods that contain a lot of enzymes.

If you really only eat foods that are high in enzymes, your body will naturally adjust to the most appropriate weight. Because we are still eating foods that are completely free of enzymes due to oxidation or processing, we still get fat every day.

In other words, fat people always feel "hunger" because they only eat foods that do not have enzymes and essential nutrients for the body such as vitamins and minerals. People who are overweight do not eat on an empty stomach but because the body is starving for enzymes and nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. This feeling of hunger can only be solved with good foods.

On the contrary, as long as you switch to a diet with enzyme-rich foods, naturally, the hunger in your body will disappear as if it never existed. There are also people who, despite providing enough enzymes for the body, due to lack of trace nutrition, still feel hungry. The main trace nutrients are vitamins and minerals, they are called "coenzymes", which are indispensable for enzymes to function completely in the body.

Recently, the Japanese market is paying attention to "coenzyme Q1O", considering it a beneficial ingredient for beauty and health. A lot of functional foods are booming in the market. However, the coenzymes needed by humans are not unique to "Q10". Because we also need to absorb a lot of other vitamins and minerals.

In fact, the amount of coenzyme needed by the body is not that much. In the past, it was only necessary to follow a balanced diet to be fully absorbed. But now, the amount of trace nutrients in vegetables and fruits is decreasing. Suppose if you have paid attention to following a balanced diet without stopping hunger, then supplement trace nutrients with functional foods.

In addition, for those who want to lose weight, not only reducing the amount of food but also how to eat is also very important. Most people who are overweight often do not chew well when eating. Therefore, their eating speed is so fast, so before blood sugar levels rise, the sensory center gives a signal, they already eat a lot. You only need to pay attention to chewing about 30 to 50 times to naturally reduce your intake without having to force your hands.

Another important thing that I want you to avoid absolutely, is to eat late. At night, before going to bed, if there is food in the stomach, whether starch or protein, they are also converted into fat under the action of insulin.

In the US, a "low carb diet" is prevalent. This is a diet method that does not absorb carbs, also known as starch. However, according to research results, if eaten late, even a high-protein dish will make you fat like when eating starch. In short, in the low carb diet, if you do not change your eating habits, it is not effective, in addition, this method makes the body acidic and at high risk of osteoporosis and many other diseases. So, I don't think this is a good weight loss method.

Perhaps reading this far, many people will realize that Shinya weight loss method is completely similar to healthy eating method. If you eat "good foods" for your body by "eating well", replenishing your body with "good water", you do not need to try to lose weight.

The proof is that when performing this "weight loss method", many people who are too thin can already gain weight.

Overweight people often eat before going to bed, due to the high amount of insulin secreted, substances entering the body are accumulated in the form of fat. In contrast, for people who are too thin, insulin secreted is not enough, leading to food that has not been digested, absorbed and so excreted from the body.

In short, although the results are contradictory, whether people are too fat or too thin people have the same cause.

Performing good habits for the body every day, the body will adjust itself to the state that best suits each person

Breakthrough Laxative Method

For many women, in addition to dieting, another health problem to worry about is constipation. There are many people who are taking pills for constipation every day.

However, I must reiterate that "medicine" is also "poison". The intestinal tract is the place where, when stimulated by drugs, it reacts so that this stimulus gradually weakens. Those who regularly take medication for constipation will probably understand this. Initially, when taking only one tablet, the body begins to laxative, but the longer the pill is taken, the worse the effect becomes, and if it is not increased to two, three tablets or changed to another drug, it is impossible to expect an improvement in the condition.

Constipation is one of the factors that cause the intestinal tract to deteriorate, so it should be improved as soon as possible. If it is not possible to eliminate waste from the body, no matter how good the food is, it will rot in the intestines and produce toxins. If this happens, the bacterial balance in the intestinal environment will be disrupted in an instant. When constipated, the skin often appears pimples because the toxins arising in the intestinal tract are not excreted.

Of course, if a normal, natural bowel movement is the best thing for the body. Therefore, besides eating foods containing many enzymes, we need to pay attention to eating foods rich in fiber, drink plenty of good water, massage from the abdomen downwards to the intestinal tract, exercise abdominal muscles, stimulate the intestinal tract.

If you have done the above and the constipation has not improved, I recommend doing a "rectal enema".

The option I suggest here is to use "coffee enamas" (coffee detoxification), add minerals or lactic bacteria forming extracts and coffee brewing water and use it to wash the intestines.

Many Japanese people are concerned that if repeated "rectal enemas" become a habit, the intestines will no longer work effectively. However, according to the clinical data I gathered, you don't need to worry about that. Conversely, people who have periodic rectal enemas, help their intestines work better. They have a beautiful intestinal tract due to the absence of feces that accumulate for a long time in the intestines.

In contrast, in people who regularly take medications for constipation, whether western medicine, oriental medicine or natural herbal teas, their intestinal walls gradually turn black. The more they take medication for constipation, the worse their gut works, even if it doesn't. And when the intestinal tract is not working, the fecal mass becomes more and more easily formed, so the intestinal tract deteriorates more and more.

Among my colleagues, there are also people who, despite being very healthy, still use coffee enemas twice a day, not because they can't defecate, but because they still defecate normally. The reason why they perform rectal enema is that despite normal excretion, there is still an abnormal amount of fermented substances in the intestines that are not fully digested. In particular, the left side of the colon is an easy place to form feces, so it pushes them out of the body as soon as possible.

A colleague recommended this method of taking coffee enemas to me almost 20 years ago and his health condition is getting better and better. Currently, I also do coffee enemas twice a day. Although I say intestinal cleansing, I only wash the left side of the anus, so even if I wash twice a day, it does not affect the digestive and absorption activities in the small intestine, so you can rest assured.

Magic Enzyme Consumption Prevention Habits

Enzymes govern all living energy, human life energy. When you wake up, or go to bed, you need enzymes. Before going to bed, if you plan what time to wake up tomorrow, the next morning you wake up around that time thanks to enzyme activity. Why is that. Thinking itself is also caused by the activity of enzymes in the brain.

All human activities such as hands, feet, eyes, nose activities ... all rely on the activity of enzymes. In the human body there is a mechanism of "homeostasis" that helps maintain a healthy life. The wounds gradually heal, the skin discolored by sunburn restores the original skin color... are all thanks to this "homeostasis".

The homeostasis mechanism is the mechanism that reacts to abnormalities in the body, bringing the body to its original normal state. So when you suddenly get active, or the average person who sleeps at 11 falls asleep at three, or the person who always gets up at six gets up at four... The "homeostasis" mechanism will correct all these "abnormalities" of yours. And of course, in that process of regulation there is always the participation of enzymes.

If abnormal states occur from time to time, then the body can adjust itself. But if the "abnormal" condition is repeated, prolonged depletion of the miraculous enzymes in the body, disrupting the balance of enzymes in the body.

Therefore, following a moderate lifestyle can avoid the miraculous consumption of enzymes and is indispensable to maintain the health of the body. People who from a young age often stay up late at night, living irregularly are wasting their magical enzymes. Death from overwork is actually the result of using up the miraculous enzymes in the body.

Doctors are hard work, but in the 45 years since I became a doctor, I have never had to quit my job because I was sick. That's because I've always followed a lifestyle that helps maintain miraculous enzyme levels in my body. How this habit of life is I will answer later, but you do not need to completely imitate me. Because each person has their own circadian rhythm. However, whatever the circadian rhythm, maintaining a moderate activity is absolutely essential for maintaining health. So I hope you can take a reference from my case.

Dr. Shinya's Miracle Enzyme-Free Activity


6 o'clock up. My first activity of the day after waking up is gentle physical activity. After a slight movement of my limbs, I left the bed one time, opened the window and took a deep breath of the fresh morning air. As a result, dirty air in the lungs will be replaced by fresh air.

Then I went back to bed, lay on my back, crossed my arms and legs, raised them high and moved gently. Continue to perform gentle stretches to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system activity.

After feeling blood circulating all over my body, I straightened up and practiced my punches in the style of karate, 100 times in each hand. Then do a five-minute radio workout.

After exercising, I went to the kitchen, drank from 500 ml – 750 ml of good water at 20 degrees. About 20 minutes after drinking water to get to my intestines, I started eating fresh fruits that are high in enzymes. Breakfast will start about 30, 40 minutes later. The main course of the morning is five or seven cereals mixed with brown rice. Side dishes include steamed vegetables, natto, seaweed. I also ate a pinch of kelp.


Over 11 hours, I will drink 500 ml of water. 30 minutes later, if I have fruit, I will eat it. Sometimes if I have to go out or I don't have fruit, I don't eat anymore.

Often many people will eat fruit after a meal as dessert, but I recommend eating it about 30 minutes before meals. Fresh fruits rich in enzymes are good for digestion, if eaten before meals, it also helps stimulate the digestive system and increase blood sugar a little, thus preventing overeating.

Even during meals, I try to eat non-heat-cooked dishes like salat for better digestion. In meals where the main course is protein-rich animal meat such as fish, meat, salad is still served first.

Since I can't eat a lot of raw vegetables, I tend to eat steamed vegetables. If cooked in boiling, high-temperature water, enzymes are lost, so I usually eat vegetables that are boiled or steamed for about two minutes.

For lunch, most of the time I ate boxed rice prepared from home to go. Sometimes I go out to lunch with my friends, but usually I will prepare a lunch box with brown rice mixed with cereal.

After eating I will take a nap for about 20, 30 minutes. Taking a short break helped me relieve my morning fatigue and keep my mind clear and start my afternoon check-up.

Afternoon, evening

After lunch, I try not to eat snacks. At about four and a half, I will drink another 500 ml of water. 30 minutes later I ate fresh fruit again and after another 30, 40 minutes I ate dinner.

Every day I eat a lot of fruit. Just eat as much fruit as you want. But don't forget to eat before meals.

During dinner, I eat fresh foods and eat them as soon as I finish cooking. Of course, chew thoroughly while eating. The menu doesn't need as much as breakfast.

At my house, during meals, people often do not talk to concentrate on chewing rice. When talking, care should be taken to swallow it all and there is no food in the mouth. Although this is a problem in behavior, it also prevents eating by mistake or allowing foreign objects to enter the respiratory tract and also prevents air from coming into contact with food.

After the meal you can drink a little as you like, for me, I don't drink coffee or Japanese tea so I only use some herbal tea, buckwheat tea, barley tea ... The teas are cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers.

The thing to pay attention to when drinking buckwheat tea or barley tea is that these nuts have been roasted, so it is necessary to seal the tea box to preserve it, avoiding the occurrence of oxidation. It is most appropriate to drink it always after roasting. However, in a busy life, this is quite troublesome, so you can pack it into small packages to use gradually and when you open the package, you should use it immediately.

From six o'clock or half past six in the evening when I finished my meal until five hours after I went to bed, I didn't eat or drink anything. In the hot summer, if I feel thirsty I will drink a good cup of water an hour before bed to replenish moisture. However, you should still avoid absorbing water late at night.

Regularly take a five-minute nap

After lunch, I have a habit of taking a 20, 30-minute nap. In addition, when I feel tired, I often take a nap for about five minutes.

It is important at naptime to rest in a relaxed, relaxed state. I often lie on my stomach, pressing on my stomach. But if you feel comfortable, you can rest in a chair or put your legs up somewhere you like.

Just taking about 20 minutes of napping can dispel fatigue, in other words, at this time the homeostasis mechanism is very active. To help functions in the body such as blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, nervous system, endocrine ... Recovering normally, we need some sleep to rest.

So why is it that when the body rests, the activity of the homeostasis mechanism increases so high. Here I would like to present my hypothesis.

We wake up and are active, which is the process by which we use many enzymes. When we rest comfortably, many organs in the body also pause their activities even if they only rest for about 15 minutes, but it will avoid the depletion of enzymes that have consumed a lot for previous activities. And this enzyme can be used to activate the homeostasis mechanism that helps restore the body.

In fact, when you feel sleepy or tired, if you can rest for five or ten minutes, your body will recover very quickly. If you try to endure fatigue or drowsiness to continue working, your productivity is definitely not high. Recently, businesses have begun to recognize the importance of napping, with some even equipping employees with nap spaces.

At my clinic, the one-hour period from 12 noon to 1 p.m. is the rest period. Because it is a hospital, it is impossible to let all employees rest at the same time, so here, everyone takes turns eating lunch and resting. During this time, people who are resting will not talk unless there is a phone call or an emergency. Therefore, in my clinic, at noon, except for those who are working, the rest of the doctors and nurses take naps in their own way.

Sleep is a very important part of human circadian rhythms. You can also see its role in the saying "sleep early, get up early" that people often use to refer to moderation. What time to go to bed, what time to wake up, in addition to the time to eat, nap ... If all is fixed, the homeostasis in the body doesn't have to work too much, so you can avoid consuming miracle enzymes.

That's why my biggest problem right now is the "time difference." Currently, I am basically in New York, but twice a year, every two months I go back to Japan for work, however, the time difference between New York and Japan (13, 14 hours) always worries me. The rhythm between day and night is completely altered, so it always takes at least two months for the body to get used to the new rhythm of life. However, from observations on my own body, I found that to completely regulate the functioning of the kidneys, liver, digestive system, it takes a much longer time.

Thus, "sleepiness" occurs naturally due to the body's circadian rhythm and also helps the body to have the best sleep. There are many people who report that due to not being able to sleep, they should use sleeping pills or sleep aids. However, these drugs have a direct effect on the brain, so they are extremely dangerous. Sleeping pills consume large amounts of enzymes in the brain, causing people to suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer's early. Among those who are taking sleeping pills, if anyone has had serious forgetfulness recently, it is a very dangerous signal. Please stop the drug immediately to ensure your safety.

If you follow the habit of living in moderation, during the day if you are sleepy, take a nap, stimulate the homeostasis mechanism to work, then naturally in the evening you can sleep, without sleeping pills.

"Overexertional" Exercise, Harm Without Benefit

Proper movement is essential to a healthy body.

Every morning, I also do my own exercises.

In the human body there are five processes of circulation and operation: "blood, lymph circulation", "digestive circulation", "urine circulation", "air circulation", and "gas circulation". These five circulation processes are not stagnant but always transporting, which are very important factors in maintaining health. And for these five processes to work even more effectively, we need to "move."

Thanks to systemic movement, blood and lymph circulation takes place better. The smooth circulation process stimulates the systemic metabolism. When the metabolism is better, the supply of minerals and vitamins is also better, which are indispensable substances to activate enzymes in the body, thereby creating a favorable environment for enzymes to work. As a result, functions in the body work better, health is strengthened. However, this is only the result in the case of "appropriate movement for the body".

On the contrary, excessive exercise will adversely affect your health because the more activity in the body, the more free radicals it produces. I often see cases of dying while jogging due to a heart attack. And it is impossible to recognize the intensity of such movement as suitable for the body.

There are now many women who jog every day. However, if a young, twenties girl runs about 10 kilometers a day, what will her figure look like?

You just have to imagine marathon runners to understand. They were all skinny, round one and round three flat. This is the result when female hormones are not secreted evenly.

The mechanism of homeostasis in the body will be disrupted when "excessive" activity. Any kind of movement, just "fit" your body. But "appropriate" here doesn't mean irresponsible. Rather, it means the "best" amount of exercise for each person's physical fitness, activities, even mentality. That's moderation.

This moderation depends on each person. My morning exercise is a combination of different experiments and is "moderation for me" and just my own. For those who have not been active so far, if you follow me, you will probably feel tired and stressed. The feeling of stress is due to the fact that a large amount of free radicals have been produced in the body. So even if you exercise a lot, you can't expect your health to improve.

Everyone's moderation is different. So if you come up with a safe plan based on this premise, the ideal amount of exercise is to walk three or four kilometers a day at your own pace.

Another exercise for people with spare time is to close your eyes and breathe deeply.

One of the benefits of movement is that it helps air circulate in the lungs better. When the air circulates well, fresh air will flood in, stimulating the metabolism that makes blood, lymph and digestion better circulation.

You do not need to exercise excessively, just a day of deep breathing a few dozen times for the body to get the necessary amount of oxygen. In addition, deep breathing has a sympathetic neurostimulating effect, stabilizes the mental state and raises immunity.

Pay attention to do "moderate body movement" every day, so that the body feels happy and comfortable with that type of animal. Exercise as well as eating, if you persistently exercise, can create great "strength".

Chaplin can still have children at 73

One of the indispensable issues when it comes to healthy living habits. It's "sex life."

Recently, many young couples have a lot of sex-related problems such as lack of sexual desire, infertility, ED (erectile dysfunction) ...

In my opinion, being healthy, in the true sense, must be more about the "functioning" of the body, including the sex life. Many people look very healthy and only about 60 years old, but when asked about sex, more and more people answer, "I don't have this ability" or "I don't have any interest or need for this anymore."

From a medical perspective, this is not natural at all. In my opinion, if we say how old our sex life ends, it must be until we die. On the other hand, functionally speaking, it is normal for a man to be really healthy until the age of 75, to have a "morning erection", while a healthy woman until the age of 55 still has a regular menstrual cycle.

Women's functions often reach their limit at a fairly young age, 55 years, which is greatly related to pregnancy. Pregnancy is the process of creating a new life inside a woman's body, so it exposes the mother to great "physical stress". Physical stress is completely different from mental stress. In other words, it is a burden on the body that the mother completely bears.

To be able to withstand such great physical stress, of course, requires the physicality of "youth".

Giving birth is even a life-threatening affair. And this risk increases the older the mother's body gets. The amount of calcium in the mother's body is used more, the enzymes in the body have to be consumed for two people, so of course it is also increasing. The miraculous enzymes that aid in this spike in attrition are more regenerative in young people, and the older they are, the less likely they are.

The older the human body, the more functions deteriorate. So, in order for the body not to suffer too much and each person himself can live happily, the body needs to make changes in hormonal balance. If a woman lives to be 100 years old, then by about 50 years old the hormonal balance in the body has changed, which is also the time when human fertility ends. In my opinion, this is also one of the natural instincts of human self-defense.

For men, because they are not subject to dangers such as pregnancy and childbirth, fertility lasts longer than women. If you are healthy, spermatogenesis can last for the rest of your life.

Pablo Picasso, a world-famous painter, despite being 90 years old, still participates in vibrant art activities, until the age of 67 still has children. Chaplin has been married four times and his youngest child was born when he was 73. In Japan, once-famous actor Ken Uehara also became a father at the age of 71. And recently, Kabuki artist Tomijuro Nakamura became a father at the age of 74.

Don't get me wrong, I don't encourage people to have children in their old age. Here, I mean maintaining a body that can still bear children is also identical to maintaining a healthy body. What these four cases have in common when they are able to have children despite being elderly is a healthy body.

Of course, in sex life also need a lot of enzymes. And living in moderation, without consuming miracle enzymes, also leads to the maintenance of sexual ability.

The postmenopausal period is the great beginning of sex

Most postmenopausal women tend to resist sexual intercourse. However, the inability to have children and the absence of sex are completely unrelated.

In fact, when menstruation is no longer present, sex hormones secrete less, leading to the body starting to appear many changes such as lack of moisture in the vagina or breasts losing elasticity ... However, try to look at the problem from a more positive perspective. You are finally free from physiological cycles, freed from anxious mental stresses such as unwanted pregnancy, now you can relax both mentally and physically when sexually active...

Whether male or female, at a certain age, when the hormone balance in the body changes, the need for sex will decline. However, although the frequency of activities has decreased, it is also very important to enjoy male and female sex.

Men can improve their sexual performance without resorting to medications like Viagra. The easiest way is to drink only 500 ml of water an hour before sex. By accumulating water in the bladder, the prostate gland will be stimulated and erection will be significantly improved. However, this will not work if you drink tea or coffee. The reason is that caffeine or alcohol will cause blood vessels to constrict.

As they age, many men assume that "sex is too laborious and unwilling to do." If you are a couple who really have love, then having sex is very laborious but cannot be ignored. Medicine has also proven that feeling well-being both physically and mentally can improve people's immunity.

Men always want to be young and loved by many girls. Women also want to be beautiful and noticed by more men. Keeping that in mind is also important in the journey to a long and healthy life.

Whatever, if you give up too soon, you've already lost. If in your heart you have given up, always thinking "that's enough", "stop here", your body will very quickly show signs of aging.

Absolutely do not give up. This is the secret to a long and healthy life.

Every living being has a mechanism that helps achieve natural longevity

It is said that in the last 100 years, Medicine has made great strides. However, the number of people suffering from the disease is not only not decreasing, but increasing. So if medicine is really advancing, why hasn't the number of patients decreased?

Was modern medicine wrong in the first place? Modern medicine today starts from the point of view of "cure" i.e. curing disease. In my opinion, this is very wrong. We should have looked at how the human body starts from a healthy state, studied how to maintain health, and built "real medicine" instead of medicine starting from diseases.

I began seriously studying the relationship between eating and health more than 30 years ago. Back then, I had examined many people in the U.S. and I realized that the stomach and intestines are the measure of a person's health status and improving the stomach and gut is the path to improved health. So, in addition to making efforts to research and develop polypectomy techniques to help sick people suffering from the disease, I also began to look for the root causes of people's disease.

I read thousands of literature, with the help of patients, collected clinical data, verified the effects of drugs myself, and studied wildlife. As a result, I realized that "going against the laws of nature that encompasses everything in the world (which may be God's will) will make man sick."

Among wild animals, there are almost no diseases related to the lifestyle of subsistence. Of course, we must also admit that one of the main causes is that in the natural world there are no doctors, no medicines for diseases associated with death.

Wild animals hardly have the same "disease" status as humans. Why don't they get sick. Because they always obey the laws of nature.

Life itself always has mechanisms to reach the end of its natural lifespan. No life begins its life cycle with disease. There are also individuals that at birth carry congenital diseases, however it is a consequence of genetic or environmental influences in the formation of life. In the world, without a cause, no result exists. Whether it's unexplained congenital diseases or other unexplained diseases, it's not that they don't have a cause, it's that we haven't figured it out yet.

Every living being, from birth, carries with it a necessary "script" to live a long and healthy life. I call it the "door scenario of life." Put simply, animals "instinctively know what it takes" to survive. In other words, wild animals know the scenario of life, so they live by instinct and live according to it.

Different carnivore teeth and herbivore teeth are an expression of nature's law, "that's what your food is." And our teeth also contain the laws of nature in them.

Human beings themselves have a "scenario of life" but we arrogantly ignore it. We ignore the natural "script" due to our own bottomless "greed." Man has made a mistake in his "thinking", the gift that God gives him, thinking of himself as a special existence, considering himself a higher being than other animals, raising animals such as poultry or pets to make himself happy.

The culture that people have built so far is, to some extent, the culture of "lust." In order to satisfy our desire to eat better food, we have gone beyond the range of food allowed by nature. To satisfy our desire to live better, we have created a series of convenient tools in each civilization, and with it the destruction of the natural environment. Because of the desire to cultivate more comfortably, we launched pesticides, plant protection drugs ... And because we wanted more land and money, we created the war.

In today's human society, in order to achieve increasingly large "desires", "utilities", we are paying with our own health.

Fortunately, in the current evolution of medicine, we are gradually realizing that we are not healthy. We are part of nature. And if you want to live a long, healthy life, you must know how to follow the laws of nature. To obey the laws of nature is to listen to the "scenario of life" within each of us. We feel hungry even though we are overweight, which is that the body is lacking the necessary nutrients. We suffer from constipation or diarrhea, which is because we eat foods that are not right for us. And we get sick, that's because we despise the scenario of life.

Therefore, I think that medicine in the future is not to maintain the current medicine, focusing only on treatment, but to switch to medicine that knows how to recognize the laws of nature, listen to the scenario of life, awaken the natural healing ability in each person and help build life.

Specialized medicine corrupts doctors

If we want to learn the laws of nature, we must first abandon the current specialized medicine. Because today's specialized medicine is medicine that "sees a tree without seeing the whole forest". Nothing exists independently in nature. All things interact with each other and create balance.

Did you know that recently people are paying attention to the issue of "marine aquaculture afforestation". It's a project to reforest the mountains to bring back the fish after fishermen saw the fish from the sea suddenly disappear and find out the cause of the widespread clearing of forests to develop society a few years ago. The cutting down of forests and marine fish.

At first glance, they are not related, but they are actually closely related in the natural cycle.

The human body is the same. 60 trillion cells in the body, each cell performs a different activity, but through five circulation processes namely blood, lymph, digestion, urinary excretion, air circulation and gas circulation, the cells are closely linked, performs vital activities of the body.

If we ignore these cycles and just try to solve the problems of individual organs such as the stomach and intestines, it makes no sense. If this specialized medicine is still developing, then in the not too distant future there will be no longer doctors. A true doctor is someone who can do an overall health examination for a patient, while still examining his or her specialty.

The patient had a bad face, but because his specialty was gastroenterology, he just inserted the endoscope into the patient's stomach, checked for polyps, then came to a few conclusions "luckily, there were no polyps nor no cancer" and let the patient leave. That's really too much.

I've been called "America's number one laparoscopic surgeon," but I don't consider myself particularly talented. One thing I do is listen to the patient's body and see the patient every day.

Nowadays in the US, colon screening for breast cancer patients is very popular, and the first doctor to suggest this was me. At that time, I was praised by many people: this is Dr. Shinya's amazing finding. But in my opinion, if you can do a comprehensive examination of each patient, any doctor will recognize it.

If I see a cancer patient, without examining their body I can also recognize. This I cannot explain clearly, but I can feel the "qi" of each person. When I say this, it has become a laughing stock for many other doctors. But it wasn't just my "feeling" but my "intuition" that had been tempered through clinical tests.

Previously, a 38-year-old woman came up to me, pointed to my upper abdomen and said, "Doctor, this place of mine has cancer." However, before coming to me, this woman had gone to several hospitals for check-ups, and everywhere received the result that there was "nothing unusual". I also used endoscopes and examined her carefully, but no cancer was actually found in any parts. I even thought she was so young, she wasn't that nervous. But this woman still reported discomfort so I used contrast and X-rays from the duodenum to the bile ducts.

Because the bile ducts are extremely small, endoscopes cannot be used. And the introduction of contrast material to examine the bile ducts is also not the type of examination that is usually conducted.

However, thanks to this examination, I discovered the tumor with my little finger in the patient's bile duct.

In addition, there are many patients who claim to have stomach cancer and come to my doctor. There was also one case, where I had an endoscopic examination but found no abnormalities. However, in this case, the patient has reflected to such an extent that I think there must be something. I waited about two months and had another endoscopic examination and found a small ulcer in my stomach. When I took tissue cells for examination, I discovered scirrhous cancer cells were spreading under the lining of the stomach. Scirrhous cancer cells grow very quickly and in the early stages are difficult to detect. If it develops under the lining of the stomach, even endoscopy will not detect it, so it is a very scary disease. Suppose, at that time, if I hadn't made an appointment for a follow-up check-up in two months, the patient would have died of cancer.

The time a doctor spends working with an actual patient is not as long as you might think. And in that short period of time, the doctor must be fully focused to grasp the SOS signal that the patient's body is emitting. This is an "intense" battle that is not inferior to a real sword battle between swordsmen.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer doctors are listening to patients' bodies. The reason is that doctors are now comprehensively monitored by modern specialized medicine.

I think you probably have experience in this as well. Before going to the doctor, patients must decide which department they go to. Later in the clinic the patient will be asked: How are you feeling? If the patient says there is stomach pain, the doctor will examine the stomach. Although you come to check if you have a disease in your body, if you check your stomach and find nothing, you will leave with the result: luckily, there is no problem on him. If the patient does not request an "extra test" then the consultation ends here. Even if you see a bad doctor, there are cases where the doctor does not listen to the patient's opinion and speaks. It's just how you feel, there's no need to do the test.

However, like the experiences I mentioned above, doctors need to take the patient's opinion seriously.

I feel extremely frustrated with the current specialized medicine. If this continues, this medicine will not be able to produce true doctors.

And what's even worse is that now, even the internship regime has been abolished. The moment they receive a license to practice as a doctor, doctors decide to specialize for themselves. This also means that doctors do not even have the opportunity to learn about agencies outside their specialty.

In my clinic in New York, we perform simultaneous department check-ups to keep anxiety and burden on patients to a minimum. First, before endoscopic examination of the stomach and intestines, the patient will undergo a comprehensive examination of the whole body. We check for abnormalities in systemic skin conditions, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, thyroid, lymph glands, joints and muscles. Even if we are women, we test for breast cancer (with the patient's consent, of course).

Next, before the colonoscopy, for female patients, we will ask: can we also check for cervical cancer, do you want to do it. If the patient requires an examination, then before inserting the endoscope into the anus, we will use a colonoscopy to examine the patient's uterus. During the examination, the doctor also only inserts the device into the vagina about 5-8 cm, so whether there is a uterine examination or not, the examination time will not last any more minutes. But for patients, not having to go to the maternity ward for a check-up is very exciting.

My specialty is gastrointestinal, but I also do uterine, prostate, breast exams. Such check-ups make patients less troublesome and I, as a doctor, have learned a lot.

Choose "health 10 years later" instead of "barbecue tonight"

Due to being examined for many different diseases, I learned a lot.

For example, even if I was screened for breast cancer, I asked about the patient's eating habits and history, and I realized a causal relationship between eating and disease. People with breast cancer often like coffee, often drink milk, cheese, yogurt ... And carnivorous is the main one. Or most people with such a diet, although they have not developed breast cancer, also have "mammary gland conditions" such as breasts feeling hard. In other words, I noticed that a diet of coffee, milk, and meat will lead to mammary gland diseases, and if not improved, patients will have a high chance of breast cancer.

After noticing that, I instructed patients with mammary gland disease to improve their eating habits. When I ask people with mammary gland disease, "you probably like coffee, milk, and meat," people will be amazed at how the doctor knows. I would then show the collected clinical data to the patient, and when they were convinced, they would seriously improve their eating habits according to my instructions.

As such, my treatment is based on what I know from the patient's body. Instructing patients to improve their lifestyle habits is basically the same. To prevent breast cancer, along with improving your diet, you should perform five minutes of breast massage every day. This is also something I learned from clinical studies. In clinical data collected over 30 years, I found that people who regularly massage their breasts, where blood circulation, lymphatic circulation easily stops, once or twice a day, no one gets breast cancer.

I don't know if breast cancer specialists give advice on how to prevent it. It was nice to see again the patient who followed my advice after a year, he did not develop breast cancer, moreover, the mammary gland tissue was very soft, even the symptoms of mammary gland disease were cured.

What makes a doctor like me truly happy is not the cure, nor the reputation, but being able to give advice to non-sick people who are highly likely to develop the disease and help them become healthy.

Over the years, I became more and more aware of the importance of "food" every day. However, now in Japan, many foods that are harmful to health are circulated under the label "good food".

For the last 30 years, I have raised the issue of "the relationship between food and health" and "dangerous foods" every chance I have had, but unfortunately my efforts have not been effective in creating a reform of the concept of food in society. Moreover, if the current specialized medicine continues to develop like this, it will be difficult for young doctors in the future to learn from clinical knowledge like me.

What is essential for future medicine is preventive medicine. And to build a true preventive medicine, it is indispensable for the right knowledge about food.

Changing people's perceptions, which are deeply ingrained in the minds of misconceptions about eating but thinking they are right, is very difficult. If the person is sick it will be another matter, but if the person is in the diseaseless stage, most people will choose "barbecue tonight" instead of "health 10 years later". For those of you who have read this far, I hope you must choose "health 10 years from now" instead of just "barbecue".

What I'm looking forward to now is educating the next generation. I heard that later education will take three focuses: "intellectual", "gymnastic", "virtuous". But I always hope that people will add another element, which is "food education", to create an education or a medicine that helps more people become more aware of food.

Today's school meals are based on calorie counts and false theories are dangerous. That's why I think that food education for children and school meal reform are urgent needs today.

Humans can live because of microorganisms

Do you know what the fish will be like in the sea after dying? Even if we searched the depths of the sea, we did not find dead fish carcasses settling down there. So those dead fish carcasses went first?

The answer is that they have already been "wiped out". Microorganisms in the sea decompose fish carcasses little by little and quickly dispose of all dead fish carcasses.

In this world filled with microorganisms that we do not see with the naked eye, there are studies that claim that even in the fresh air, for every cubic centimeter there are about a thousand microorganisms. Even in the sky ten thousand meters above the ground, or in the world ten thousand meters underground, there are microorganisms. Even in the human intestinal tract there are many microorganisms or so-called "gut bacteria" living.

In short, we humans live with microorganisms.

In the human intestinal tract there are about 300 types with hundreds of thousands of living microorganisms. They don't simply live there, they help us a lot. In particular, the most important thing is to create enzymes, our source of life. These gut microbes are helping us make about three thousand different enzymes.

The gut bacteria are divided into "probiotics" and "harmful bacteria". Normally, bacteria that are beneficial to the human body such as lactic bacteria are called "probiotics", while bacteria that cause necrosis, rot, and destruction of the human body are called "harmful bacteria". In short, probiotics are bacteria that have antioxidant enzymes. When free radicals arise in the body, they die off on their own, turning into antioxidant enzymes in the body and helping people neutralize those free radicals.

Inside the intestine are dense protrusions, also known as villi. Between these villi are lactic probiotics. Inside the villi there are white blood cells and NK cells (natural killer cells) that are involved in the immune system. When these cells fight foreign bodies such as proteins, bacteria of different types or viruses, cancer cells ... will generate large amounts of free radicals. And the lactic bacteria will then wipe out these free radicals that need to be addressed.

Although this is only my hypothesis, perhaps ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease is caused by free radicals for some reason, possibly due to a lack of beneficial bacteria, which have not been neutralized, causing inflammation of the villi that are extremely sensitive, and destructive body creation.

On the other hand, harmful bacteria, because they often destroy indigestible food, are often thought to be harmful bacteria. This means that in order for indigestible foods to be quickly excreted from the body, these bacteria cause food to ferment abnormally to produce harmful gases, while stimulating the intestines, promoting the excretion of gas and feces outside the body.

Therefore, I think that gut bacteria cannot clearly divide into beneficial or harmful bacteria. Because even harmful bacteria are essential for the body, so they can reside in our body.

In addition to two types, "probiotics" that are beneficial to the body and "harmful bacteria" that produce toxins in the body, people also classify another type as "intermediate bacteria", which are neither toxic nor helpful to the body. However, in my opinion this is a very selfish classification. It is important to have balance in the whole body. Because even important nutrients like protein, if absorbed too much can also harm the body. Likewise, if harmful bacteria grow excessively, of course it is not good for the body, but this is also an indispensable type of bacteria to maintain our health.

The balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract is easily disrupted, because microorganisms are extremely fragile organisms. They are very susceptible to being dominated by the environment. If they encounter a suitable environment to breed, they will simultaneously increase to several thousand, even several hundred million. But if the habitat deteriorates, they will die en masse in an instant. In addition, the intermediate type of bacteria is ambiguous, if they are surrounded by beneficial bacteria, they will also produce antioxidant enzymes, but if around them harmful bacteria develop, they themselves will also transform into harmful bacteria, producing oxidants. In other words, this intermediate bacterium will follow the masses.

Humans hate harmful bacteria, but the person who creates the gut environment in which harmful bacteria can grow is none other than ourselves. With messy eating habits, promiscuous lifestyle... You can't blame microorganisms. And the intermediate bacteria will transform into beneficial or harmful bacteria, it's all up to you.

Supports the gut environment so that beneficial bacteria can easily grow

Enzymes are essential for the life of organisms, but the amount of enzymes that humans can produce is limited. When enzymes disappear from the body, human life ends. In this way of thinking, it is not wrong to say that "miracle enzymes = life".

What causes these enzymes to consume the most are free radicals. Modern society is the environment most likely to generate free radicals. Stress, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic waves, bacteria, viruses, even when exposed to X-rays also give rise to free radicals. However, among the causes of free radicals, apart from external factors, there are many causes that, with willpower and perseverance, you can avoid. Typically, the habit of drinking, smoking, using foods containing many additives, or oxidized foods, drugs ... It is for these reasons that enzymes in the body are consumed in large amounts. Therefore, without high willpower and effort, you will be very susceptible to disease.

If the amount of enzymes present in the human body is already fixed, then the number of enzymes produced can only be based on intestinal bacteria. Therefore, preparing the intestinal environment for beneficial bacteria containing antioxidant enzymes to grow is the only way that humans can increase enzymes in the body.

Eat enzyme-rich foods because these foods are the raw materials for beneficial bacteria to grow and produce miraculous enzymes. It's like the natural environment, initially hoarding a lot of good things and then creating a good cycle. Eat good food, drink good water, follow good living habits, naturally the intestinal environment will be strengthened, miracle enzymes will be created more and people will have an energized life.

Conversely, if you do something bad, even one thing will disturb the cycle and then the bad cycle will begin. Because you like it, you often eat meat or dairy dishes that make digestion and absorption worse, and the intestinal environment will deteriorate immediately. When the intestinal environment deteriorates, the number of beneficial bacteria will decrease, the intermediate bacteria will transform into harmful bacteria, the body cannot fight free radicals even a little. In addition, in the intestinal environment, when the ability to digest and absorb decreases, indigestible foods will be fermented, and harmful bacteria consider those indigestible foods as nutrition, will create toxic gas for the body.

People who always fart with a bad smell are due to such a bad cycle going on in their stomachs. Babies who are breastfed, feces will not have an unpleasant odor. This smell only occurs after humans start eating animal meat foods. And the poop of breastfed babies is definitely different from that of breastfed babies.

When toxins appear in the intestinal tract, the immune system will also work to deal with these toxins. However, because there are almost no beneficial bacteria left in the intestine to neutralize free radicals produced after processing toxins, we cannot prevent the harmful effects of free radicals. From there, in the intestinal wall where free radicals are damaged, polyps or cancer will form.

What can maintain a good circulation is the gut environment, and all we can do is pay attention to our diet, lifestyle habits and support the gut environment.

Until this good cycle is stable, we need to put in no small amount of effort. But once the cycle is working, whether you eat meat or drink alcohol once a month, the magic enzymes you accumulate will solve the problem for you. Remember that what we accumulate every day will save ourselves in times of emergency.

The Inseparable Relationship Between Man and Earth

Europeans and Americans have had the habit of eating animal meat for a longer time than the Japanese.

Even so, they do not disrupt intestinal balance as seriously as the Japanese. And I was thinking about why there is such a big difference between Japanese and American. I've come up with a few reasons, the first of which is that differences in food culture have been formed since ancient times. Europeans and Americans, over hundreds of years, have maintained the habit of eating meat. But the Japanese have only started this habit since the Meiji period, so far it has only been about 150 years. The intestinal tract of Japanese people, who have a habit of eating cereals and vegetables for a long time, in terms of proportion to body size, is one or two times longer than the intestinal tract of Europeans and Americans. The longer intestinal tract leads to longer time until all food is excreted, and the effect of meat on the intestinal tract is also greater.

Another reason that makes the difference is "soil." The ancient Chinese have a saying called "non-dual earth body", which means that the human body and the land are closely related.

Today we can stay at home and still enjoy all the food in the world. However, one basic thing in eating is that people living in any region eat food grown in that area. Therefore, depending on the soil situation, the state of human health is also different.

This was a long time ago, when I first saw vegetables sold in America. I was amazed at how big they could be. Whether it's eggplant or cucumber, their size is completely different from vegetables in Japan. So I thought that even though they are the same eggplant, they are definitely different types. However, in fact, when vegetables are grown in Japan and cultivated in the US, they still produce fruits and seeds that are much larger than when grown in Japan. That is due to the content of substances in the soil in the US such as calcium, minerals, vitamins ... much more than Japan. For example, the amount of calcium in spinach grown in the United States is three to five times more than the calcium content of this vegetable when grown in Japan.

As another example, I once saw data showing that the calcium content of broccoli in the US is 178 mg per 100 grams while this content in Japan is 57 mg per 100 gr.

In short, Americans who eat a lot of meat dishes do not suffer as much as the Japanese because they eat vegetables grown in such fertile soil, so they can balance some of the pH that tends to turn acidic in the body.

In the past, Americans and Japanese had a very clear physical gap. However, now the Japanese are also much taller than before. The main reason is the influence of European and American food culture. Along with the introduction of culinary culture favoring meat, milk, cheese, butter ... The eating habits and body shape of Japanese people also change gradually. But even if we want to change like Europeans and Americans, one thing cannot be changed. That's "soil." The fertility of the land, even if we wanted to, could not be imitated.

It is no exaggeration to say that soil fertility depends on the number of microorganisms and small animals living in the soil. With much of the land covered by volcanic ash, the soil in Japan has little food for enriched microbes in the soil.

Even if we imitate the European and American way of eating meat, with the nutritional content of vegetables only one-fifth that of European and American vegetables, how our bodies will change. It is clear that the Japanese will suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The reason why animal meat food greatly affects the Japanese body is in the "quality" of vegetables that Japanese people are eating every day.

Japan's land is inherently barren. But with traditional Japanese dishes from ancient times with grains, vegetables, fish, seaweed ... Raised on Japanese soil, the Japanese have created balance in their bodies. And in my opinion, that is also the balance of nature.

Agricultural products that use pesticides have no vital energy

All objects in nature are interconnected, interacting with each other and maintaining a very delicate balance. Therefore, even things that are "unnecessary" in the eyes of humanity are "essential" to nature.

In agriculture, many people believe that pesticides should be used to prevent harmful insects. However, the name of this harmful insect itself is just a name that people give themselves according to human feelings. In nature there exist no harmful insects at all.

Humans have always hated insects that stick to plants, but whether they are harmful or beneficial, thanks to their attachment to plants, they can increase the nutrients of the plant. That's "chitin-chitosan." Chitin-chitosan is known to be found in the shells of shrimp and crabs. The hard armor that surrounds insects is also composed of this substance. When insects attach to plants, such as leaves, they secrete the enzymes "chitosanase" and "chitinase," which absorb very small amounts, about one-hundred-millionth of a nanogram of chitin-chitosan, from the insect's legs or bodies and turn it into nutrients for plants. And, the nutrients absorbed into the plant from insects will help sustain the animals that eat that plant. However, now this nutrient chain is being cut off with scissors called pesticides that humans are using. Instead of chitin-chitosan, pesticides are used to prevent insects from being absorbed into vegetables and damaging the health of those who eat them. Moreover, these pesticides also take the lives of soil living organisms, which are a source of energy for crops.

Lands that regularly use pesticides will be free of earthworms as well as soil-enriching bacteria. In barren, impoverished and deprived of all vital energy, crops cannot grow, so people use more chemical fertilizers. Under the action of chemical drugs, plants can grow, but they will grow without carrying any vital energy. This is also the reason why the nutrient content of Japanese vegetables decreases year by year.

However, man-made damage in agriculture is not just pesticides.

The second problem of agriculture is "water." Water used in agriculture in Japan is not detoxified by large amounts of chlorine as domestic water, but by the effects of pesticides, polluted water from rivers, or domestic wastewater. In water used for agriculture contains a lot of pollutants.

To mature, plants need a lot of water. Currently, people know that toxins that enter the body can be excreted somewhat by drinking good water. Crops are the same. However, the water used to purify toxins in plants itself is contaminated, leading to more toxins in plants.

The third problem we have is growing vegetables in greenhouses. In fact, growing vegetables in greenhouses throughout Japan is a unique Japanese technique that is not available in the United States. The purpose of using greenhouses is to reduce insect infestation, manage temperature. In addition, there is another use that few people know that is to block ultraviolet rays with plastic sheets. Plants themselves cannot move in the same way as animals. Therefore, they are exposed to a large amount of ultraviolet rays.

Because ultraviolet rays will cause the production of extremely powerful free radicals and promote oxidation in the body of plants and animals, in order to protect themselves, plants have the ability to produce in the body a large amount of antioxidants. These are vitamins such as A, C, E, or polyphenols such as flavonoids, isoflavones, catechins found in plants. These antioxidants will be produced when plants are exposed to ultraviolet rays. Thus, when using plastic panels in greenhouses to block sunlight, we reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays that hit plants, thereby also reducing the amount of antioxidants such as vitamins or polyphnols in plants.

Japanese agriculture is now prioritizing the creation of beautiful sleek crops rather than paying attention to the nutritional value within. Species that grow in the wild will all have worm bites, large and small irregularities, and cannot be so beautiful. But in return, they contain a lot of "energy".

Pumpkins grown in Japan are so soft that a finger can be pressed deep with a single click, while pumpkins grown out in the U.S. are so hard that they can hardly be removed with a knife.

Humans get their energy from food, so if the food itself has no energy, no matter how much we eat, we will not be healthy. People who don't eat foods grown in natural conditions can't stay healthy in the natural world.

What sustains your health is what you're eating every day. To what standards these dishes are selected will determine your state of health.

Currently, there are still many farmers using pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but farming methods that do not use chemical drugs or organic vegetable growing methods are beginning to be widely used. Of course, the price of vegetables grown by this method is more expensive than conventional products, but for me, it is the "price of life".

Only life nourishes life. Plants rich in vital energy can only be grown on fertile, energy-rich soil. If the bacteria in the soil are healthy, vegetables, fruits, and grains also grow healthy. Healthy growing plants, when entering the body, also help the intestinal bacteria grow healthy.

If I had to eat vegetables contaminated by agricultural drugs, I thought it would be safer to eat genetically modified plants. Genetically modified crops are crops that have been genetically altered by humans, turning into plants that insects do not like to cling to or produce a lot of fruit. Growing these crops has advantages, due to the fact that the worm is less attached, it is not necessary to use agricultural drugs.

If you ask me which of these two vegetables I choose, I will skip the drug-based vegetable and choose a vegetable that has been genetically modified, knowing that this type is also not good for the human body. Because there is nothing more dangerous than pesticides.

"Love" enhances resistance

"Man cannot live only in bread", this is the teaching of Christianity, as well as a natural philosophy that many sick people have shown me.

It is a fact that when the patient achieves a certain goal, his disease is miraculously restored. There are many people in the world who suffer from cancer, but after all that pain, for some reason, they feel grateful for life and from there, their disease is restored little by little.

Any of us hides infinite possibilities. When that possibility is unlocked, enzymes in the body are stimulated to produce energy, saving people from the brink of death.

On the contrary, a person, no matter how healthy, is always immersed in negative thoughts, always lives alone and thinks he is unhappy, the enzymes in the body will gradually lose their strength.

Therefore, I think that the treatment of cancer is not as difficult as we think. If the person sincerely believes that he can cure the disease, and realizes that he loves someone from the bottom of his heart, then recovery is not impossible.

If a person has a firm belief that he wants to live until his beloved grandchild graduates, marries and has children, he will live until then.

Depending on how strong a person's motivation is, he or she can unlock his limitless possibilities.

Healing is not only about removing rotten parts, taking medicines, but also motivating patients to feel happy deep in the soul. Therefore, a really good doctor is someone who can instill that motivation in patients. And I've always wanted to be such a doctor.

So what will become the strongest motivator for the patient.

It must be "love."

Male and female love, parent-child friendship, friendship ... There are many types of love. But whoever the subject is, all the motivation, health, happiness... are born out of love for someone.

In order to be healthy, we must have love for someone. People cannot be happy when they are alone. Happy people are satisfied in "love" that begins with the love of parents, then will be friends and companions in life, thereby creating a new vitality. This is also the process of developing love, from receiving love, nurturing love and giving love.

Thanks to blood tests, we know that when people feel really happy, the body's immunity is increased. And the increased immunity is due to the miraculous enzymes, so it can be said that in happy people, their miracle enzymes are very well stored.

In addition, when feeling happy, the nervous system will be dominated by parasympathetic nerves, so people will reduce stress, and when stress is reduced, the production of free radicals is inhibited, beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract will develop. The improved state of the intestinal environment will pass through parasympathetic nerves, transmit to the hypothalamus of the brain and let the cerebrum take over, at which point, people once again feel "oh, so happy".

In short, when we feel truly happy is also when the circle of happiness begins to move: feelings of happiness -> dominant parasympathetic nerves -> reduce stress -> better intestinal balance -> parasympathetic nerves dominate -> transmit signals to the hypothalamus -> feelings of well-being.

In the human body, whether it is the immune system or the endocrine system, no organ or system works independently, alone. They all influence each other, and when they form a well-functioning circle, the whole body improves in unison. When the circle of happiness moves, the gut bacteria are also better functioning in the environment, thus being able to produce large amounts of miraculous enzymes for the body. When miraculous enzymes are stimulated to produce a lot, it leads to stimulation of the activity of cells in the body.

While a person's ability to heal himself is stimulated by the fact that he or she is happy when he loves others, thanks to this circle of happiness, the production of miraculous enzymes in large quantities also begins.

Loving someone is a very important chapter in our human "scenario of life." And I hope you can realize this too.

It's all written in the "scenario of life."

If we only look at the body from a part-by-part perspective, we overlook many important things. Likewise, it is wrong to look at human beings only from the perspective of their physical existence. The human soul and body have an inseparable close relationship.

When you are under mental pressure, for example at work, your body is dominated by sympathetic nerves. Conversely, when the human heart is filled with happiness, the human body will be dominated by parasympathetic nerves.

At night, while we are sleeping, our physical strength is restored because at this time, the body has transferred to the parasympathetic nerve to operate. People who are constantly under stress, pressure in the spirit, will maintain a diet that is not good for the body, leading to a rapid deterioration of balance in the body. The process that leads to illness is not one. And it's all interconnected. Mental causes, physical causes, environmental causes, all combine to create a "bad cycle" and progress to disease.

A poor diet will cause the production of a large number of free radicals in the body, negative emotions such as hatred and jealousy also cause the same harm. Therefore, not only following a good diet and living habits, but maintaining the spirit in a stable and peaceful state is also very important to live healthily.

Similarly, even among those who suffer from cancer, there are those who, because of malignant cancer, thrive so that within a short time pass away, but there are also those who do not develop so badly and continue to live. The difference between these people, in my opinion, is the difference in the physical fitness of those with the disease, or "host".

Metastatic cancer, cancer recurrence... are all due to the decline in the host's physical fitness. So, what is this physical strength, in my opinion, is the magic amount of enzymes that the person has. If the host has a certain amount of miraculous enzymes, even if cancer develops in the body, it cannot grow too strongly. Conversely, if the amount of magic enzymes is small, the cancer will immediately become stronger. And in people with many miracle enzymes, diseases like cancer won't appear in the first place.

If viewed from the vast universe, we humans are just a tiny existence that is less than the size of a virus. Judging by the time of the universe, the time of human life is only as short as a blink of an eye.

However, it was because of such a short ephemeral existence that I always wanted to live as long, as healthy as possible. And I hope most of you want to live like that. That's why I often advise people to stay young, take care of their health, or learn a lot, find inspiration in many new things.

I know that human life, including mine, is tiny. But that's why I love and cherish my short life even more.

People do not need to endure pains and diseases in their lives.

Everything needed to stay healthy is written in our "life scenario." What we have to do is listen to our bodies. If you don't hear voices from your own body, learn nature. If you look at the laws of nature, you will realize the most necessary things that nature shows you.

If you humbly learn nature, follow the "scenario of life", then the rest, magical enzymes will help you lead a healthy, happy and energetic life.

Maintaining health is not the purpose of life. It's just an integral chapter in the journey to live a rich life. It is important to know how to use your healthy body to live what we have always dreamed of.

Even if I live to be 120 years old, I have always assumed that "life is short." That's because life is full of things I want to do. In addition, they are all things that require motivation and a state of good health, an energetic body to be able to perform.

Life is short-lived. Because of such a short time, I always hope that people can live a wonderful life.


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