Currently, It is our close-knit community and familial work environment that empowers us to be successful as designers, creators, and changemakers. In all of our work - from production and warehouse operations, to senior leadership - we are allies in enrichment, champions for the environment, advocates for innovation, and driven to succeed.

To be open

We aim to be humble. We are receptive to surprises, contradictions, innovations, and opportunities. We tell the truth, and welcome the truth from others.

Acknowledge science

We carefully research and scientifically validate the action, identity, and efficacy of our Inspired products. We rely upon experts in every field we study

To be light

The creative energies of formation flow when we remember to work with a sense of humor and with lightness. Sharing joy helps by our teams and we hope this joy shines out in every product we provide.

To prosper

Our ultimate responsibility is to support daily needs—helping you to thrive in your life and work. And we hope our products and business inspires and encourages much prosperity through the Wisdom of Heart.