Top 25 Jobs to Reconstruct Civilization After Catastrophe - The RIke

In the event of TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), our main goal will be to go about our daily lives. But you should not only get ready for this to happen, but also for what will follow. People who lived through it will have to rebuild their areas and, finally, the whole world.

After a terrible event, standard money and school certificates will not be worth anything unless they are useful for living in a way similar to the 1800s. Trade in precious metals and other things is expected to become important again. So, people who are getting ready for a long-term disaster need to learn and get better at skills that will let them live on their own while the disaster is being fixed.

Take a look at these 25 jobs that could be very useful when everything goes wrong.

1. Health care workers
It will be very important to have medical training, like being a doctor, nurse, firefighter, or even trained in first aid. Care for people who are sick or hurt, give them medicine, and maybe even do small surgeries will be very important. You can do a lot to help your community after a disaster if you learn these skills now and save up supplies.

The 25 best jobs that will help people get back on their feet after a major disaster

2. Vets for animals
VETs can help people when doctors aren't available by treating animals with their medical skills. For food supply, it will also be very important to keep animals fit. Vets can also teach people useful things about how to treat sick animals and how to keep them healthy.

 Jobs after a big damage

3. People who make iron
You can ask a blacksmith to do many things besides just hoof shoes. They can make tools, knives, and other useful things out of raw metal. You can trade these things for other things you need right away. Even though you need to be very skilled and strong to be a blacksmith, starting to learn and practice now can help you in the future.

3: Jobs after a big accident

4. People made of wood
To build and fix up homes, barns, and other buildings, we will need builders and fix-up artists. They can also make doors, window frames, and furniture. Builders need to learn how to use hand tools well because most power tools won't work. Having tools, nails, and other things on hand will be helpful.

4 jobs after a big accident

5. Folks who use HAM radio
Getting in touch with each other will be very important at the end of the world. Many people use HAM radio to send messages over long distances. This helps communities stay informed about things like news, weather, and threats from other places. You could be very useful in the world after the crash if you know how to use a HAM radio and can get the right tools and power sources.

Five jobs after a big event

6. People who take care of bees
People who keep bees make honey, which is good for you and can also be used to treat a number of health issues. Beeswax, which can be used to make soap, lamps, and other things, is another thing they can sell. Bees are very important because they pollinate plants, which helps the food supply of the community. Putting in time and money now can pay off in the long run because you need special tools and skills to keep bees.

6 jobs after a big accident

7. Teachers
Kids still need to learn basic skills like reading, writing, math, and science, even after a disaster. In the real world, they'll also need to know how to stay living. The next group can get by and start over with the help of teachers who can pass on what they know. It might be a good idea to buy books, school supplies, and art supplies.

7 jobs after a big accident

8. People who work with guns and reload them
For hunts and defense, guns will probably be needed. A lot of people will need to hire people who can fix guns and reload bullets. But thieves may go after gunsmiths to steal weapons, so this is a dangerous job.

8 jobs after a big accident

9. People who make baskets
Baskets are useful because they can be used to carry things or store them. To learn how to make a basket, you don't need many things. Different kinds of plants work well. People can also teach each other this skill, which makes the group stronger as a whole.

9 jobs after a big accident

10. Boats that move water
A lot of people will likely need easy access to clean water after the world ends. There will be a lot of important work done by people who bring water from its source to homes or a central area. Being able to clean water and having big buckets to store and move water will be helpful.

10 jobs after a big accident

11. People who sew and make
As clothes wear out, lots of people will need people who can sew and fix things. When they make new clothes from scratch, fix old ones, or change things that already exist, tailors and seamstresses will be very important. Right now is the time to get ready by getting fabric, threads, needles, and buttons together.

11 jobs after a big accident

12. People who work with plants
When it's hard to get modern medicine, learning about plants that can heal can be used as a natural pharmacy. Plants that are good for you can be found, grown, and named by herbalists. These plants are then used to make drugs, drinks, salves, and potions. Taking the time to learn about healing plants and how to use them will be worth it.

12 jobs after a big accident

13. Cutters of meat
To make sure there is enough food for everyone, we need people who know how to kill animals and make meat. It's hard to be a butcher because you need to know how animals work, have the right tools, and be very clean so that people don't get sick from eating the meat.

13 jobs after a big accident

14. Folks who work with leather
To make shoes, belts, bags, and other things, leather will be very important. It can be a good way to make money to learn how to make and fix leather goods. Leather is strong and can be used for many things.

14 jobs lost after a big event

15. Doing work
People will want clay dishes and pots because they won't be able to get the tools they use now. People who know where to find clay, how to shape it, and how to fire it to make strong pots, pans, and storage containers will be in high demand.

15 jobs after a big accident

16. Individuals who saw
Cutting and getting ready wood will be very important for many building and heating needs. You can build homes out of the wood, make furniture out of it, or use it to start fires to cook and stay warm.

16 jobs after a big accident

17. Folks Who Make Rope
Ropes will be useful for a lot of different tasks, from building and moving things to simple tasks like holding animals or hanging clothes. You should learn how to tie knots and use different yarns.

17 jobs lost after a big event

18. Little-time
It will be very important to have people who can make useful things out of metal, like tools, pots, and pans. People who know how to work with tin and other soft metals can make home goods that last and can be used over and over.

18 jobs after a big accident

19. Carvers of spirits
In the days following a disaster, boozy drinks can do many things, such as clean up, ease pain, and make you feel better. It's helpful to know how to make drinks safety.

19 jobs after a big accident

20. People who own trade posts
A hub where people can trade goods and services will help the business stay open. People who own posts often have things that are rare or very sought after that can be used to make these deals possible.

20. Jobs after a big damage

21. The McCoys
New shoes have to be made when the old ones get worn out. A lot of people will want to hire cobblers because they can make and fix shoes, especially work shoes that are durable and useful.

21. Jobs after a big event

22. People who make wheels
Since most likely there won't be any cars around, it will be very important to know how to make and fix wagon wheels. There are also people who help build water wheels that are used to make energy or power mills.

22. Jobs after a big event

No. 23: The Masons
A lot of people will need masons because they can build and fix stone buildings and make fires and stoves. To work with stone and brick, you will need to know how to use hand tools.

23. Jobs after a big event

24. People who hunt or fish
People who know how to hunt or fish will be very helpful for the group because they will provide food. If you offer these people something of value, they will take it.

24. Jobs after a big event

The storage bins will be very useful in the world after the crash. They know how to make wooden boxes that last a long time and don't let air in. This is how they store food, drinks, and other things.

25. Jobs after a big event

Finally, think about which jobs would be best for you based on where you live and the skills you already have. Do not spend all of your money until you have good jobs after the accident. You will need to buy tools and supplies. While you wait, do as much as you can to improve your skills. For you and everyone else, they might be the only way to stay living and set things right again.

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