4 Challenges Make A Matcha Latte Tasty As Starbucks

4 Challenges Make A Matcha Latte Tasty As Starbucks

Matcha Latte has been floating up from many years ago, when Starbucks set it up in their menus. But it has been presented with descriptions to the people who drink from many years ago, but it is still always the official drink at the top that people always select multiple best. By 2020, the tea milk matcha has been made new and brought back again with many variables instrumental in how to challenge matcha latte for a lifetime. Before when presented with descriptions of how to make matcha latte, let's find out about the types of items to drink this.         

What is Matcha Latte?


A Matcha Latte is a tea-based beverage combining vivid green matcha tea powder and milk, or a dairy substitute, to create a smooth, creamy, caffeinated coffee alternative. Many tearooms and coffee shops offer Matcha Lattes both hot and iced.

Matcha used in mixed mode

We're only using a type of matcha powder called Fuji matcha to give the matter the quality of the drink as we are eager to wait.

The raw materials needed as below: 


  • matcha: 3-5g depending on taste
  • Syrup Sugar: 10ml or honey bees
  • Dairy Fresh: 150ml 
  • Vanilla Syrup: 10 ml

How to make Matcha Latte

Hot Green Tea Latte

hot green tea matcha

  1. For matcha powder into the cup mouth wide, add 40ml of hot water (80 degrees C). Using a Chasen broom reviews soluble tea powder until a layer of foam peeling shadow green smooth tea. 
  2. Add 10ml sugar water and 10 ml vanilla syrup into and mix the cup.  
  3. Burn water till hot with 150ml milk fresh in the pot boil or by machine maker Coffee café. Mark foam milk fresh by machine beating eggs or machine agitator holding hands.
  4. From pouring milk fresh 've rated foam in the cup. Matcha latte cups after mixing will have a 2 class and layers of foam smooth on the surface. Enjoy your matcha latte cup.

Starbucks-style iced matcha latte

matcha latte

  1. For the mixture of raw materials in accordance with the self 150ml milk fresh + 350ml ice park + 10ml sugar water + vanilla + 5g matcha syrup and shake.
  2. Shake the bottle sharply in approximately 10-15 seconds until you see the bottle shaking cold.
  3. Pour the above mixture into a cup. Page position more foam milk smooth if wanted.
  4. So, we had one cup of matcha Starbucks-style to enjoy then.

2 tiers iced milk matcha

  1. Pour 5g matcha into the cup wide mouth, add 40ml of hot water at 80 degrees into the cup and then use the Chasen brush mix the tea until more foam tea smoothly.
  2. Add syrup sugar and syrup vanilla in and mix it. 
  3. For 350ml ice park in a high cup. Then pour 150ml milk fresh into the cup
  4. Pour slightly from a mixture of matcha into the cup to create a cup of matcha latte 2 floors.
  5. Stir both glass matcha and reward formula.

Matcha Latte Espresso

  1. Put 5g matcha into a wide-mouth cup, add 40ml of hot water at 80 degrees C + 10ml of sugar syrup + 10ml of vanilla syrup. Use a broom Chasen stir them to make the tea powder harmony melt off, stirred until more foam tea.
  2. Pour the mixture right on the cup. Add 350ml ice park in full to the mouth cup. Pouring from 150ml milk fresh up on. Then pour slightly to 1 cup espresso up on.
  3. Stir all official drinks before enjoying it.

The Tips when make a cup of matcha

TIP # 1: Use high quality matcha 

The color is brighter, the quality output is higher.

TIP # 2: Avoid matcha to lump

A few were lumped in matcha as well. Screeners and beaten eggs are the right way to make sure it is not being lumped. User manual water hot 80 degrees or lower than and Chasen brush or machines to help avoid lumping in matcha. 

TIP # 3: Adjust the sweet of matcha 

According to tradition, matcha is for cases with a so- what that sweet, because so I prefer to do a sweet matcha latte of me just a little bit with sugar or honey bee.

TIP #4: Make milk foam

To make the drink look more beautiful, you should make a milk foam onto a cup. You have to make foam milk by machine or use an average shaker to shake. 

TIP # 5: Use manual milk actually animals

If you are allergic to milk cows or not to target goods with milk cows. Milk soy is a perfect replacement.

The Rike Inc. has instructions to guide you 4 ways to make matcha latte. Formulas and approaches are very simple. But the challenge here is to make a cup of delicious matcha latte, the most important is the chosen right matcha powder in preparation. 

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