Common Mistakes in Matcha Preparation

Matcha is a very popular and very truly drink! This increases your mood, packed with antioxidants, and it feels amazing. However, to really enjoy this drink, preparation is key. Here are five mistakes that are usually done when preparing Matcha. Avoid Matcha's mistakes and say goodbye to unpleasant and bitter matcha!

1. Use boiling hot waThis is arguably the most common and easiest error to do when preparing Matcha.

Even though you might like a cup of hot tea, the water at the boiling point will burn Matcha, causing it tastes bitter. The perfect water temperature is actually below the boiling point, around 70-80 degrees Celsius.

The easiest way is to boil water according to normal, then add a little water temperature to lower the temperature a little.

2. Do not use a filter

Because Matcha comes in powder form, it has a tendency to clot unless filtered.

Using a mesh filter will allow you to reach fine powder and lump free needed to prepare a subtle cup of matcha.

Simply add the desired number of powders into the filter and tap to your choice vessel.

3. Do not maintain the matcha in the refrigerator after opening

After opening, it is best to keep a match in an airtight container.

It prevents heat, moisture, and oxygen worsens it, thus preserving nutrients and it feels longer.

By paying attention to how you save your matcha, you can make sure every cup feels as good as the last.

4. Leaving Matcha is exposed to the sun

Ultraviolet light has the potential to break natural oil in tea leaves giving aroma tea.

Because Matcha is complicated, this can dramatically change the taste and cause drinks that taste tasteless.

To keep your matcha the best, make sure it's stored in a dark and opaque container, and beyond direct sunlight.

5. Stir with a spoon, not a bamboo shaker

If you can, don't shake matcha with a spoon!

Usually, it takes around 30 Stirretts with matcha matches to get a smooth and foaming matcha.

The spoon doesn't just fail to load Matcha, it also collects powder into a clump - you definitely don't want it!

Avoiding this Matcha error will allow you to prepare a perfect cup to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even by itself!

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