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Our main offerings include: hundreds of heirloom, rare and hard to find flower seeds, vegetable seeds and herb seeds for both the home gardener and the wholesale trade, as well as large, fresh flower bulbs for both spring and fall planting.

Check out our Seasonal Seeds, Organic or Premium Fresh Seeds at The Rike Inc. We offer a large selection of organic vegetable seeds and flower seeds, Included Centella Asiatica seeds, red okra seeds, organic, non-GMO vegetable seeds and plants to grow in your garden. Find both tried-and-true favorites and rare varieties of tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, lettuce, and more.  

Potato starts, asparagus crowns, onion sets, garlic, and bare-root fruiting plants sure to generate a wonderful harvest.

Seasonal Seeds is a great resource for learning how to cultivate your own food. Our large assortment of organic seed types includes fruits, herbs, vegetables, and more, and is available throughout the year. Our quality seeds will ensure robust plant growth and plentiful harvests regardless of your gardening expertise. For a greener garden, try our extensive selection of pesticide-free, non-GMO seeds. Come on a planting tour with us today and enjoy the freshest, most delicious food that grows in your own garden!

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