Identifying Pure Matcha Green Tea Powder

How To Tell Real Matcha Green Tea Powder From Fake One

Matcha Green Tea

How to distinguish pure green tea powder, real and fake?

Green tea powder is one of the natural beauty ingredients. Green tea contains antioxidant components polyphenol, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and other antioxidants such as carotenoids, tocopherols. So green tea powder has a very good effect in beautifying the skin, astringent pores and effective acne treatment.




How To Tell Real Matcha Green Tea Powder From Fake One

The main effect of green tea powder is deep cleansing, antibacterial, acne treatment, oil control, skin whitening, and skin recovery. So knowing how to distinguish pure green tea powder is it real or fake is an important process in your green tea beauty. Below, I would like to share with you how to distinguish it to help you choose. Get the best green tea for you.

Observe outside

Real green tea powder will lose the powder evenly and dry. As for the fake green tea powder, it will feel a bit wet, not loose, and very easy to clump.


The scent of real green tea powder is mild, but fake powder is not, fake powder often has a pre-seasoned scent such as vanilla or jasmine.

In addition, real green tea powder can only smell when you put it near your nose and smell it. And if you leave it about 20-30 cm away, you won't hear the smell at all, unless you shake the powder vigorously. As for the fake powder, you still feel the fragrance even if you are far away.


Pure green tea powder will have a special taste that is very bitter and slightly sweet, the reason for the sweet taste is due to the acidity in the tea combined with the fibers. The fake powder will taste bitter or too sweet when tasted. When drinking fake powder, it makes users feel uncomfortable and want to vomit, while real powder is for high spirits and abundant energy.


Real green tea powder is usually dark green of chlorophyll or lighter depending on the tea leaves. The fake powder is slightly yellow in color.

The Rike’s 100% ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder.


Grinded with Granite stone mills, pure green tea powder is very smooth to the touch, and you will not feel it, while fake green tea powder will feel tiny or uncomfortable particles.

When mixed with water

Feature 1: When mixed green tea powder will have a green color, and then will turn yellow green when left for about 1-2 hours. Because of the characteristics of green tea, it is easy to discolor when it meets the right temperature. So you can try this way, when the powder comes, you mix green tea powder with boiling water and leave it for a few hours. If the tea water turns yellow, it means that the tea you buy does not have any chemical colorants. And the tea water after a few hours still has a green color, then surely the tea you buy has a chemical color.

Feature 2: No matter how finely ground the tea is, because it is fiber, when mixed with water, it cannot completely dissolve and create the stickiness like the red bean powder or oats you often use.

When you mix it with water, or fresh milk to make a mask, it will give a dark green color, not a beautiful green color like you often think.

In sum, we can have a quick conclusion. 


  • Emerald green color due to high chlorophyll content
  • The tea powder is so fine that you can't feel it with your hands
  • Light taste, sweet aftertaste
  • Feel energized, alert, restored to health after drinking.


  • Made from ordinary green tea leaves, even with the stem and stem of the tea plant for processing.
  • The color of the tea powder is slightly yellow.
  • Bitter taste, bitter aftertaste
  • This fake green tea powder, when touching with our hands, we will feel the tea powder or when drinking it will be on the tip of the tongue.
  • Feeling nauseous after drinking

***If you can't distinguish the real from the fake by the above characteristics, you can use the following these tips to distinguish them immediately.

– When mixing green tea powder with water, no matter how finely ground it is, because it is fiber, it cannot dissolve and create the stickiness like the red bean or oat flours that you often use. Another feature is that pure green tea powder, when mixed, will give a dark green color, not the beautiful green you often think.

– So when buying green tea powder to use, if you mix the powder with fresh milk (or plain water) but get a mask with high stickiness and a very beautiful bright green color, I would like to apologize to you that the one you're using must have been mixed with some kind of powder to make it sticky (usually flour because it's so cheap). Pure green tea powder never has such cohesiveness.

Those are the simple ways to help you distinguish the real fake of pure green tea, hope that helps. How To Tell Real Matcha Green Tea Powder From Fake OneHow To Tell Real Matcha Green Tea Powder From Fake OneHow To Tell Real Matcha Green Tea Powder From Fake OneHow To Tell Real Matcha Green Tea Powder From Fake OneHow To Tell Real Matcha Green Tea Powder From Fake One

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