Maca Tea for a Healthy Libido

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. Are you planning a romantic evening with that special someone? Spice up your Valentine’s Day celebration with one of the world’s most highly regarded natural aphrodisiacs: maca root.

Maca Root in Traditional South American Healing

Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is a tuberous root that is native to Peru’s Andean Mountains. While it has long been used in traditional healing practices and is thought to offer many health benefits, maca is primarily known for its effects on energy and libido.*

Maca root grows wild in the harsh, high-altitude conditions of the Andes mountains, and has likewise enabled the people of this region to sustain themselves for centuries. 

According to folk belief, maca makes it possible for the Peruvian and Bolivian people to thrive amidst the rugged terrain, extreme weather conditions and low oxygen levels of the Andes.* It has also been used to enhance sexual drive and vitality.*

Maca is naturally available in three different colors: yellow, red and black. Each type of maca is believed to provide unique health benefits:

  • Yellow maca is the most common variety of maca, making up roughly two-thirds of all maca harvests. According to South American healers and shamans, yellow maca should be consumed on a regular basis to help the body resist stress and maintain a state of balance.*
  • Red maca makes up approximately twenty percent of the maca harvest, and is said to nourish feminine energy. Traditional healers believe red maca is the most effective variety when it comes to boosting female libido, though its benefits are not restricted to women.* According to shamanic practitioners, red maca is calming and stabilizing.*
  • Black maca is the rarest variety of maca, comprising just ten percent of the harvest. It is said to represent masculine energy, and to provide a strengthening, revitalizing effect.* Within the South American healing tradition, black maca is used to banish fatigue, brain fog and depression, as well as to improve memory and athletic performance.*

All three types of maca are used in traditional Peruvian medicine, and may support healthy energy levels, mood and sexual function in both men and women.* 

Mood-Boosting Maca Tea

Feeling sluggish? Rev your engine with a cup of SuperAdapt™ Hormone Harmony™ Tea.* Delight in the organic earthy sweetness, mild nutty notes and maple-like finish as you sip, savor and surrender to this moment of bliss. 

Hormone Harmony™ Tea contains all three varieties of maca (red, yellow and black), plus organic Asian ginseng. This organic blend of herbal energizers yields a delicious, naturally stimulating infusion. Sip daily to support a healthy libido and natural energy levels.

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