Matcha Chocolate Almond Milk Blend

  • 2t Gotcha Matcha and 3 oz hot water
  • 1T best quality chocolate pieces
  • 1 cup almond milk


Blend matcha tea in a dish. Warm almond milk on reduced warm over the range and include delicious chocolate little bits gradually while mixing. When delicious chocolate is completely melted integrate warm delicious chocolate and matcha. OPTIONAL: include MCT oil, cinnamon or honey.
Electrical milk frothers, like a Nespresso or Breville, work truly well right below as well. You can also combine all the ingredients at the same time and push the switch. Voila!
Keep in mind there's no appropriate, or incorrect method to prepare matcha beverages. Attempt various proportions and ingredients up till you get simply the way you like it.

hot matcha chocolate

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