Enzyme Factor: A Healthy Way to Live - Hiromi Shinya - A Method of Healthy Living to 100 Years Old

How are you?

Perhaps not many people can properly answer "yes" to this question. Even people who say "usually I don't have any diseases" are unhealthy people. In Oriental Medicine there is a word "diseaseless". This word expresses the state of "not sick" in the literal sense. In other words, it is a condition "just before the illness", although not healthy but not sick, Currently, many Japanese people are in this condition.

Even among those who always consider themselves healthy, there are certainly many people who are troubled with problems such as constipation, diarrhea, insomnia or shoulder and neck pain... These signs can be considered SOS emergency signals sent to clients who are in a "sick" state. If you take these signs lightly, considering them a "routine thing in the district," they risk progressing to other serious illnesses.

Since the war, the average life expectancy of Japanese people has increased significantly and Japan has now become the country with the highest life expectancy in the world, longevity is the aspiration of all mankind, so this fact is indeed very good for us.

However, we can't rejoice too soon when we merely look at the average life expectancy figure. The reason is that these numbers do not reflect the "health status" of the population. Whether a 100-year-old person lives healthy every day or a 100-year-old who is chronically ill, it counts as a "100-year-old." But we can't say they both have equally fulfilling lives. No matter how long you live, if you're not healthy, you won't be able to live meaningfully. And surely no one wants to live a long life, but most of the time they are in bed or sick, but it must be a healthy life.

Think of an older person near you and imagine, when you reach that age, you will have the same health condition. Can you be satisfied with that? It's a shame that most people give a "no" answer.

As you age, even if your body is healthy, your body functions decline. However, impaired functions in the body are completely different from being sick. So what is the reason why the more money the elderly today spend on medical examination and treatment, the more their health deteriorates.

The difference between a healthy 100-year-old and a 100-year-old who sleeps all day is not age. The difference between the two is due to what they have accumulated during these 100 years, in short, whether people are healthy or not depends on their diet and daily living habits. What a person accumulates in daily life such as: eating, hydrating, alcohol, tobacco, movement, sleep, work, stress ... is the decisive factor to the state of health of that person.

So the question is what are the living habits to be able to live a long and healthy life?

Currently, the health market is a large, developed market. All the streets and alleys are filled with health promotion methods, supplements or supplements are sold rampantly with the advertisement of health promotion effects: "just drinking this product is enough". Even just being introduced on TV and newspapers as "good products for the body" will become the best-selling product in the store the next day. It can be said that most people do not understand what is really good for their health. Without the right knowledge, you will be surrounded by advertising media companies only.

Are you normally interested in maintaining and improving health?

Perhaps there are many people who are interested in regular exercise, supplements, taking Chinese medicine or paying attention to meals. I don't mean to deny their efforts, but I recommend that they check their health once to see if the method they have been doing so far is really working.

Why do I say that? Because in the methods that are still believed to be good for health, there are many harmful elements to the body. Especially in the methods related to eating, there are many methods that are harmful to your health.

For example, do you believe and follow the methods below?

Eat yogurt every day to improve digestion

Drink cow's milk every day to prevent calcium deficiency

Eating fatty fruits should limit their intake, instead supplementing vitamins with supplements

Limit starch intake such as rice, bread to avoid overweight

Prefer high-protein but low-calorie dishes

Drink catechin-rich Japanese tea

Boil water before drinking to remove residual chlorine in tap water.

The above methods are all popular, considered "healthy" methods. However, from the perspective of a gastroscopy like me, these are all "wrong methods", which adversely affect the general and the general.

In fact, I have never met anyone who has a good gut by eating yogurt every day. More than half of Americans drink cow's milk every day, but many are still depressed by osteoporosis. Japanese people who drink tea with high catechins every day have very bad stomachs. People whose jobs have to drink a lot of tea every day, such as tea masters, often develop atrophic gastritis, a precancerous condition of the stomach.

Among people with bad stomachs and intestines, there is no one in good health.

So why are these stomach-damaging things always touted as healthy? Probably because they only see one effective ingredient in these foods.

I'll take the example of green tea.

Obviously, catechins abundant in green tea have bactericidal and antioxidant effects. Therefore, many people believe that if you drink a lot of Japanese green tea, you can live a long life or prevent cancer. However, I have a lot of doubts about this "divine catechin". Because as I mentioned above, clinical results show that "people who have a habit of drinking a lot of tea often have bad stomachs".

The catechins in green tea are a type of polyphenol that prevents oxidation is absolutely true. However, when a quantity of catechins is combined to form another substance called a "tannin." Tannins are "astringent" ingredients found in plants, and previously in Japan this substance was called "acrid taste". The "acrid taste" in persimmons is also this tannin. Tannins have the property of easily oxidizing, when exposed to high temperatures or exposed to air, easily converted into "tannic acid". These tannic acids will solidify the proteins. My theory shows that it is the tannic acids present in green tea that cause adverse effects on the stomach lining and make the stomach worse and worse.

In fact, when endoscopy of the stomach of people who drink a lot of tea containing tannic acid (Japanese green tea, Chinese tea, red tea, coffee, Dokudami tea, Tochu tea ...), the results show that the stomach lining of many people is thinning and stomach atrophy appears. Chronic gastric atrophy or atrophic gastritis is easy to turn into stomach cancer.

To prove this hypothesis, in September 9, at the Japanese Cancer Symposium, Professor Kawanishi Tadashi Yu from Mie University (Faculty of Medicine) and his colleagues published a report showing that catechins cause DNA damage.

The risks that tea brings do not stop there. Because most teas sold on the market use agricultural drugs in the cultivation process. And when you think about the harmful effects of pesticide residues, tannic acid or caffeine, I recommend not drinking tea instead of water. For those who like to drink tea, drink tea without using pesticides, drink it after eating to avoid damage to the stomach lining. And you should only drink two to three cups of tea a day.

More and more people are believing the same misinformation, and in my opinion the reason is that modern medicine does not consider the whole human body. The human body has a close connection between parts. Just because one part works well doesn't mean the whole body is good. As the saying goes, "see trees and not forests," you can't just look at one ingredient and decide whether it's good for your body or not.

In 1977, I was very interested in a report concerning food and health published in the United States.

As the report summarizes, the U.S. was experiencing rising health care costs at the time that it burdened the nation's finances. Although medicine is constantly developing, the number of patients with cancer or cardiovascular disease increases every year. Accordingly, the cost of medical examination and treatment that the state has to pay has also increased and increased to a level that threatens the national finances. If people do not understand the causes of these diseases and do not have a solution to the root cause, America will be in crisis because of the disease. Recognizing that risk, the U.S. Senate created the "Senate special committee on national nutrition," and McGovern chaired the committee.

The members of this committee brought together data related to eating and health from various parts of the world, researching and investigating the "causes of increased disease" with the help of leading experts in medicine and nutrition at the time. The results were summarized in the 5,000-page "McGovern report."

After this report was released, the American people were forced to face a choice. The reason is that the report concluded that the cause of many diseases lies in the "wrong eating habits" so far. The report also asserts that without improving current eating habits, there is no way for Americans to be healthier.

At that time, American staples were usually high-protein and high-fat dishes like steak. Protein is the basic substance to make up organs in the body, so it can be said that this is an extremely necessary nutrition for humans. Therefore, eating protein-rich meats is said to be beneficial for athletes, young people in adulthood, people with debilitated bodies or the elderly. The Japanese concept of "meat is the source of vitality" was influenced by the American concept of nutrition at that time.

However, the "McGovern report" completely rejected the notions of eating at the time. The report also defines the ideal diet as the Japanese diet before the Genroku period (1688-1704). This diet has the main dish of cereals but not completely milled, the side dishes are vegetables, seasonal seaweeds, and small fish that provide protein.

This is also the reason why in recent years the Japanese diet is considered by the world to be a healthy diet.

Of course, promotions such as not eating meat, not developing muscles are lies. You just look at the natural world. The lion, which represents the predator, will surely be found to have extremely toned muscles. But in fact, the muscles of herbivores like horses outgrow those of lions. The obvious proof is that tigers or lions, when chasing prey, do not chase for a long time. Their strength is to win by promoting momentary strength and speed. Because they know that in terms of endurance, it is impossible to match herbivores that have very developed muscles.

Without eating meat, you can't grow up, this statement is also a lie. Elephants or giraffes are several times bigger than tigers and lions, but they are all herbivores.

Moreover, it is a fact that when eating a lot of animal meat containing a lot of protein, the maturation rate of humans is accelerated. Perhaps, the rapid growth of children in recent years is due to the increased amount of protein absorbed into the body. However, children growing up fast also means they are in danger. It is the "process of maturation" when reaching a certain age will move into a state of "aging". In short, a diet that takes animal meat as a food will mainly accelerate the rate of maturation, or in other words, the diet accelerates the aging process.

For those who like to eat meat, remember that eating a lot of meat will sabotage your health and accelerate the aging process.

The general speaks of a person's character and the general speaks of his or her state of health.

The general, the general of a person in good health is usually very beautiful. The stomach will have a uniform pink mucosa, a non-convex surface, no submucosal blood vessels are visible. In addition, in people with good health the gastric mucus is transparent, under an endoscope, the gastric mucus will reflect sparkles. The intestines of people with good health are the same, pink in color, very soft, uniform in size. Anyone who as a child has a very beautiful stomach and intestines. However, due to eating habits, daily activities, the stomach and intestinal tract are changed.

The stomachs of people with poor health, the mucous membranes are irregularly colored, speckled, there is a place of redness, there is a place of swelling. In addition, those who suffer from atrophic gastritis repeatedly, the lining of the stomach is often thinned and blood vessels under the mucosa can be seen. In addition, when the gastric mucosa shrinks, the cells on the mucosal surface will increase, causing the surface of the stomach to become convex. If you have reached this stage, you are entering a precancerous stage. With the intestinal tract of an unhealthy person, the intestinal wall muscles thicken, creating folds with heterogeneous thickness, sometimes there will be places to be tightened like rubber rings. Even if you tell "diseaseless" people who haven't developed pain or illness, "your stomach is getting worse, stop eating meat," not many people really do. Some people think that meat dishes are so delicious that they cannot be abandoned, but the most reason is still "out of sight". Humans are often very sensitive to the changes expressed on the body. For example, if people see hair falling out, or wrinkles, they will be eager to spend money.

Time to fix them. As for changes in the intestinal tract or stomach that are not visible, people usually only cope with a few reasons: well, it doesn't hurt anyway, so it's okay. And when the disease gets worse, then we regret it. Perhaps, with unseen changes, people are neither aware of the significance nor the horror of these changes.

People who know the stomach and gut like me often value internal changes more than changes outside the body. Because I know that these changes are directly related to my own health. My patients are able to strictly follow the Shinya eating method because they understand that this is directly related to their lives. For those who have faced cancer once, a "healthy lifestyle that reduces the rate of cancer recurrence to 0%" is preferred over anything. I personally don't want to make this a "0% cancer recurrence method", but I want people who are "not sick" to do it and make it a "healthy lifestyle method that helps the incidence rate to 0%". That's why I want you to know, when you continue to eat only meat, in your stomach, your intestines will occur.

The reason why meat causes stomach damage is because meat has no fiber and too much fat at the same time

Cholesterol. If you continue to eat meat, the stomach wall will harden and thicken, because there is no fiber in the meat, so the amount of feces is also less. In order to eliminate this very small amount of stool, the intestines will have to perform more peristalsis than necessary. In other words, because too much peristalsis causes the muscles that make up the intestinal tract to become thicker and larger, and the intestines also become harder and shorter.

As the intestinal wall gets thicker, the internal space narrows. A hard and narrow intestine will help increase internal pressure, but if you continue to add animal fat, the body will absorb large amounts of protein, forming a thick layer of fat around the intestine, causing pressure on the intestinal wall to also increase. When the pressure inside the intestine increases, there will be a condition where the mucosa is pushed from the inside outward. This phenomenon creates indentations like sacs or so-called "diverticulum in the intestines".

When this condition appears, it is difficult for the intestinal tract to push feces out even a very small amount of stool. The result is a buildup of "fecal mass" that is stagnant in the colon for long periods of time. Often the clumped feces will adhere tightly to the walls of the colon. However, if there are diverticula in the colon, the clumped stool will accumulate in those diverticula and become more difficult to excrete. Long-term accumulation of feces in diverticula or in colonic folds produces toxins, creating polyps that can change the cellular structure in these parts. As the polyps grow, it leads to cancer. Deteriorating intestinal tract will lead to colon diseases such as colon cancer, colon polyps, diverticulitis ... In fact, people with bad guts often suffer from diseases related to life habits such as uterine fibroids, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, obesity, breast cancer, prostate cancer ...

Thus, a bad gut and stomach do not manifest themselves as mere external manifestations, but as a sign for diseases that are eating away at the body from the inside.

I first went to New York as a trainee doctor in 1963. At that time, in the United States, the colon was mainly examined by "radiography" (Barium enema), which is the injection of fluorescent material into the colon and X-ray examination. This method can check whether the polyps are large or not, but cannot check the patient's intestinal condition in detail. Further, to remove polyps it is necessary to carry out laparotomy of the patient. However, laparotomy surgery has a great impact on the health and well-being of patients. Not to mention, even with surgery and examination inside the abdomen, it is impossible to distinguish whether it is a benign tumor or will develop into cancer.

At that time, although there was a straight proctoscope, this was a straight metal tube, so no matter how hard the doctor tried, he could only see 20 cm inside from the anus. In 1967, I started thinking about using fiberglass esophageal scopes — imported from Japan by the United States to examine the esophagus — for colonoscopy, and that was my first "colonoscopy."

Later, when the specialized glasses for colon examination (185 cm) were produced, I bought them to examine patients. The first time I saw the American colon, I was amazed that it was so ugly. The American gut, which has a habit of eating meat, is harder and shorter than that of the Japanese. Moreover, in addition to the narrowing of the intestinal lumen, there are many protrusions such as twisted rubber rings. In the intestines there are many diverticulum, and clotted feces are also no less.

Many Americans have intestinal troubles. At the time, about 10 in 1 people had a tumor in their intestinal tract, and in fact, when I was a trainee doctor, polyps removal surgeries accounted for one-third of all surgical surgeries.

Almost every day I perform laparotomy just to remove a small tumor of about 1 to 2 cm, and I have been wondering for a long time "is there a way to remove the tumor without leaving the patient with a lot of damage". And at the same time, Japan began to apply "fiber optic endoscopes", endoscopes with fiber optic cables attached to CCTV cameras.

In June 6, I made a decisive request to a Japanese manufacturing company. This was because they produced instruments with metal wires attached to the endoscope, and without opening the abdomen, it was possible to cut the tumor with these wires. After many consultations with the New York office and through many failed attempts, in 1968 I was the first person in the world to successfully remove polyps by laparoscopic method without opening the abdomen. After improving the technique, I also included this method in surgery to remove polyps in the stomach, esophagus, small intestine ... After my case report on laparoscopic polyp removal surgery at the New York Surgical Conference in 1969 and at the American Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Conference in 1970, the department of laparoscopic surgery, a new field of surgery, was formed.

It's been 34 years since then. During this time, two-thirds of my time was in the U.S. and one-third of my time was in Japan. Therefore, I had the opportunity to observe the stomach and intestinal changes of the people of the two countries.

In the 1960s, Japan entered a period of high economic development, with the goal of catching up with and surpassing the United States, Japan studied the United States in all aspects. Since 1961, cow's milk has been included in school diets, dairy products such as cheese and yogurt are considered normal daily dishes. Previously, Japanese meals were mainly vegetables and fish, now there are high-protein, high-fat dishes that are mainly animal proteins such as hamburgers, steaks, fried chicken... Even to this day, this eating habit has barely changed. By contrast, after the "McGovern Report" of 1977, the United States pushed to improve meals for the entire population. The results of these changes are evident in the guts of the people of the two countries.

In the past, the Japanese gut was very beautiful, now due to changes in eating habits that worsen year by year, and now, the intestines of Japanese people are no different from the intestines of Americans who keep the habit of eating meat regularly. Meanwhile, in the US, there are many people who are aware of their own health, improved their high-protein diet, high-fat so their gut miraculously improved. As a result, since 1990, the rate of recurrence of colon tumors or cancers in the United States has dropped dramatically. This can be considered as proof that improving eating habits helps improve intestinal condition.

In terms of gut, Americans with the habit of eating a lot of meat should have a worse gut than the Japanese.

But in terms of stomachs, many Japanese are worse than Americans.

I have been doing stomach exams for both Americans and Japanese. Clinical results show that 20 times more Japanese people suffer from atrophic gastritis than Americans. In addition, many cases of atrophic gastritis also lead to stomach cancer, so the rate of stomach cancer in Japanese people is 10 times higher than Americans.

Currently, both Americans and Japanese are suffering from obesity problems, but few Japanese are as fat as Americans. In fact, Japanese people can't get that fat. Even sumo athletes, who are supposed to be fat, no one has a body like Konishiki. Japanese people can't get that fat because before they reach that limit, their stomachs are already very poor and they can't eat. In other words, Americans can be so fat because their digestive system is so good.

During the endoscopic examination of the patient, I suddenly realized one thing: there is a difference in the way the condition is perceived between Japanese and Americans. Japanese people when examined, although there are almost no diseases, many people still say that they have stomach pain, discomfort or heartburn ... Meanwhile, Americans have significant inflamed stomachs or stomach lining, but few complain of heartburn like the Japanese.

One of the reasons for this difference is the amount of vitamin A in the diet. Vitamin A has a protective effect on the mucosa, not only the gastric mucosa but also the mucous membranes of the eyes, esophagus ... And foods that contain a lot of vitamin A are "oils". Although Japanese diets have changed in European and American style, the intake of oil, dairy products such as butter, eggs ... still not as good as the Americans. The above foods, in general, are not good for body health, but they have a good effect on protecting the mucosa.

Another reason Americans have a good gut is "digestive enzyme intake." Digestive enzymes are enzymes that break down food, helping the body absorb nutrients. The process of digestion, good absorption of food or not depends on the number of these digestive enzymes.

Thanks to the combination of saliva, stomach, duodenum, spleen, small intestine along with digestive enzymes suitable for each stage, the digestion of food takes place smoothly. In this process, if the organs secrete enough digestive enzymes, then the digestion of food will be favorable, but if the amount of enzymes secreted is insufficient, the digestion of food will not be good and affect the organs.

Although the stomach lining of Japanese people is not too bad, most people are prone to diseases such as stomach pain or bloating, which may be caused by less digestive enzyme intake in Japanese than Americans. Moreover, whenever the Japanese feel an upset stomach, they immediately take stomach medicines, while Americans do not take them. Americans take digestive enzyme supplements. This is not commercially available but is only prescribed by a doctor upon request. In the US, this is a very popular dietary supplement that can be easily purchased in drug stores. Even if you use it every day, it will only cost you $20 a month.

In fact, the use of drugs that neutralize stomach acid will further make the stomach worse. Recently, there are many gastric drugs on the market that are coordinated with "H2 blocker" or "Proton pump inhibitor". Such drugs are highly effective in inhibiting the secretion of gastric acid. However, when taking these drugs to suppress gastric acid, the gastric mucosa appears mucosal atrophy. And when atrophy of the gastric mucosa develops, it leads to stomach cancer.

Therefore, for those who feel stomach pain or bloating, you should discuss carefully about your condition with your doctor and should ask your doctor for enzyme supplements.

You should not abuse stomach drugs (acid inhibitors) but should flexibly use enzyme supplements. Using these supplements can help the stomach.

In the human body, there are two places that require the protection of strong acids to function normally. It's a woman's stomach and vagina. In these two regions, the pH always ranges from 1.5~3. So why is there such a strong acid in these two positions. One of the main causes is to kill bacteria.

When bathing or sexual activity, bacteria will enter a woman's vagina. To kill these bacteria, the vagina secretes strong acids formed from lactic acid bacteria.

Bacteria can enter the stomach with food in numbers of up to 300-400 billion. To be able to kill all these huge numbers of bacteria, we need to rely on strong acids contained in gastric juice.

In short, in these two locations, acid needs to be secreted to kill bacteria that invade from the outside. If you inhibit the secretion of essential acids for the body with stomach medicines, what will happen? At that time, if the bacteria that are freely passing through the stomach are toxic, you will have diarrhea or many other diseases.

The harm of gastric drugs to our body is not only that. When gastric acid secretion is inhibited, it leads to a lack of gastric juice and hydrochloric acid, which is very important in promoting digestive enzymes, making the body's digestion of food worse. In addition, the absence of stomach acid also adversely affects the absorption of minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium. Patients who have had surgery for stomach ulcers or stomach cancer often have anemia, caused by gastric bypass so they cannot secrete stomach acid.

In addition, inhibiting the secretion of stomach acid also disrupts the balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract, reducing the body's resistance. In our gut there are about 300 types, corresponding to 100 trillion bacteria multiplying. These include "probiotic bacteria" such as Bifidobacteria and "harmful bacteria" such as clostridium bacteria. But the majority of our gut is intermediate bacteria, neither probiotics nor harmful bacteria. Intermediate bacteria have the property, if the probiotics increase more, they will turn into beneficial bacteria, if harmful bacteria develop, they will turn into harmful bacteria. Therefore, the balance of beneficial bacteria – harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract determines the good or bad digestion process.

When stomach acid is not adequately allocated, digestive enzymes cannot function resulting in food not being digested well and being transferred straight into the intestinal tract. Thus, foods that were originally well digested will be absorbed in the intestinal tract are now stagnant there. The temperature in the intestinal tract is almost 37 degrees, which is comparable to summer temperatures. Food that remains in such an environment will produce gas, which will naturally smell and ferment abnormally. This is a condition that increases harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract and reduces the body's resistance. In such conditions, bacteria that have not been killed in the stomach have the condition to grow even more. Therefore, it will be surprising if the person does not experience discomfort.

That's why I said, the more I take stomach medicine, the worse my stomach gets.

So, how to solve this problem? The answer is simple. Just don't let heartburn or bloating make you want to take medicine. If you know the cause of heartburn or bloating, you just need to pay a little attention to prevent it immediately.

Heartburn is a phenomenon that occurs when stomach acid is refluxed into the esophagus. The esophagus is an alkaline part and is very sensitive to acids. Normally, when stomach acid is refluxed, we will swallow saliva unconsciously. Saliva is alkaline and will wash away acid in the esophagus. However, when you eat too much or digest poorly, the amount of acid reflux is so much that saliva cannot neutralize it all, then the esophagus will ulcerate. If stomach acid continues to reflux, it will be like sweeping alcohol over the mouth of a wound. At that time, you will have "heartburn", pain and discomfort. When taking stomach medicine, you do not feel heartburn anymore because the drug has inhibited the process of stomach acid reflux.

In short, to avoid heartburn it is necessary to make the acid in the stomach not reflux. To do that, you should limit eating too much, smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee ... And it's also important to eat dinner about four or five hours before bedtime, and leave your stomach empty at bedtime.

In the gastric mucosa there is an undulating layer of "villi", which secretes gastric acid. The more acid-suppressing stomach medications you take, the worse the villi underperform and shrink. Then it will lead to spasm of the gastric mucosa. If this condition persists, the mucosa will be thin and easily inflamed, which can lead to gastric ligations. With gastric angitis, less stomach acid is secreted, and the stomach becomes a suitable place for bacteria such as Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) to grow. Worsening gastritis will turn into stomach cancer. 90% of stomach cancer patients in Japan are thought to be infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Helicobacter pylori bacteria can migrate inside mucus or cells lining the stomach, so there are patients with this infection even when the stomach secretes acid. Moreover, this bacterium is transmitted orally, so the older the age, the greater the rate of infection. The prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection in Japanese people over 50 years old is 60-70%. Although being infected with Helicobacter pylori bacteria does not necessarily directly turn into cancer, to prevent this bacteria from multiplying, you should limit the use of stomach medicines containing stomach acid inhibitors.

The Japanese usually take the drug freely. However, keep in mind that basically, all drugs are "poison" to the body. There are many people who hate Western medicine and believe that using Oriental medicine does not leave harmful side effects to health. But that's not the case either. Whether it is Oriental medicine or Western medicine, any medicine is "poison" to the human body.

When I was 19 I caught the flu, which was the last time I got sick. As a result, I hardly had to take any medication. People like me, for decades, have not taken drugs, not alcohol, tobacco, nor eaten foods with pesticides or additives, just a little "poison" makes the body sensitive. For example, just drink miso soup with added chemical spices, pulse faster than 20 beats, face flushed congestion. If you drink a cup of coffee, your blood pressure will increase by 10-20. People who react to only small amounts of medication like me are called "drug hypersensitivity." However, I think this phrase is not true. The human body is what it is. Currently, many people use daily foods and drinks such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee ... Foods that use pesticides or chemical spices, make our bodies accustomed to stimuli, and at the same time begin to resist. Of course, as a doctor, I still prescribe medications to my patients in case of need. When prescribing medications, it is my responsibility to choose those that have the least effect on the patient's body. So I used my own drug-sensitive body to test drugs. Before prescribing a new drug, I usually take about a quarter or one-eighth of my prescription dose to verify on my own body how the drug itself will react to my body.

Of course, in the USA in the instructions for use there is a very detailed indication of the side effects of the drug. However, if I don't try it myself, I don't understand what part it will actually affect. In fact, there are many side effects that are not indicated in the instructions for use. Thus, I can explain to patients with my own experience along with the effects stated on the instructions, patients will trust and take the drug.

However, I don't test the drug myself anymore. The reason is that I once almost died while testing drugs. The drug was called "Viagra". At that time, I also divided the pill into four parts to take as always. However, Viagra is very hard and I can't break it down into small parts. I finally just licked some of the powder that stuck to my fingertips. I think I was taking less than one-seventh of the pill at the time. Although only such a small amount, the pain afterwards was very intense. Now that I think about it, I feel lucky that I didn't take a quarter of that pill like I always did.

All changes after taking the pill occur in about 10 minutes. The first is the reaction of the body. I had a stuffy nose, then my face felt swollen. After that, the suffocation became more and more severe. I even thought if I continued like this, would I die. At that time I was very sore and uncomfortable and began to feel afraid. I was so scared that I prayed in my heart, "Please don't make me die."

From there, I understood one thing: the faster the effect of the drug, the stronger the toxicity of the drug. So when choosing a drug, do not forget one thing: the stronger the drug, the faster the effect, the more harmful it is to the body.

Even stomach medicines, there are no less drugs with side effects. For example, if men regularly use stomach ulcer medications or "H2 blocker" gastric drugs, they are more likely to develop impotence (ED). There are even data that prove that even if you do not have impotence, the sperm count also drops sharply. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration when I say that it is the side effects of gastric acid inhibitors that cause infertility in men, which has become a matter of concern in recent years. Perhaps, among those who are accustomed to going to the hospital and being prescribed a pile of medicines to take, there are those who do not even know what medicine they are taking, how effective it is, whether there are side effects or not... However, whatever the drug, it will harm the body in some way. So you need to find out carefully whether those drugs pose any danger or not.

The reason I pay attention to the stomach and intestines is that they not only reflect the good or bad condition of the organ but also accurately represent the health status of the whole body. Currently, just need a gastroscopy, check the patient's stomach, I can read the health status and living habits of that person. Sometimes I can even read their lifespan.

People with health problems always show signs in the stomach and intestinal tract, for example, breast cancer patients have a very bad intestinal tract with lots of diverticulum and bulk stools. Normally, breast and intestinal cancers are thought to be unrelated, but they are actually very closely related. We are often very afraid of cancers and always try to understand the cause of the disease. However, the cause of cancer is not one. As with other diseases, the development of the disease is the result of diet, water, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, exercise, stress, living environment... All the complex factors revolve around ourselves. In recent years, medicine has developed in the direction of specialization, so it tends to cure only in places where the disease develops. Therefore, heartburn is caused by "too much stomach acid" so take stomach acid-suppressing medication. Of course, if you take drugs that inhibit the secretion of gastric acid, it will solve the problem of heartburn. But as I said above, these drugs harm other parts of the body.

It should be assumed that "too much stomach acid" has caused heartburn is wrong. In fact, there is no phenomenon of the stomach secreting too much acid. The secretion of stomach acid is due to the body's need to maintain the state of health. If you do not pay attention to this mechanism, take drugs indiscriminately, there will be times when you will take your own life. The human body is built on a balance of highly sophisticated mechanisms. This balance is perfected little by little organisms, starting with single-celled organisms little by little over the years. Each mechanism is just one activity in one of the 60 trillion cells that make up the human body. Therefore, if we are to think about human health in the true sense, we need to look at it from a cellular perspective and consider what is needed to maintain health.

When viewed from a cellular perspective, we will see that the body is always changing cells. Depending on the part, the time varies, at least a few days, many years to replace all the old cells with new ones. This process of creating new cells relies on the food and water we consume every day. Thus, we can say that the quality of food and water determines human health. And the digestive system is the organ that absorbs this food and water. If the quality of eating is poor, the digestive system will be the first to hurt and the most severely damaged. Next, harmful components absorbed by the digestive system will follow the blood vessels, transporting to cells in the body. For cells, no matter how poor the composition of the material, it will be used to create new cells. Thus, the quality of the meal is reflected in the entire body.

After noticing that the stomach and intestines reflect the condition of the human body, I asked the patients to list their eating and living habits. These habits affect the body for good or bad not based on conventional knowledge, but must be based on clinical results to confirm. The changes in the human body are completely different from the reactions that occur in vitro in the laboratory, so to know the truth, there is only one way to directly listen to one's own body.

In the process of gathering the results of the survey and clinical data, I dimly realized the important point. That's the "enzyme."

Enzyme, scientifically speaking, is "the common name for catalytic proteins produced in organism cells." Simply put, enzymes are substances that allow all activities to take place to maintain the vital activity of the organism. Whether it is an animal or a plant, as long as there is a certain place of life, enzymes will exist. For example, a tree seed can germinate because of an enzyme. In the process of sprouting leaves, developing into large branches also involves enzymes. In the same way, human life activities are maintained by many different enzymes. Not to mention the process of absorption, digestion, even metabolism, creating new cells or eliminating toxins in the body also involves enzymes. Therefore, the amount and activity of enzymes greatly affect our health status. The enzymes that are active in the body come in more than 5,000 strains, but not all are synthesized inside the human body. There are two types of enzymes, one is synthesized in the human body itself, the other is absorbed from the outside through food. It is also thought that of the enzymes produced from inside the body, about 3,000 are produced by intestinal bacteria.

The common feature of people with good stomachs and intestines is that they eat a lot of fresh food that contains many enzymes. This is not simply about absorbing enzymes from outside the body, but it also helps create a favorable environment for gut bacteria, the bacteria that produce enzymes, to function properly.

On the contrary, what people with bad stomachs and intestines have in common is that they always have the habit of using up all enzymes. Frequent use of alcohol, tobacco, disordered eating, eating foods containing many additives, stressful living environment, using drugs ... These are habits that consume large amounts of enzymes. In addition, they also have to spend enzymes to detoxify toxins in the stomach due to poor diet or to neutralize free radicals (oxidative free radicals are one of them) when the body is highly exposed to ultraviolet rays, X-rays and electromagnetic waves.

From the above results, we can see that to maintain good health, we need to follow a diet to increase the amount of enzymes in the body, and at the same time improve bad habits that consume these enzymes. This is also the basic principle of the "Shinya eating method" that I propose.

Currently, enzymes are considered the key to health, research on enzymes is increasingly conducted. However, until now, we still have a lot of things that we do not fully understand about enzymes. Among those studies is Dr. Edward Howell, America's leading enzyme researcher, who hypothesized that organisms can only produce a certain amount of enzymes over their lifetime. He also called the enzyme in the body, which has a certain amount of it, "potency enzymes." And when the organism exhausts these potential enzymes, it is also the time when the organism ends its life.

Whether this hypothesis is really true or not, we still have to wait for the results of future research. However, one thing is certain: the amount of enzymes in the body is the key to the "destiny" of the organism. If in the body there are many enzymes synonymous with vital energy, the body's immunity is high. In other words, if we refrain from consuming enzymes, always maintaining a stable number of enzymes also means that we maintain a good state of health for ourselves.

Only the organism is able to produce enzymes. Although we can create dishes that contain many enzymes like sourdough, in fact what produces enzymes in them are microorganisms such as bacteria. In short, although we can create environments that make it easier for microorganisms to produce enzymes, we cannot artificially create enzymes themselves. This is also the reason why the Shinya method of eating places great importance on "eating". Because as I mentioned above, the intake of foods containing many enzymes will help strengthen the intestinal environment, supporting microorganisms in the intestine to produce enzymes. If indeed the amount of enzymes produced in the organism is limited as Dr. Edward Howell said, then for us humans, living in a modern society with countless stresses and environmental pollution that deplete enzymes, it is even more important to absorb and use enzymes produced by other organisms.

Although only collectively called enzymes, there are actually more than 5,000 enzymes necessary for human life. There are many types of such enzymes because each enzyme performs only one function.

For example, the same digestive enzyme, but the amylase enzyme present in saliva reacts only with starch and the pepsin enzyme in gastric juice reacts only with protein.

At this point, I suddenly found a problem: no matter how much food we add or add enzymes to the gut bacteria, will the body absorb all the enzymes it needs?

In fact, no matter how much enzyme-rich food we eat, those enzymes are not absorbed in their original form, nor participate in life activities in the human body. For example, enzymes present in beets and sweet potatoes, although there are also enzymes absorbed into the body, participate in the functioning of the digestive organs of the mouth and stomach, but it is only a small part of the enzyme that is absorbed. Most enzymes in feed are broken down during digestion, converted into peptide or amino acids and absorbed by the intestines. If so, you may think that if you can't absorb enzymes, what else does it mean? But the reality is not so simple. The clinical data I have collected clearly shows that people who eat enzyme-rich foods contain a lot of enzymes.

So what happened in their bodies? Here I would like to present my hypothesis. From the clinical data, I think that relying on eating enzyme-rich foods will help the body synthesize "prototype enzymes". In this book I call it the "miracle enzyme."

I hypothesized that there was a "prototype enzyme" for enzymes because I realized that when enzymes are consumed in large amounts in a certain part, other parts will lack the necessary enzymes. We can consider an easy example: when drinking a lot of alcohol, the liver spends a large amount of enzymes to break down alcohol (detoxification), at this time, in the stomach and intestinal tract there is a lack of enzymes necessary for digestion. From there, I assumed that enzymes have thousands of different types, but not each type is made in certain quantities, but the body will first synthesize the prototype enzyme, which will then be transformed into enzymes to suit the needs and be used in parts of the body. Enzymes are involved in all human life activity. We can use our minds to think, move our fingers, breathe, beat our hearts... All thanks to enzymes. If from the very beginning all enzymes are created in a specialized way, then on the contrary will constitute very bad consequences. Our human body works in a very rational way and absolutely does not waste like that. Therefore, if my hypothesis is correct, how many enzymes to spend on a part also means that there is a lack of many enzymes to maintain homeostasis in the body, or enzymes to ensure the normal functioning of cells, nervous system, endocrine system, immune system...

Another reason why I believe in the existence of miraculous enzymes is that people regularly use alcohol, tobacco, medicine, etc. The body will produce "resistance" to these substances.

For example, when you drink alcohol, alcohol absorbed by the stomach and intestines is concentrated in the liver, then broken down by alcohol-breaking enzymes. At this point, the liver will use several enzymes at the same time. Depending on each person, the rate of alcohol resolution varies. A person with a fast rate of alcohol breakdown is someone who has many enzymes that specialize in breaking down alcohol in the liver. These people are called "good drinkers." In contrast, a "poor drinker" is someone who has fewer alcohol-breaking enzymes.

However, even poor drinkers, if practicing for a long time, can drink quite a lot of alcohol. This is because the body is used to the situation where the degrading enzymes in the liver are used with great frequency, and at the same time change to be able to use more degrading enzymes in the liver. This phenomenon is because enzymes have changed in large amounts to match the body's needs.

This phenomenon occurs because the body has used the "miracle enzyme", which can be converted into any other enzyme in the body.

If this is the case, then the human body has the ability to store more "miracle enzymes" by eating foods containing many enzymes, and these miracle enzymes will be used according to the body's needs.

The existence of the "miracle enzyme" is still hypothetical, but the clinical data I gathered from observing the digestive systems of 300,000 people mentioned is excellent proof of this hypothesis.

I mentioned above that any drug is a "poison" that harms the human body. The biggest reason for my assertion is that they cause the body to expend large amounts of miraculous enzymes. Among the countless drugs, the most dangerous with the miracle enzyme is the "anti-cancer drug."

According to modern medical theory, after a cancer patient undergoes surgery, even if there is no cancer anymore, the patient still has to take anti-cancer drugs for a long time to prevent it. For me personally, these drugs are no different from killer poisons, it is best not to take them. For example, even in cases where cancer is found in the lymph glands outside the colon, I do not prescribe anticancer drugs to patients. My method of therapy is to remove the part that has metastasized to the cancer, after removing all the visible cancerous parts of the patient's body, further removing the elements that are believed to cause the cancer. First of all, it is necessary to stop smoking and drinking alcohol, then, in four or five years, to stop using meat, cow's milk, dairy products. Along with implementing the Shinya diet, which only eats small amounts of animal meat, I also provide emotional support to patients so that they feel happy. That's my treatment, raising my body's resistance to cancer. The key to functioning the immune system, vital energy, as well as cell regeneration activities are enzymes. Therefore, whether or not the body's immune system is working properly is related to how many miracle enzymes there are in the body.

Why do I say anticancer drugs are "deadly poisons." This is because when entering the body, these substances will produce large amounts of "oxidative free radicals". Anticancer drugs rely on producing large amounts of these highly toxic oxidative free radicals to kill cancer cells. However, these oxidative free radicals not only kill cancer cells, but they also kill normal cells.

Perhaps the original idea of doctors when using anticancer drugs was to "take toxic poison". Because anti-cancer drugs can also turn into carcinogenic drugs. However, the mechanism of the human body is to maintain homeostasis at any time. Therefore, when there are large amounts of highly toxic oxidative free radicals in the body, the miraculous enzymes will convert into enzymes that break down these free radicals. The body will go all out to neutralize the oxidative free radicals that cause the greatest damage to the body.

In fact, there are also people who recover with anti-cancer therapy. However, most of these people are usually young and maintain a large number of miracle enzymes in their bodies. Over time, the amount of miracle enzymes in the body is reduced. Although everyone's condition is different, the success rate of anti-cancer drugs in young people is higher because for young people, despite consuming a large amount of miracle enzymes because of anti-cancer drugs, there are still miraculous enzymes in the body needed to recover from damage.

Common side effects when using anti-cancer drugs are loss of appetite, nausea, hair loss ... All of these symptoms are thought to occur when there is a lack of enzymes in the body, as a result of using all or large amounts of miracle enzymes for detoxification. The amount of miraculous enzymes used for detoxification of anti-cancer drugs is so great. With a lack of digestive enzymes, people lose their appetite. At the same time, the lack of enzyme metabolism leads to stalled cellular metabolism, which peels off the gastric mucosa, intestinal tract and causes a feeling of nausea. Signs such as wrinkled skin, peeling, broken toenails, nails, hair loss ... It is also due to the lack of enzyme metabolism. Depending on each person's body, the condition will be different, but basically when taking this drug, the human body will encounter such problems.

Drugs do not cure the root of the disease. It would be better if we only thought of drugs as a means to help stop symptoms that need to be stopped immediately such as severe pain, hemorrhage, etc. I have also prescribed stomach antacids such as H2 blockers for patients who complain of pain and hemorrhage during stomach ulcers. However, I only prescribe two or three weeks at the most. Then, during the period when the patient takes medications to gradually relieve the pain, I will eliminate the causes of peptic ulcer. There are many causes of stomach ulcers such as quantity, quality, time for meals, stress ... Without eliminating these causes, no matter how much medication you take, it will not be effective. Even if the ulcer has healed with medication, it will inevitably come back later.

To be able to cure the root disease, we need to work hard every day. Therefore, it is important that after eliminating the causes of peptic ulcer, it is necessary to lead a lifestyle of living, eating moderately, disciplined so that the disease does not recur a second time.

Miracle enzymes are not something that is created infinitely. When you follow a moderate diet, healthy living habits, without wasting enzymes, they will become an important source of energy to sustain your life. Limiting the use of miraculous enzymes is the secret to curing disease and living a long, healthy life.

The first people to show me that commercially available cow's milk is bad for health were my cousins. That was 35 years ago. Those two babies were born and raised in the United States, and they developed atopic dermatitis just six or seven days after birth. The children's mother, despite following the instructions of the pediatricians, did not improve at all. At the age of three or four, they have severe diarrhea, and even then blood appears. The mother panicked and came to ask me to check it out. When I had a colonoscopy, I discovered they had early-stage ulcerative colitis. Many cases of ulcerative colitis are caused by eating, so I investigated what children like to eat and often eat. I later learned that, by the time these two babies had skin allergies, their mothers had followed the doctor's instructions, stopped breastfeeding and switched to external milk.

Immediately, I asked to cut off all cow's milk and dairy products in the children's diets.

And after that, the disease goes out bloody, diarrhea, including their allergies are noticeably improved.

From that experience, later in the survey of the patient's eating situation, I added an item as to how much milk and dairy products to eat. From the clinical data I found that the intake of milk and dairy products increases the likelihood of allergies. This result also coincides with the results of recent research on allergies. This study indicates that if the mother drinks cow's milk, dairy products during pregnancy, the baby is born more susceptible to allergic diseases.

In Japan, in the last 30 years, the number of people suffering from allergies, pollen allergies increased rapidly. Currently, that number is so large that one in five people has allergies. There are many theories about what causes many people to suffer from allergies, but I think the first reason is that since the 1960s, cow's milk began to be included in school diets.

Milk contains a lot of lipid peroxide that increases harmful bacteria, adversely affects the intestinal environment and disrupts the balance of bacteria in the intestinal tract. The result is toxins such as oxidized free radicals, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia ... are born in the intestinal tract. What stages these toxins will go through or what diseases they will cause is still a matter of study. However, there have been many research documents showing that cow's milk is not only the cause of allergies but also the cause of other dangerous diseases such as white blood disease, diabetes ... These studies you can easily find on the Internet.

The biggest confusion people have about cow's milk is that cow's milk helps prevent osteoporosis. People often assume that over time, the amount of calcium in the body will decrease, so drink cow's milk to prevent osteoporosis. However, this is a disastrous mistake. It is because of drinking too much cow's milk that leads to osteoporosis. The calcium in cow's milk is thought to absorb better than the calcium in small fish or other foods, but the truth is slightly different.

Calcium levels in human blood are stable in the range of 9 – l0mg (l00cc). When drinking cow's milk, calcium levels in the blood rise rapidly. So if you just look at it, people will assume that the body absorbs a lot of calcium, However, it is this so-called "increase in blood calcium levels" that causes tragedy for us. In fact, when calcium levels in the blood increase, the body will adjust so that calcium levels return to the original equilibrium value, the excess calcium will be excreted by the kidneys in the urine.

In other words, it is funny that the calcium in cow's milk, which we drink to absorb more calcium, reduces the amount of calcium in the body. The four countries with large dairy industries in the world are the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland. In these countries, people drink milk every day. The high rate of fractures and osteoporosis in these countries is so.

Meanwhile, the calcium in small fish or seaweed that Japanese people used to eat before is not absorbed so much as to increase calcium levels in the blood. In the period when they have not formed the habit of drinking milk, the Japanese hardly suffer from osteoporosis. Even now, I haven't heard that people who don't drink milk or hate milk get it. Small shrimp, small fish, after being digested in the intestines, will leave calcium and minerals necessary for the body to absorb. So this is good food for the body.

Recently, people began to praise yogurts such as: "Caspian sea yogurt", "aloe vera yogurt" ... is a very healthy food. However, I think that the notion that eating yogurt daily is good for the gut is completely "lying".

When I ask people who eat yogurt, they often say: "my stomach and gut are better than before", "I am free of constipation", "my stomach is more comfortable". . . . And many people believe that yogurt has such an effect thanks to "lactic bacteria". However, it is this "thanks to lactic bacteria" that is most suspicious. In the intestinal tract of the person there are already lactic bacteria. I call these "bacteria that reside in the gut." The human body has a security system that resists all bacteria or viruses from outside entering the body. So even if it is lactic bacteria that are beneficial to health, if not a resident bacteria in the intestinal tract, it is also destroyed by the security system in the body.

The first layer of security is "stomach acid." The lactic bacteria present in yogurt, as soon as it reaches the stomach, is mostly killed with stomach acid. So, recently, yogurt products on the market began to appear specially treated so that "lactic bacteria" can go to the intestinal tract. However, even if these lactic bacteria reach the intestinal tract, they are capable of supporting the resident bacteria in the body, improving intestinal balance or not. Of course, in culture, scientists have proven that lactic bacteria can survive going to the intestinal tract. However, in reality, the environment in the stomach and intestinal tract is different from that in the laboratory. I suspect these "mythical yogurts" are due to the fact that in clinical studies, people who regularly eat yogurt do not necessarily have a good gut. Therefore, I think that even if the lactic bacteria in yogurt can survive to reach the intestinal tract, it cannot work to help balance the intestinal tract.

So why do so many people feel yogurt is so effective? One of the causes may be a deficiency of the enzyme that breaks down lactose in the body. Lactose is the sugar component found in dairy products, and the enzyme that breaks down lactose is lactase. Over time, with age, the amount of lactase in the body will gradually decrease. However, this is very normal. Because "milk" is a drink for the baby, not a drink adults should drink. In other words, lactase is not inherently an enzyme necessary for the adult human body. Meanwhile, yogurt contains a lot of lactose, so when eating yogurt, due to the lack of degrading enzymes, lactose is not digested, leading to poor digestion. In a word, when eating yogurt, many people will develop mild diarrhea. And of course, people will mistake the long-clumped feces in the intestinal tract excreted by mild diarrhea for "constipation cured by the use of lactose."

Regularly eating yogurt will cause the intestinal tract to deteriorate. I can confidently make such conclusions based on the clinical results of 300,000 cases. If you regularly eat yogurt, surely your stools and stools (farting) will be very smelly. If you have these signs, consider them a sign that the gut environment is deteriorating. The bad smell is caused by toxins that are produced inside the intestinal tract.

Thus, among the products that people often praise as healthy or companies advertise as great products, there are actually many things that are harmful to the human body.

As I mentioned in the beginning, we must protect our own health, not merely blindly trust the information others give, but we need to seek and check the truth with our own bodies. Checking with your own body is not simply about trying, trying... Because there are many cases of people being confused like the yogurt example above, confusing yogurt "is beneficial for treating constipation".

Checking with your own body is to make efforts to evaluate the results objectively such as choosing methods carefully, taking seriously and checking the stomach periodically with reputable doctors... If you follow the Shinya eating method I introduce in this book, you must definitely go for a colonoscopy before and after the procedure, not necessarily come to my place for an examination. I am sure you will feel the pronounced change of the intestinal tract and stomach.

To be able to live a long and healthy life, you need to listen to the opinions of your own body, not be influenced by outside opinions.

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