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Meat, fiber, and pet rabbit farming may be successful. This book discusses rabbit breeds, care, and trivia.

Rabbit breed: pet, fiber, or meat?
Patterns and hair textures vary in blue, chocolate, lilac, and black rabbits. Divide them into three categories for easier choosing.

Top Pet Breeds
Bunnies make good pets. Lionheads, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch rabbits, Holland Lops, Mini Lops, Satins, Mini Rex, Rex Rabbits, Harlequins, and Himalayans make great family bunnies Cute and simple to care for, they teach kids responsibility and are great for 4H shows. Shelter rabbits need care after abandonment.

Fiber Rabbit Breeds for Homesteaders
Jersey Woolies and French, English, and Chinese Angora are popular. Homesteaders benefit from rabbit meat and fiber.

Ideal meat breeds
Large breeds include Californians, New Zealands, Flemish Giants, Cinnamons, English Lops, Chinchillas, and French Lops provide protein for families.

Basic Rabbit Care
Some rabbit requirements are breed-independent. Cages, water bottles, bowls, hay, and food are needed. Wood chews or small toys work too. Resting boards reduce hock pain.

Rabbit comfort in every weather

In cold weather, rabbits require more hay, food, and water. A fan may cool frozen water bottles or ceramic tiles in warmer weather.

A few Rabbit words:

Male rabbit: Buck
Doe: Adult female rabbit
Young rabbit: Kitten
Home for rabbits
Numerous wild rabbits
Warren: Local rabbits Binky: Rabbit leaps joyously

Rabbit Lifespan

Wild rabbits live 1-2 years, pets 8–12.

Night rabbits?

Dawn-to-dusk rabbits. People sleep day and night, often awake.

Rabbit Special Diets

After midnight, rabbits eat soft droppings. This is unusual but typical digestion.

Rabbit Medical Care
Secure branches and twigs for rabbits to chew while teeth and claws grow. Trim nails every six weeks for rabbits with limited space.

Ready to Breed Rabbits?
Pet, composter, meat, and fiber production rabbits. Fun and low-upkeep. Which rabbit breed do you prefer? Share your stories!


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