Unveiling the Truth Behind Two Homesteading Old Wives' Tales

Delve into the homesteading wisdom passed down through generations as we explore two old wives' tales shared by a seasoned homesteader. Unravel the origins of these tales and discover whether there's truth hidden in the folklore that could potentially change the way you approach homesteading.

Old Wives’ Tale #1: That Time of the Month Can Spoil Your Produce

Historical Perspective: Discover the origins of the belief that a woman's monthly cycle can spoil produce. Uncover the theory that women may have perpetuated this tale as a subtle rebellion against historical gender roles, gaining a week's break every month.

Sanitation Insights: Explore the connection between sanitation practices in ancient times and the potential spread of bacteria. Understand how hygiene products and improved sanitation may have debunked this tale over time, offering a fresh perspective on the impact of a woman's cycle on food preservation.

Modern Considerations: Challenge the old wives' tale by examining the practices of women working in food preservation factories today. Highlight the evolution of beliefs and the realization that monthly cycles no longer dictate breaks for women on the homestead.

Old Wives’ Tale #2: What Thunder in Winter Means

Weather Wisdom: Uncover the intriguing tale about thunder in winter predicting snow within seven days. Explore the scientific explanation behind this folklore, linking thunder to the collision of cold and warm fronts, creating ideal conditions for snowfall.

Scientific Insights: Learn about the correlation between thunder and heavier snowfall during thundersnow events. Acknowledge the observational skills of our ancestors in predicting weather patterns without the aid of modern scientific tools.

Appreciating Ancestral Intelligence: Reflect on the wealth of information passed down through old wives' tales and the intelligence of our ancestors in understanding natural phenomena. Appreciate the cultural significance of these stories and their enduring impact on homesteading practices.


As we unravel these old wives' tales, we gain a deeper appreciation for the historical context, scientific explanations, and cultural significance behind them. Challenge traditional beliefs and embrace a more informed approach to homesteading, enriched by the wisdom of previous generations.

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