Take a short review on below video. 

This easy technique will have you growing your own corn right from the corn cob without any additional work or drying kernels, or digging and sprouting the seeds. Natural does the work for you.

1. Fina a location you want it's growing;

2. Dig a layer about 2-3 inches;

3. Then put cooked corn into that layer;

4. Water it enough;

5. Take care and wait patiently until it growed strongly and harvest it.


Or you can refer different sources as below to know how to grow corn successfully. 

1. From GH: How to Grow Corn in Your Own Backyard

2. From The Old Farmer's Almanac

3. From the Spruce - Sweet Corn Profile

4. From University of Georgia - Growing Home Garden Sweet Corn

5. From Jungseeds - Growing Sweet Corn – Types and Isolation Guidelines


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