Growing and Enjoying Nutritious Dragon Beans

Dragon beans are not only rich in nutrients but also delicious to eat. If you are looking for an agricultural product to grow at home, try growing dragon beans, ensuring that the fruit is large enough to eat as much as you like.

  • Materials for growing dragon beans at home
    • Soil
    • Small pots
    • Fertilizer
    • Seeds
    • Towel

    About soil: Choose nutrient-rich loamy soil or you can choose light sandy soil, mixed sandy soil, the soil must have good ventilation and drainage.

  • How to grow dragon beans at home

  • Step 1: Sowing seeds

    How to grow dragon beans at home with large fruits

    Before sowing seeds, you need to put the soil in small pots with a diameter of about 20-25 cm.

    In order for the seeds to germinate, you need to soak the seeds in warm water. Then incubate the seeds in a damp towel for about 12 hours. Enough time to check if the seeds are cracked, then they can be sown.

    Sow about 5-6 seeds in a pot, note that you should bury the seeds about 1cm deep, then cover with soil and water in the pot. It takes about 6-7 days for the seeds to germinate.

    Step 2: Remove stunted plants

    How to grow dragon beans at home with large fruits

    About 7-10 days later, the seeds have germinated into seedlings with a height of about 5-10 cm. It is necessary to remove stunted trees and keep about 1-2 trees for planting, this will help the retained trees have enough nutrients to grow well.

    Step 3: Build the dragon bean rig

    How to grow dragon beans at home with large fruits

    When the tree is about 20 - 25 cm high, you can now set up a trellis to move the tree to the garden so that the dragon beans can climb on the truss or you can let the dragon beans climb the wall of the house. Before planting the tree in the ground, you should fertilize a little rotten manure (If any)

    When the plant has been planted in the ground, remember to water it so that the plant quickly takes root in the soil. After a few days, the tree will appear to cling to the trellis.

  • How to take care of the dragon bean plant

  • After you have just extracted the plant, you should water it twice a day in the morning and afternoon. About a week later, the dragon bean plant has attached about half of the truss, it needs more fertilizer for the tree. You can use composted manure or vermicompost mixed with water to irrigate from leaves to roots for plants.

    The most appropriate time to fertilize is every 15 days, until the tree bears fruit, then stops. About 50 days, the dragon bean tree has climbed very high on the truss. To create favorable conditions for the tree to bear fruit, it is advisable to prune the branches if the tree has too many dense leaves.

    Results: Only about a week after the fruit appears, you can harvest dragon beans, when harvested, the average size of dragon beans is about 15-20 cm..

    How to grow dragon beans at home with large fruits

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