The Symbolism of the Morning Glory


  • The morning glory flower blooms and dies within a single day.
  • The flowers blossom in the morning and die by afternoon or nightfall, making it representative of the sometimes fleeting nature of affection.


  • The hardy vine grows rapidly and often is used as a colorful natural cover for walls, fences and borders.
  • Morning glory flowers average 4 to 5 inches in length and about 4 inches in diameter although some species can reach 8 inches across, according to The Plant Expert.

Victorian Tradition

  • When the language of flowers began in the Victorian era of the 1800s, morning glories signified love and affection, according to Victorian Bazaar.
  • A traditional Chinese tale attached the morning glory to young lovers Chien Niu and Chih Neu, according to the Living Arts Originals website.

Contemporary Significance

Morning glory flowers represent the month of September and are used for 11th wedding anniversaries.

Referrence source: from GardenGuildes

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