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In 1977, I was very interested in a report concerning food and health published in the United States.

As the report summarizes, the U.S. was experiencing rising health care costs at the time that it burdened the nation's finances. Although medicine is constantly developing, the number of patients with cancer or cardiovascular disease increases every year. Accordingly, the cost of medical examination and treatment that the state has to pay has also increased and increased to a level that threatens the national finances. If people do not understand the causes of these diseases and do not have a solution to the root cause, America will be in crisis because of the disease. Recognizing that risk, the U.S. Senate created the "Senate special committee on national nutrition," and McGovern chaired the committee.

The members of this committee brought together data related to eating and health from various parts of the world, researching and investigating the "causes of increased disease" with the help of leading experts in medicine and nutrition at the time. The results were summarized in the 5,000-page "McGovern report."

After this report was released, the American people were forced to face a choice. The reason is that the report concluded that the cause of many diseases lies in the "wrong eating habits" so far. The report also asserts that without improving current eating habits, there is no way for Americans to be healthier.

At that time, American staples were usually high-protein and high-fat dishes like steak. Protein is the basic substance to make up organs in the body, so it can be said that this is an extremely necessary nutrition for humans. Therefore, eating protein-rich meats is said to be beneficial for athletes, young people in adulthood, people with debilitated bodies or the elderly. The Japanese concept of "meat is the source of vitality" was influenced by the American concept of nutrition at that time.

However, the "McGovern report" completely rejected the notions of eating at the time. The report also defines the ideal diet as the Japanese diet before the Genroku period (1688-1704). This diet has the main dish of cereals but not completely milled, the side dishes are vegetables, seasonal seaweeds, and small fish that provide protein.

This is also the reason why in recent years the Japanese diet is considered by the world to be a healthy diet.

Of course, promotions such as not eating meat, not developing muscles are lies. You just look at the natural world. The lion, which represents the predator, will surely be found to have extremely toned muscles. But in fact, the muscles of herbivores like horses outgrow those of lions. The obvious proof is that tigers or lions, when chasing prey, do not chase for a long time. Their strength is to win by promoting momentary strength and speed. Because they know that in terms of endurance, it is impossible to match herbivores that have very developed muscles.

Without eating meat, you can't grow up, this statement is also a lie. Elephants or giraffes are several times bigger than tigers and lions, but they are all herbivores.

Moreover, it is a fact that when eating a lot of animal meat containing a lot of protein, the maturation rate of humans is accelerated. Perhaps, the rapid growth of children in recent years is due to the increased amount of protein absorbed into the body. However, children growing up fast also means they are in danger. It is the "process of maturation" when reaching a certain age will move into a state of "aging". In short, a diet that takes animal meat as a food will mainly accelerate the rate of maturation, or in other words, the diet accelerates the aging process.

For those who like to eat meat, remember that eating a lot of meat will sabotage your health and accelerate the aging process.

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