Finding Balance: Relaxing to Love Yourself

"Relax from loving yourself" – these four words pop out unconsciously when so much has happened, when pressure is on your breath, you are living for others or yourself. Run fast to the finish line... It's a way to get what we want.

"Relax to love yourself" - the basic relaxed life that I worry about living in a hurry, loving myself and not being able to love people. Slow down a bit to give yourself a cuddle and then start over with a passion for the new vibrations around you.



Truly "relax yourself" minutes after a long day, where you can lean back, listen, connect deeply, and trust yourself more.

And from now on, sleep will be sound, deep, and healthy, because instead of searching for answers to a thousand Whys of life out there, you suddenly realize that there is a "Star" looming inside you. Relax and love yourself a little, Why will it be clear.


1: Relax a little bit...

The world may not have the patience to understand you, but aren't you going to give up to understand yourself?


In the middle of the dark night, the rough sea, the more exhausted I tried to fight.

In the middle of the cramped closed room, the more you try to be chaotic, screaming to get out, the easier it is to fade away as quickly as possible.

In the middle of a shallow quagmire and trying to run in, it was like a dead end, but still liked to go in.

If only in the midst of confusion, or "worry, old regret", I would just lie there - I mean to be present in this moment.


In times of despair, if you can't dream big, think big.

Or I go looking for "grains of sand" fun to build my own relaxed kingdom

4: Opening with Hurt


When holding someone who has had a lot of hurt in their arms,

It would be like hugging a tree full of thorns.

The person who suffers the most is the one who hugs, not the one who gets hugged.

So make sure that the wound in you has healed, your heart is ready to open... then open up to the world out there.

 5: Looking Up at the Blue Sky

When you look down at the roadbed, you may see a few steps ahead of you, but if you lift your face a little, you may see a loved one, a road, a sky ahead and years without answers.

My parents gave birth to me, had a blossoming face, let the sky be seen, and didn't once "lift up my face so that the blue sky could look at me, brother

 Is anyone here?

These days, it seems that everyone's mind is disturbed, the smile is half-closed, the speech is not complete...

There seems to be an "okay but not okay" thing hanging in my heart... Hope is like a lifeline, but a small buoy will be enough to take you from the ocean to shore

7: Walking Slowly


Each person will have their own scale of happiness, a separate formula for success and a different rate of maturity.

Just walk slowly... There's no need to run after anyone and there's no need to try to leave anyone behind. You are the only protagonist on the journey to grow up at your own pace.

 8: The Avenue That Bears His Name


Whether it's a river or a stream

Whether it's an avenue or a small alley

Whatever it is, as long as there's your name engraved in that stream... is my name.

9: The Day After the Comma

These days of self-pity will have no end,

We'll meet again in good time, won't we?

See you, the day after the comma

Are "forgive yourself" nights

Soul self-healing is a process of self-regulation and self-improvement of mental health without outside intervention. It includes the use of methods such as yoga, meditation, practicing proper breathing, relaxing with music, learning about psychology and changing bad habits. Self-healing can also involve seeking help from friends or family, finding people who share common interests, and connecting with the community.

Self-healing is now more important and concerned than ever. Having experienced long periods of limited social contact, isolation, and anxiety about the future can cause stress and anxiety in people's minds. Soul self-healing is a way to help people relieve stress and improve their mood.

However, healing your soul is not as complicated as you think. You don't need to go to therapeutic medical centers, or see psychologists periodically to deal with it.

We can heal ourselves at home with a very simple method.

How long have you not taken time for yourself? Now I find a quiet space, a comfortable posture, a relaxed mind to read and practice immediately the 9soul methods suggested to you.

10 ways to heal yourself at home

1. Learn to breathe properly

Breathing is one of the most important activities of the body. Breathing properly can help you relax and calm your mood. For example, you can practice correct breathing by breathing in air through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, focusing on your breath and bringing it to balance points on your body.

2. Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and improve mood. For example, you can do yoga, walk, jog or exercise in the gym.

3. Music heals the soul

Music can calm your mood and help you relax. You can listen to piano, piano, guitar or soothing music, these are very good mood improvement genres. The method of self-healing with music is also very simple. So you can combine it with other leisure activities or other methods to heal the soul.

4. Practice yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are two activities that help you balance your emotions and focus on the present. For example, you can teach yourself or take yoga and meditation classes at home.

5. Learn about psychology

Learning about psychology can help you better understand yourself and how to handle psychological problems. For example, you can read books, watch videos, or take online courses in psychology.

6. Relax with reading

Reading is both a way to relax, improve mood, and help us know more useful information and knowledge. You can combine reading this book with listening to relaxing music with a cup of tea or your favorite water. It is an extremely "chill" space for you to enjoy the most comfortable moments.

7. Find a confidant

Find a confidant to share your thoughts and feelings. For example, you can get in touch with friends, family or join groups on social networks.

8. Focus on positive things

Focus on positive and optimistic things to help you improve your mood. For example, you can remember your successes, plan for the future, or find ways to solve problems in a positive way.

9. Change bad habits

Give up and change your bad habits. You know it's bad and harmful, but because you think it's a "hard habit to break," right? Small actions, but if you do a little every day, will have a big impact. It can help you improve your mood and increase your health. For example, you can minimize your drinking, smoking, or substance use,... and take care of sports to increase your resistance.


10. Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is a way to resolve conflicts and reduce stress in your life. No one will relax in their hearts if they hold on to anger or resentment. So show your altruism, which is also your way of bringing peace to your soul. For example, you can learn to forgive by offering an apology or finding a way to resolve a problem peacefully.

If you're feeling anxious or stressed, try applying some of these methods to your daily life. These ways not only help you improve your mood but also boost your health and life balance. Choose the right way for yourself and start doing it today to have a better life.

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