Peace is something that anyone in this world desires to have and it is an eternal theme. So have you ever asked yourself where peace comes from?

In essence, the true value of life is peace of mind. Only a peaceful soul can bring a full happy life.


What is peace? 

Perhaps for many people, money, status, title and power are the measure of the value of life. That's probably why many people strive for these things to prove their worth.

Those who do not achieve are sad about their status and inferior to life. And the person who achieves that has many other sufferings such as being scrutinized, slandered, insulted, jealous, even always encountered eyesight.

Fame, money, status, or power may have some value, but it certainly won't help us be satisfied with our lives. And it will never guarantee a full happy life.

How to have peace in the present moment

How to get peace? Onlyif you know this, you can only answer this question. Everyone will have a different answer when we understand what we want.

For me, the peace in life is being out in nature writing, breathing deeply, playing with my children, watching the simple beauty is something that can make me instantly calm.

Peace, I think, is probably a state where our hearts are less distracted, a state where the word "must" doesn't exist. Peace is not a destination in the future tense, but it is always here. All you need to do is allow yourself to touch it.

From a summer rain, to a fist hold or a flower pot on the porch, it can make us feel at peace. These things are very light, very quiet, very simple, so just a little subtlety, a little quiet to observe that we can feel it, not looking for peace far away.

For one thing, our hearts are grateful enough to see the beauty from a storm. Is our heart still enough to appreciate the beauty of a fist? Because peace is an emotional state, you can only feel, not use reason to explain it, to logicalize it.

You're with your family, but your head is thinking, "I haven't finished this month's report to my boss yet, so I can't feel at peace yet." Even though you haven't finished your report yet, do you feel at peace right now with your family?

A birdsong, a sunrise, a glass of fragrant tea or a walk all bring with it the same peace as an expensive vacation or a world trip.

So the feelingand value of peace depends entirely on your perceived power. In fact, it is not about creating the first condition, forcing you to be like this, to be there to be peace.

And if there's a way to help you feel at peace the fastest, I think you learn to exchange hope for appreciation, expectations and things you'll have or should have for appreciation.

When you do this, your world changes instantly and your emotions change as well. And to be able to appreciate what you have, you need to "go back".

When you "return," I think you should return to what is simplest, pure, chasteest. Simply go back, to this moment and to yourself, to recognize the gems in each moment, to realize the meaning of peace of mind that is always here.

So, if right now, you are still struggling with how to find peace of mind, peace of mind in your life, my suggestion for you is to exchange expectations for appreciation.

Exchange your expectations and the things you will have for appreciation and things you have right in your hands, right in your heart.

After all, the most precious thing in this life is not money, career, or perks, but peace of mind. Therefore, you should never be afraid of being poor, afraid of a bad career, afraid of unfulfilling reputation, but afraid of not having peace. Because when peace is at peace, everything will come to you.

Live Your Life to the Present - Appreciate Life Every Day

We won't be able to go back to the past or predict the future until we actually put ourselves in the flow of time. So I'm in no hurry to throw myself forward and fall short with life, regretting past memories.

Live your life to the fullest today so you don't regret the past


The past is what happened yesterday or simply just happened. Listen to your heart beat beat by beat, tick by tick as if your past is drifting. We humans are all born without a past, because the past is the starting point for the present and the future.

However, you may have forgotten the one thing that we live in the present – that is what is happening around us. We only live once in the world, so why keep dwelling on the past, letting life pass meaninglessly.

You know, no matter what, good or bad, we can't change. We should not be sad and self-deprecating forever because of what has passed. What happened in the past becomes a valuable lesson for us to learn in the present, live well in the present, and then give us a bright future.

So we shouldn't regret the past, nor just daydream about the future. If you want to build a peaceful life, a happy life, start from this very moment, right this moment. The past and future are our support, and the present is your life.

Living Life to the Fullest - The Quest for Life's Value

We only live once in the world, so why not live life to the fullest, not seek all the value of life. Life is like the road, runners have to work hard to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Every time we make an effort, we are dedicating ourselves to this life. And after each dedication, it seems that we have left many meaningful marks on life.

Life really is like that, living to the fullest is the meaningful life. That dedication is not a meaningless dedication, it is an act of giving back to life.

When you were born into this life, you received a lot of good things, so you should know how to give, dedicate yourself to life to deserve what you receive.

On the other hand, living life to the fullest is a way for us to awaken the potentials and abilities hidden deep within each person. When you try your best to do something, you will see the inner power awakened. It could be about knowledge or creativity.

These things not only help each of us live more beautifully, live more fully, but also help society grow. Each of us human beings is a cell of society, if everyone gives their all, it will be a civilized and modern society.

Habits help you change your life, live your life to the fullest in the present

The true meaning of life is what is created by our thoughts and actions. And how you can live your life to the fullest, live a peaceful, happy life is entirely up to you.

Realize that life is a journey, not a destination

This may sound ridiculous but it is completely true in our lives. Always remember that the process is much more important than the result.

Living life to the fullest is that you have to spend your whole life doing, do not falter, before difficulties or when you have to spend a lot of time learning new things.


Learn to accept

We often spend a lot of time examining and evaluating things that are unsatisfying in ourselves.

However, you know that spending all your time focusing on things that you don't like or things that have passed in the past only makes you easily discouraged, unable to focus on the future. Always learn to love yourself in the present.

Decide your self-worth

Your value is simply trust. They can be spiritual values or just beliefs for yourself. Reflecting your values will help you set goals for yourself.

At that time, you will feel extremely happy when you live true to your values. Fight for what you believe in, don't let other people's opinions influence your choices.

Take care of yourself

A very important thing about living life to the fullest is knowing how to take care of yourself. You only have this one body, so make sure it stays healthy along the way with you to learn and explore this vast, vast world.

Pay attention to eating healthy foods, eat plenty of vegetables, drink enough water and exercise regularly.

Challenge negative thinking

Sometimes in this life, people often confuse self-criticism with helping to improve themselves. Negative thinking and self-criticism can't help you improve or achieve your goals.

Instead, learn to be kind to yourself. If you keep blaming yourself for your past mistakes, you need to challenge these things with an optimistic mindset.

Replace the idea that I'm a failure with everything that isn't what I think I am, but I'll find my own solution. And try to think freely about self-reflection.

Live realistically

Set yourself achievable goals based on your abilities. Proceed step by step in a sure way to implement it.

However, you also need to make sure that you can achieve those goals through your own efforts, not controlling others.


Dear friend, life is inherently short, so learn to appreciate what you have, always keep yourself bright as a sunflower shining in the sunshine. Always be optimistic, love life, live life to the fullest no matter how difficult life is.

Remember, when your soul expands like a lake, the difficulties and hardships in life will not lose the joy and love of life. But with a soul as small as a glass of water, you will make your life exhausting and never achieve success.


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