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Hope can easily become disappointment, but from disappointment to despair is a huge gap.

To live life requires hope. Believing in a better tomorrow is a much-needed way to save our souls through painful pains or bitter reality. But if we pour all our energy into one side, just as we take all our possessions to take one last gamble, and if that gamble fails, then our lives are like there is nothing left to live. There's nothing out of place like when we don't know where to trust. Rather, our hearts are not capable of holding emotions so great that they have never happened to us before, or that we are unprepared. The ego, because it has no place to latch, falls into a void of play, lost without defining itself and everything around it.

When desperate, the mind becomes more blurred than ever. We look at everything with pessimistic, bored eyes, feeling like there is nothing meaningful and trustworthy in the world anymore. But the truth is that heaven and earth are still embracing us, loved ones are always protecting us, favorable conditions are still around us. It's just that our minds are trapped in some attractive object and inadvertently assimilate our whole lives with that object. This means that while we put our trust in someone, we easily pour all our energy toward that person. This belief causes us to limit or end our necessary connection with those around us. We've been in an imbalanced position since we sent our trust to someone else, so if that object vanishes, of course we collapse too. I have no room to cling. The ego seems to be stolen.

We forget that failure at fame, love, or ideals is just part of life. We have so many reasons to live, to hope. Hope can easily become disappointment, but from disappointment to despair is a huge gap. Not everyone who is disappointed becomes desperate and not everyone who despairs dies forever in misery. Knowledgeable people always see failure as a lesson learned to contribute to success. They believe that what has been painstakingly built is never lost. It will move from one form to another, or is reserving in some form of champion waiting for other elements to come together. Thanks to their strong internal strength, they are always ready to accept heavy losses without complaining or giving up. For they know their humanity is greater than what has not yet been shown or has been taken away. The important thing is that they have never put their lives on the line or put it up for sale.

However, most people, when they fall into the abyss of desperate suffering, want to give it all up. If we have one of them, ask ourselves: Who actually made us so angry? If we have identified the culprit as the other person, we should also ask ourselves: Who is the other person who has the power to manipulate our lives so easily? They can only hurt us, but they don't have the right to make us suffer. We should remember that this life is not our own, so we have no right to belittle or destroy it. The truth is that our parents, brothers and sisters, friends, benefactors, and even ancestors and races are present in every cell and breath. They are going with us into the future. If I fall, they will fall too. Whatever our future holds, part of them will become like that.

I know that, when I choose death, I have already suffered to the extreme; My heart felt like it was about to break because I couldn't bear the overwhelming pain that was pressing down. But at the end of the day, we're still making a very selfish decision. We just want to find a way to escape the storm of emotions that weighs us down, and we have a big share of responsibility in it. We think that we are the most miserable person in the world, so people need to respect us and have no right to be angry with us. It is true that no one can blame someone who is suffering. But we have no right to make our loved ones suffer just because we have been made miserable by others. And will we be at peace in some strange world when our hearts are still filled with unquenched resentments and unfinished human responsibilities?

There is no future separate from the present, whatever the present is, the future is the same. Suffering from the heart, therapy also from the heart. We should not continue to seek out those who have tormented us to demand, punish, or find a place we consider absolute peace to hide. Even if we can do that, the wound in us cannot heal. It only satisfies a momentary emotion, because we never fully regain everything we lost. Take a good look at it calmly. Sometimes we fail to escape the abyss of suffering not because we are not strong enough, but perhaps because we want to lock ourselves in that dire state in order to provoke the other person's conscience as a kind of punishment. Or maybe it's because we want to drown in that cringing emotion to pity ourselves. People often call it a "traumatic animal."

When suffering is too great, a person who is both weak and only knows how to worry about himself often uses grief to gnaw and lament his fate, rather than actively looking for a way out. They like to lie down like a shrimp to listen to gut-wrenching love songs. Or they prefer others to absorb their suffering by acknowledging themselves as the most miserable and pitiful, rather than allowing anyone to drag them out of the dark abyss. It's also a form of depression — preferring to confine emotions to a lower level to satisfy a losing complex. In fact, deep down, it's also a way to let people know about the suffering we're suffering, but want to be merciful rather than helped. In order to help us, we must be able to bring us back to the position where we were full of hope in order to feel confident. Otherwise, I'd rather just leave it at that.

In the song "Don't Despair", musician Trinh Cong Son came up with the right solution: "You are innocent and you will dawn". It takes a lot of experience, it takes a lot of resilience to rise from desperate suffering for musicians to come to such a conclusion. Earlier, the musician also stated, "You are me and I am you too." You are a desperate mentality, a momentary expression of the broad ego. Despair cannot be said to be our whole being. Although it dominates us in all thoughts and actions, its nature is impermanent like any other psychological phenomenon. Sooner or later it will dissipate. Miraculously, by drifting to the end of suffering, we discover that the nature of all disturbing emotions is not real, and they have no name. They are just momentary reactions of a weak and ignorant ego. But thanks to these strong reactions, we can clearly see all our deep weaknesses and promptly help and change our way of life. It can be said that without disturbing emotions, there would never be enlightenment; Without you desperate yesterday, I wouldn't be where I am today. Because you're me and I'm you.

Just like bringing garbage to convert into organic fertilizer to feed flowers, contributing to flowering. Flowers become garbage that garbage can also turn into flowers. As it turned out, the line between you and me was separated by a hair. When lost, the sulky baby easily cries in the past, but as long as the awakening returns, the stable ego will be called. We want life to have a dawn, to overcome the pain of despair, we must return to renew our souls, not chase others to punish or cling. The best and only solution is to be "innocent" — to be who you are. It is a man who has never embraced the roles of life, has never known how to cover up or perform. He looked everywhere with transparent eyes like a child, not with a mixture of prejudices and prejudices. As long as you have the courage to let go of all struggles, temporarily retreat to a quiet space and be close to nature, devote all your energy to taking care of each of your emotions or thoughts, and be deeply in touch with what is with you with an open and loving attitude, the innocent baby will slowly appear. The baby will no longer see anything hurt or distressed. It is the most harmonious work of the universe.

Let's believe in impermanence – everything will change. We will no longer be desperate and the other person will no longer be foolish enough to make us miserable. Because in us and the other person, although there is very "earthly" material, sometimes we feel "too much love".

Thanksgiving for the mysterious
life, Grace, yes
nothing, and then Giving
the day to blossom.
Don't bother to look at
the old Flower needs a little
change and then rekindle
the old garden filled with flying incense.

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