Understanding the heart Dictatorial

Power, if in the hands of ignorant and immoral people, is a danger to society and the whole world.

Because we believe that our talents are always superior to others, we always take precedence over all matters that affect the common good without the approval of the opinions of others. It's a dictatorial attitude. Dictatorship is the full expression of the power of the ego, through the form of submission of other individuals.

In nature, every individual is made of the overall energy of the universe and is constantly influenced between individuals. No individual possesses a separate self of its own making, so all individuals are equal to each other in being. Just as the waves are born from the ocean. Although their shapes are different, they all share the same nature of water. In truth, one wave is low so that the other wave is high, this wave is born because the other wave has died. Although they are constantly pushing each other, the essence of this wave is also that wave. After all, all these waves are oceans, because apart from them there is nothing to call an ocean. Of course, the ocean is also the deep part beneath — waves that haven't yet arisen. But there is no difference between them and the waves that have arisen, nor have they ever been separated. Therefore, phenomena are also ontological and ontological is also phenomena. That is, there is no ontology separate from phenomena, and no phenomena that do not take refuge on being can manifest.

The most obvious thing is to look at my child. Beyond the external form, we will discover that it is a part of us. I and it share a common origin, never completely separate. Just as when we look at our own form, we also see that we are the continuation of our ancestral parents and grandparents. I have the same roots with them. The same is true in the relationship between us and all things. All are children of the great cosmic mother. The difference between phenomena is only a natural result of the continuous process of interaction between individuals according to the principle of causality and dependent birth. But when it comes through the narrow lens of manhood, it is divided high and low to serve the interests of the false ego.

It is true that there are talents that have had to be forged very hard and take many years to achieve. But that seed of talent is also born from borrowed body-mind fusion. Before talent and after talent, it is constantly receiving the help of a multitude of external factors. In general, this ego is inherently non-self, whatever is created from it, whether talent or virtue, is non-self. The greatest delusion of human beings is not seeing their selfless nature, awareness is always limited by the difference of phenomena. Therefore, we are constantly accumulating favorable conditions to provide for this self that we think is unique, considering it the main work of our life. Since then, showing authority in front of people has become a huge necessity of the ego.

There are dictatorships that stop at wanting to show authority that makes others fear and obey us. There are dictatorships that rely on authority to mobilize forces for other purposes, but not other than to advance their own interests. In addition, dictatorship is used as an effective temporary means to influence or lead weak subjects. Fathers often think that their children are not old enough, so it is necessary to follow their opinions and ways. Because it is my own experience but also a valuable experience passed down from the ancestral generation. The leader of a group also thinks that these members do not have enough opportunities to understand all the issues here like themselves, or they are not sincere enough to give opinions in favor of the group, especially if they are not responsible as themselves, so it is best to listen to their opinions.

When we use our authority to overwhelm the mastery of other people's views in a "trot" way, of course, we have to communicate with them with some kind of good feeling. The son, knowing that all of his father's teachings come from good intentions for him, and that he truly feels that love, can accept being scolded or losing the right to express his own views. Likewise, members understand that the dictatorship of the leader is only for the purpose of benefiting the group, including their share, so they also accept without demanding the right to fair competition.

However, not every person who plays the role of dictator succeeds. Sometimes they abuse tyranny in the name of truth or love to demonstrate ego power, or manipulate the rights of others. Sometimes at first they have the good will to help others, but halfway through that goodwill is defeated by greed or anger. In cases where we borrow the form of dictatorship to guide or uplift others in a very effective way, which if that person happily accepts without any reluctance, the law of emotional balance is implemented. And if we use authority to force others to obey us, whether openly dominating or disguised as democracy, we have borrowed a huge emotional debt. The greater the public dissatisfaction or resentment, the greater the debt will be. It can increase exponentially. One way or another, the universe forces us to settle that debt early in order to return the balance.

Not to mention the direct reaction of the enemy, when they realize our tyranny is because they do not know how to respect their rights or talents. Whether they appear to agree or silently accept, if they are dissatisfied in their hearts, it will implicitly arouse a strong energy of anger and opposition. That energy can turn into acting like non-cooperation, or seeking retaliation to regain emotional justice. If the whole group carries this energy of resistance, it will form a powerful wave to resist or overthrow the dictatorship. Although the dictatorship is built very solidly and the resistance energy is not strong enough, over time, the balance will also be established. After all, the universe is responsible for implementing the principle of cause and effect so that everything does not fall into chaos and war. And if war has to happen, even if it's just between individuals, that's the worst way the universe has to choose to solve the problem soon.

Therefore, tyranny, whatever its purpose, disrupts the emotional balance between us and others. Depending on the purpose and attitude, we must accept the law of proportionate compensation.

 "And in the right there are people who have me." The truth is that everyone has their own talents, even if they are not suitable for solving today's problems. When we think the other person is incompetent and useless, we are having a limited view of the whole person. No one can live in the midst of this life of ups and downs without talent. That's without considering other areas, maybe they're better than us. They can be a very happy person with family, loved by friends, and always a firm believer for those around them. What about me? Our talent is more than others, but only communication matters for people to understand and happily accept the opinion we do is not done. To compare talents, we should look at our ability to master our emotions. To dominate and win over others for nothing but we always surrender to ourselves, still do what our conscience does not allow. Therefore, using authority to force others to obey us is the lowest solution.

Suppose in a group there are ten people meeting together to solve a problem, ideally there is unanimity of all ten people. In fact, this happens very rarely, since everyone's point of view is always different. Therefore, the reason to sit together is not only to solicit opinions but also an opportunity to understand and understand each other, to be able to persuade each other to let go of inappropriate opinions. If a person disagrees, the majority must send a representative to persuade him. Otherwise, the meeting is required to stop and wait for another occasion. Because one's dissatisfaction can disrupt the harmonious nature of the union. When the group loses its harmony, it is difficult to do anything or go further. Harmony should be like water with milk, which cannot be separated.

But if it's just because one person doesn't share the same opinion that the group can't come to a decision, it's not appropriate. And that disagreement may affect the rights or destiny of the union is also unfair. Therefore, those who have opinions contrary to the majority, if they find that the problem is not too serious, plus faith in the talents and sense of responsibility of the union and the good feelings already had for each other, should also yield. Temporarily collect your comments so that the problem is resolved soon. However, when the opinion of the majority is accepted, the majority must sincerely thank the minority for its support, and the majority must promise to try to implement its opinion effectively.

In case he cannot be persuaded, the masses must come to a decision, not wait forever and ruin the plan. But the public must sincerely apologize to him and promise to do better in the future, reaching an absolute consensus. It should be added that after the masses have agreed unanimously, even if some of them only temporarily accept, no one is entitled to discuss or express their discontent. It all has to be addressed during the meeting. If you are not satisfied, you must ask for another meeting. Because this attitude of discontent once transmitted out, it will inadvertently create more anti-union forces. I will be guilty of vandalizing the union.

For a group that does not focus on building spiritual values, the above model will be impossible. In fact, there are always pressing issues that cannot patiently postpone the meeting from time to time to decide. And another fact, people who play the role of meeting chair or leader also do not have much time and goodwill to persuade each person's opinion. Therefore, most meetings follow the practice of "majority wins minority", "minority submits to majority". Focus on work rather than "winning people's hearts".

However, "win" or "submit" usually only happens reluctantly during the session. The truth is that when the other person's opinion is not accepted or adequately persuaded, despite their opposition, the energy of discontent remains. If we use our leadership to intimidate them without negotiation, the energy of discontent will grow even stronger. Therefore, the wise attitude of a person who is forced to play the role of dictator, is to always seek to compensate emotionally for his encroachment on the equal rights of others. Listening and affection with humility are often the most effective solutions to neutralize emotions. If we neglect our responsibility to compensate for this emotion, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the relationship will lose its balance and will inevitably break down or break down in the near future.

No one likes to live with or work with a dictator, because the primary human need is still equal rights. Sometimes they have to accept our dictatorship because they know we are better than them, we are more responsible for it than they are, or because we benefit them. Yet their respect and trust in us is diminished each time. They cannot maintain respect for us forever, when from big things to small things we do not respect their opinions and talents. That is, I looked down on them. They suspect that if we are truly brave, we must be able to make them "submissive", not use authority to impose. Authoritarianism is sometimes another form of weakness. Indeed, the essence of dictatorship is to show an attitude that values one's own talents, but at the same time implies an attitude of fear of the superiority of one's talents or the encroachment of others. So tyranny can come from weakness, or it can lead to weakness.

Tyranny always brings loneliness, because everyone stays away from those who do not know how to value themselves. In emotional relationships, tyranny is the most taboo, because the nature of affection is always voluntary and always needs to be respected in order to see each other's true worth. Whether we are parents, masters, or supreme leaders, we should minimize the use of authority while trying to win over or lead others. The other person, though they love or appreciate us, cannot lose the freedom that is a very basic source of life.

In Western society, parents always create opportunities for their children to develop their hidden abilities and self-control, so they often negotiate ideas rather than impose. However, the disastrous thing is that there are many problems that parents are completely more experienced and knowledgeable, but children also only see it as a reference. Therefore, they remain independent in their thoughts and actions. There have been countless parents who are deeply distressed when they see their children going astray unstoppable. The very high protection of children's rights in the West has inadvertently protected their foolish peasants.

So dictatorship is sometimes necessary. But we must be very careful, because it is easy to confuse the attitude of wanting to show authority and the spirit of support. The line between selfishness and altruism can sometimes be separated in a silk line. People with true power must be able to bring joy, happiness, and embrace the sufferings of others without seeing themselves as noble or great. People with true power do not need to use any words or gestures to exhort, but people still believe and submit.

That power must surely be born of a vast capacity for virtue and love. Every society needs such genuine powers to maintain peace and democracy. If we find ourselves abusing our authority to prove our ego, we find a way to let go soon. That is not the right and safe way to build true value. While we can't bring happiness or love to others, at least we don't cause them suffering or hatred. Power, if in the hands of ignorant and immoral people, is a danger to society and the whole world.

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