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Be happy to live the "unsuccessful" days as you take the opportunity to train your stamina and transform your mood.

It seems that everyone is afraid of failure. Because it can cost us wealth, energy, faith, and hope. In general, any failure brings bad emotions, while human instincts only love good emotions. But it also depends on one's conception of life and one's reaction to failure, how that bad emotion will manifest and affect the quality of life. If we think that we will never fail because of our talent and bravery, and we even think that failure is very evil, when we suddenly confront it, we will surely panic and fight back fiercely. We have to worry about how much we have to clean up the remnants of the defeat, then we have to find ways to cope to preserve our appearance, and also worry about our pitiful tragedy in the future. It is these attitudes that turn failure into suffering, sinking our lives.

Maybe it's because we're not used to the smell of failure, or we've never been so badly defeated as this time, so it's easy to get awkward and cling to one object after another. A person who has just lost his job immediately finds something else to do. A person who has just accidentally damaged a feat is in a hurry to embark on a new one. A person who has just been sexually abused quickly looks for another object to be loved. But much of what we try to cling to while experiencing the emotion of failure is an unfortunate mistake. The truth is that we're just trying to heal wounds or assert our worth, but we don't have the right and serious investment to secure success. Tragedy always happens during such emotional outbursts, because those choices have no illumination of reason.

Many people, because of their great failure, have sought their ego in the spiritual path. Metabolic practices could have helped them heal and recover very quickly. But because the wound had not yet healed, they hurriedly set themselves huge transformational goals that must be achieved soon. They mistakenly think it's an attitude of upward determination, but they're actually reinforcing their values. They have to do something to see their talent or existence. In a state of energy exhaustion and a new ambition, even though that ambition is considered justified, they do not have the strength to continue fighting. The more fiercely they try, the more energy they burn; And miserable failure is also natural. Just like the lump of snow that rolls down from the top of the mountain often tries to cling to the snow along the way. So when it reached the foot of the mountain, it became a giant snowball, the destructive power was very formidable. It's the snowball effect.

We should know that every success must always converge a multitude of conditions suitable for it, and we do not always actively grasp all conditions because it may be completely out of reach. Although the decisive condition for success may lie within us and seem very easy to grasp, if we lack experience and wisdom, we do not know how to add or remove to qualify for the results to occur. This is also natural. If everyone had grasped all the secrets to success, then man would no longer be human and this world would have turned into heaven. So when things don't work out, let's understand that the conditions for success are just not reasonable. It may be redundant or may be lacking, rather than completely empty or meaningless.

The word "failure" is often misunderstood as nothing or nothing. While what we have created is still there, even if it may not manifest concretely. The training skills, accumulated experience and knowledge, as well as the external advantages that we have put together will be put to good use in the next projects. Therefore, when we succeed, we must understand that this success is on the shoulders of many failures in the past. That is the meaning of the saying that everyone knows by heart: "Failure is the mother of success". There is no sustained success that is not made from small initial failures. Therefore, from now on we should practice calling it "unsuccessful" instead of "failing". This way of calling it will prevent us from having an easy mental breakdown, because we are aware that the opportunity is not over. If we lose one glue, we can still show another. Because there is never an absolute separation between the former and the latter.

In fact, failure is a very important part of life. When we fail, we cower. Although we are weighed down by a very uncomfortable feeling, it is an opportunity for us to look at ourselves more clearly. At least the pride, eagerness or subjectivity in us falls away. That's why experienced people are always so worried when they see young people succeed so easily, especially if that success is mainly based on external luck. They haven't tasted the discomfort of failing, their egos haven't been bruised in times of misery without knowing how to manage. They also have not been able to awaken and nurture precious qualities in the soul such as kindness or humility to create a stable balance. Therefore, great success can become a disaster for their own life and everyone around them. We've seen a lot of young people have great successes, but they quickly fade away. So much so that they no longer dare to look at life, have to hide forever, or sometimes choose a tragic end.

Besides, the human instinct for survival is inherently great. Only when faced with heavy failures will that resource fully appear. That's when people become stronger than ever. So let's not be afraid to fail. If you feel that you are not strong enough, do not rush to hope for success. Be happy to live the "unsuccessful" days as you take the opportunity to train your stamina and transform your mood. Therefore, talented people often refuse favorable conditions and seek harsh circumstances to bring out their full potential. They disregard successes that bring only a sense of mediocre satisfaction, in order to choose the big rather than conquer the darkness of their own afflictions. That's true success.

When we accept failure, what we should do and also the hardest thing to do is look at our reaction. We try to acknowledge what is manifesting in our emotions or thoughts without using our will to suppress or deny it. It is necessary to understand the psychological situation so that we can accurately assess our internal strength and decide whether to suffer alone, or need the help of relatives. Don't try to cover up to protect honor or rely on others to ease hurt. To do these things, we need to practice daily the habit of always looking back at our minds at all times. Looking back, I've been a remarkable step forward. But if we can look at it without prejudice, it will reach the point of understanding the essence of all problems. We may find that it is our disturbing emotions that are the main cause of all failures. Circumstances have an impact, but only play a secondary role.

Ambition is the disturbing emotion that we discover most often when we fail. We are always overly agitated by the social consciousness, so seeing who has something, we want to have it. In fact, we don't know if we need it or if we can afford it. Ambition can cause the mind to unsubstantially mold too much self-confidence. And we are often overwhelmed by the energy of our desire to succeed, instead of looking carefully in our accumulated experience and knowledge for whether there are materials that contribute to success. If it's just desire that we've exhausted our energy to invest, it's a very immature act, driven by emotions. When we discover that our greed is at work, we should put on a big smile to confirm that we have clearly seen its face. I can't let it fool me anymore. Maintain that observation to help it return to its selfless nature.

Accepting failure is a very important mentality to draw us closer to people of all species. It is an indispensable condition in the process of taming the self to perfection. When we overcome the hurt mentality and guilt of our weak ego, we overcome more than half of the pain of failure, because failure itself is not necessarily suffering. From time to time, we should also ask ourselves if we need to cling to external success forever, whether it is the determining condition of our happiness in the present. We need to recover the scattered energies that create extraordinary strength in us. Don't forget that external failures, no matter how great, are only part of life. It cannot undermine the mysterious values we hold at hand.

How many times
has Spring passed
Smile on lips waiting
for each other again?
The mountain is eternally strong
Wearing the dew-capped
snow I have found a foothold
Or is there still promiscuity?

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