Building Trust Through Respect and Acknowledgment

Narcissism and lack of confidence are the two perpetrators who regularly steal our trust in others.

To live together is to trust each other. Although we are not relatives, if we send trust to each other, we show respect and acknowledge each other's presence in this world. Because when we believe in someone, we see their true value, whether those values have been revealed externally or are still hidden. Therefore, to have a firm belief in someone is imperative to have insight into their nature, not just phenomena. Since every phenomenon is constantly changing over time, it may get worse or get better. It is impermanence – the nature of all things.

When watching the forest collect fallen leaves, it is easy for those whose souls are poetic to find their hearts faltering, sad, and sometimes melancholy like falling leaves with each wind. They think that autumn is dying, autumn will be gone. It's a limited, framed look that sees autumn only in its current appearance. They don't know that autumn is summer, winter, and spring too. We call autumn to distinguish the color and the formation of the leaf according to the weather, not to assume that autumn is something that exists separately from other seasons. The truth of autumn never dies, it just transforms from one form to another. Does anyone deny that the current spring leaves are not at all a rebirth of the previous autumn leaves? So let's count on autumn. Autumn will return.

Life is flowing in the direction of bon chen. Everyone takes advantage of accumulating so many benefits for themselves, that sometimes they have to resort to sophisticated tricks, including lies. So it's hard for us to put our trust in someone. As long as the other person is not honest with us once, or they make confusing gestures or stories that lack a basis to prove, we close the door of trust. I think it's better not to believe. That is, we would rather not accept, not cooperate, not establish a deep relationship with the other person. While we don't inherit benefits from them, at least we're not being ripped off or taken advantage of. It seems that when we put our trust in anyone, we all want more rights. At least we have more fulcrum for the lost soul, not to share or uplift the object. So when that object can no longer shine, we immediately withdraw our faith. Such beliefs are just selfishness, no one needs them.

Granted, in order to protect our own rights, sometimes we need to think carefully when giving trust. However, life is interactive, related, and responsible for supporting each other to be able to maintain balance and harmony for a long time. So we have to think of others, to trust others, to help them have more faith in themselves to overcome difficult situations or obstacles in themselves. Look at yourself. As we may not forget, there have been times when we have lost faith in life to the point of despair. But I'm lucky to have someone who believes in me so much. Whether they just give us a sympathetic glance or a few words of encouragement, it's enough to warm us up and have the strength to move forward. So when we can't trust someone, ask ourselves if we're stuck in any misperceptions about them, prejudiced against their past clumsiness or mistakes, if we're afraid they're not giving us our rights but taking advantage of us, etc. Is it because they lack respect or hurt us, or is it because we lack faith in ourselves? Indeed, narcissism and lack of confidence are the two perpetrators who regularly steal our trust in others.

Except when we rush to trust others because their outstanding strengths have struck a chord with our momentary favorite emotions. That is, because of love, emotional entanglement, wanting to own the object that we have easily put our trust in. It is a superficial, blind belief that very often occurs in the psyche of those who like to rely on others. And when we are calm and discerning enough to observe and understand the object, let's just trust each other boldly. Of course, time is the most effective way to test each other's sincerity. But if we need to exchange strong beliefs to support each other through the difficult journey right now, let's not hesitate. If our sincerity is taken advantage of, although we lose property or honor, we still have faith intact. As for believing in people, we still find a firm foothold in this life. For to trust each other is to bind together; To suspicion of each other means to cut off the supporting energy that is essential to each other's existence.

Many people have lost faith in life because they have experienced bitter failures or been harmed by many bad guys. They live in heavy prejudice, convinced that there is no one in this world who is genuine, all those cute words or actions are just fake performances. From that realization, they firmly assert that this life is no different from tragic comedies on stage, so there is no need to be eager to maintain or build any more. Some people who think like this have a careless lifestyle, like to do whatever they want, do it without caring about the consequences or reactions of those around them. Others are reclusive, living in cold melancholy, afraid of contact and suspicious of everyone. The rest send their souls to some powerful being to yearn for salvation to a world free of falsehoods.

Remember that success, loss, and cooperation are pairs of ups and downs that anyone in this life must experience. Everything that happens to us today follows the principle of cause and effect and dependent birth, because the universe does not prioritize anyone and does not hate anyone. Because we are not yet wise enough to understand the workings of that principle, what causes we have caused to suffer such consequences, we believe that our destiny has been arranged by a supreme being. It is a very human interpretation, of souls who are still full of greedy energy that protects the little ego. For if there is a true power, he must behave fairly and reasonably. It is not possible because of my enthusiastic trust that the new Higher Power will notice and favor us. It is because the soul is so weak and lacks fulcrum, that we blindly and blindly believe. Once the ego is suddenly cherished, promised lucrative benefits in the future, superstition is pushed to the level of fanaticism – the willingness to do anything for the believing object in spite of all the truths in the world.

Think of ourselves as a sandbar, not just a grain of sand. When hurricane winds blow a few grains of sand from one place to fill another, the storm wind will also bring grains of sand from elsewhere to fill the gap in one place. Elsewhere or here are sandy beaches, so we don't need to flinch or be afraid. If we are able to go beyond this small sphere of form to see ourselves being simultaneously omnipresent, for the fact that we are constantly interacting with all things in order to survive, we will never experience suffering or loss of faith as we go through the ups and downs that must be in this life. Let's not rush to blame impermanence. Because without impermanence, flower buds cannot bloom, snow cannot melt, babies cannot become adults, dictatorships cannot disintegrate and those who suffer will sink forever into suffering. Therefore, only when we think less about our personal interests and look at life with loving and supportive eyes, will our faith be strong and never broken. We believe in people because we have seen their good nature; We believe in life because we have seen our vast self.

It's hard to accept that when we lose faith in people or in this life, it's because we don't have enough faith in ourselves. But it's true. Because we believe that favorable external conditions will bring lasting security and happiness, we try to chase, grasp, cherish and cling to it. It is natural to leave the mind to follow such a scene, so when the scene is shaken or disappears, it is natural for the mind to become lost. Although we know that we cannot live in isolation from external circumstances, we must try to train ourselves to be less dependent on the chances of circumstances by believing in ourselves. Of course, we have to understand our true worth in order to trust us. If we do not fully understand who we are, we should also ask those with great knowledge to guide us. From there, we seek to bring out our outstanding strengths and seek to arouse hidden energies. Believing deeply in our own strength, we will have the courage to face any situation.

Young people now often seem very confident, but their confidence is monotonous. Just because their knowledge is confirmed by a prestigious school through their degrees, their speaking skills bring many good relationships, their tall physique is noticed by many people, or just because their clothes are expensive brands, they are full of confidence and swagger in front of everyone. Poor thing! Those who see their worth only through the superficial recognition of others must accept the frequent loss of their sacred selves. Because other people's comments and feelings are also very impermanent, always changing. In fact, when we focus only on the points that bring out other people's favorite feelings in the moment, we neglect our deep inner values. Living in the midst of this turbulent life lacks important qualities such as calmness, patience, humility, tolerance, optimism, flexibility... How can we stand?

So believing in ourselves is believing in our talents and our virtues. Talent is not only to earn a lot of money or make others admire, but also to bring a lot of happiness to yourself and the loved ones living next door. Talent without virtue, just to serve our little selfish ego, that talent will sooner or later lead us to destruction because of subjectivity and arrogance. Virtue without talent does not make a great career or help many people materially, but it is virtue that brings lasting peace and happiness in the soul. When we have true peace and happiness, it radiates itself to everyone around us through our attitude to life. It doesn't have to take a lot of talent to do it. Take a calm look! Don't get caught up in following general trends anymore. Go back and rekindle your true values to confidently move forward.

Remember, the mind is the source of all feelings of happiness or suffering, and circumstances only act as triggers. Instead of chasing crazy projections, exhausting ourselves to capture one object after another, let's go back to dissolving the unnecessary or irrational demands of our minds. Whether our minds are in turmoil at this moment or are falling to very low levels because we have made so many mistakes, with a strong determination to return to ourselves and the right exercises of body and mind, we will surely quickly heal those wounds and restore control of our lives. Believe in your inherently pure and mysterious nature. It is never damaged or destroyed.

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