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Don't worry too much about the path you have chosen or chosen, because the attitude of walking on that path is really important.

Life sometimes leads us to unexpected causes and conditions and leaves us faced with choices that can create a new twist in our lives. Since we do not know exactly what that bend will look like, we must always consider carefully so as not to make a mistaken and unfortunate decision. However, we may know very well the true value of the path we must take, but we still cannot decide because we cannot overcome our own limitations. Maybe it's because we're shy, we don't believe in ourselves enough, so we fear we'll make the wrong choice or not be able to cope enough to end up suffering. Sometimes because of greed, wanting to "catch fish with two hands", we can't let go of the good feelings that we also love so much. Of course, when faced with a choice that both are our favorite object, we have to accept that there is confusion and struggle. It's really a war that we have to sacrifice to solve. But if the situation requires a decision and we continue to hesitate, weigh, and hesitate, the energy in us will quickly be destroyed. Not only do we gain nothing, but we lose or lose money.

A certain Zen master came across a mortally wounded dog lying motionless on the side of the road, so he lovingly brought it back for treatment and nurturing. The Zen master loved and taught him very devotedly. He gave her the name Tu Di as if wishing her to stay and practice diligently to have a peaceful life. In response, he loved the Zen master as much as his parents, always wrapped in tangerines by his side. When the Zen master came down the street, he followed suit. When the Zen master calms down, it also lies nearby. One day while the Zen master was meditating, the dog suddenly heard the familiar smell of fried meat coming from nowhere. He was just about to get up, but he thought that if he had been here practicing with a Zen master for many years, he shouldn't have done that. So he lay back and tried to forget. But the smell of stir-fried meat is increasing. The dog stirred several times and then he thought he should go see how real it was too and not touch it. Unexpectedly, the smell of stir-fried meat became more and more seductive. His old instincts made him unable to contain himself, so he decided to wade across the river for a try.

The Zen master heard the dog jumping into the river, he guessed the situation, so he rushed to intervene: "Tu Di! Don't go to the other side. It's dangerous." Hearing the teacher's call, the dog was startled and obediently turned around. But just then, he felt the stir-fried meat was getting close and his appetite was high. He turned around and swam on. The Zen master called out urgently, "Tu Di! Come back to me, son. This place is frugal, but it is still more peaceful than you!" Now his mind suddenly appeared images of the Zen master's love for him all this time, but he was rivaled by the attractive image of stir-fried meat that he had not enjoyed for a long time. So it kept wading back and forth without being definitive. Eventually, she exhausted herself and drowned in the middle of the river.

It is unlikely that when the dog wades through the other bank of the river, it will be in danger. The Zen master is only based on general knowledge or past experience of a dog that has been seriously injured and worries and warns like that. Not really, that's true. Even if it is true, with intelligence and bravery, the dog can still protect itself and even turn things around spectacularly. Therefore, we are not always able to fully comprehend the path we have chosen as soon as we make a decision. Just more than half of the prediction is lucky, the rest must continue to explore throughout the journey.

In that journey, sometimes we find that we don't need to reach our destination anytime soon. Because the path itself also brings a lot of valuable experiences as baggage for us to reach other deeper goals. Therefore, there are cases where we do not need to spend too much energy to consider and choose. Any path is possible if we believe enough in our true bravery, or we have the policy of gaining experience and training ourselves rather than fighting for success. In this spirit, we will never make ourselves a follower of "hesitation." Choosing the wrong path is not necessarily dangerous, but hesitating forever will erode all opportunities for the future.

Those who decide to choose love and leave their love behind, or choose the ideal and leave their families behind, are undoubtedly in a very painful mood, nostalgic and sometimes very frustrated. However, they could not have expected that when they successfully completed the chosen path, it also meant that they were with the path left behind. If they live happily in love, apply the valuable experiences that their parents have passed on to build a sustainable family, always seek to heal a broken rift with their parents, or guide their children to remember their grandparents, then it may be more rewarding than being with their parents and being unruly or unruly torment parents. Even if they accept one person's love to choose another, they still have a way to compensate or share their pain with the person left behind, if they are always conscious of worshipping his love in some noble place in their hearts.

Although they dedicate their lives to serving society, bringing peace and happiness to everyone, deep down they are actively serving their families. For when their hearts turn to their families, the energy accumulated from service within them is also transmitted to their loved ones. That energy has the ability to soothe and shield uncertain risks. This image is beautifully portrayed in the poet Shen Tam's poem Song Farewell: "I'd rather be treated as a flying leaf/ I'd rather be treated as a speck of dust/ I'd rather be treated as a drunken vapor." The soldier thought that this could be a permanent departure, so he asked his loved one to see that he was no longer there and not to remember to mourn and nostalgia. But since that time, his image has really stuck in their minds more than ever. The attitude of silence, not definitively leaving, will not be able to create such sacred affection.

So let's not worry too much about the path we have chosen or chosen, because the attitude of walking on that path is really important. Although we don't start well, over time we learn to accept and find the "soul" of our chosen path. Because no road is beautiful and no road is completely bad. The question is whether we can afford to use that path for the main purpose. Lack of talent, lack of bravery, everywhere you look difficult, the chosen path, even if very good, will turn mediocre. And even if we find ourselves in a "dilemma"—going back and forth is difficult—we just take a path. When we go deep inside, we see that it is completely different from the outside, and the deeper we go inside, the more we discover our great potential. So, sometimes we feel like we're going forward but we're actually going backward, sometimes we decide to go backwards and actually we start going forward. Whether forward or backward, soul quality is what matters.

It is true that no one can predict all the factors that make up success. But if we have a firm grasp of some basic experience, plus the favorable conditions available, especially a strong spirit to take risks or failures that may happen, then we can boldly decide. That recklessness is the big guts that make a big career. That liver, of course, must be born from a foundation of experience and discernment rather than wishful thinking. But it's our belief in ourselves — our ability to cope with setbacks, to uncover life's mysteries and discover our own potential — that is crucial to making bold decisions. Without that guts, even if favorable conditions have gathered almost fully in our hands, we still hesitate and continue to wait for better conditions. Let us not forget, causes and conditions change constantly like a flowing water, the next moment is no longer the previous moment, as the philosopher Heraclitus once said: "No one bathes twice in a river." If we continue to sit there analyzing, comparing, and calculating, we will miss many valuable opportunities in life. Then we will regret it.

The most precious opportunity of life is life. How many times have we been startled to see our youth passing, so our hearts keep telling us that we will try to return to take care of our souls to live more harmoniously and deeply. And the same number of times I've been out of date. We can't overcome the feelings of material comfort and admiration of others, so we waste countless hours and energy on it. But we don't have two or three hundred years to live, why do we still float our lives in passion, oblivion? Nguyen Du once said: "Now our faces are clear / Maybe it's not a dream." Who knows if tomorrow we and our loved ones will see each other again. If we remain busy in the name of busyness and refuse to stop to look at each other in person, open our hearts to forgiveness and support, tomorrow will all be a dream. Dreams are caused by our own ignorance and hesitation. That's not the nature of life.

To establish a deep habit of living in each moment, let's start practicing from the most ordinary activities. When we wake up every morning, don't rush to get out of bed. Sit back and take a few deep breaths to realize that we are still here and that life is still there. Silently thank heaven and earth for giving us one more day to live, a completely pure day in which we have the right to bring all our beings to life. Yesterday we may have been so clumsy in our words, actions, or reflections that we and our loved ones were unhappy. Fortunately, we have one more day to correct those mistakes. We promise ourselves that we will make the most of the day, not letting our worries or sorrows dent or spoil us for another hour.

Starting a new day with a big smile on your face will bring us a lot of peace and vitality. We should have the word "smile" written on the wall, or put a flower branch by our bed as a sign to remind us to smile as soon as we wake up to celebrate life. We will remember that today we have a date with life as a messenger of love. Wherever and whenever we are aware of our awareness, we should smile, our spirits will be lightened and the muscles of our faces will be relaxed. Smiling helps us to be with ourselves in the present moment, because when we smile, all thoughts are gone. Smiling awakens peaceful energies in us and others, so smiling also brings us closer to everyone and everything around us.

Those are very practical things that we do not need to think or think to do. When we truly grasp life, not allowing momentary feelings of like or dislike to continue to drown us into endless trances, we gain enough clarity, faith, and strength to make other big decisions. Let's not forget, hesitation is never on the menu of those who enjoy life.

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