Understanding the heart Respect

In any emotional relationship, respect is the decisive foundation for long-term survival.

We all need to be respected, because when we are respected, we will see more clearly our deep and authentic values. Even though we're suffering so many setbacks that we collapse our confidence in ourselves, someone's respectful attitude implicitly reminds us to look back at our other important values. In any emotional relationship, respect is the foundation that determines long-term survival. Without respect, that affection is just a mutual emotional reliance.

There are reluctant respects in binding principles such as age, status or status. While it can create effective synergy to some extent, because of the lack of a sense of voluntariness, respect is not the material for fostering lasting emotional connections. Because the essence of respect must come from sincerity, from seeing each other's true worth or deep contrast with each other.

Indeed, the more we respect our subjects, the more our habits of pride and pride will be isolated and diminished. If respect transcends the prejudices of society, can open hearts to all objects, whether they are classified as low class or evil, the space of peace and freedom in us will be extremely large. Because when we respect someone, we formally establish a connection and receive energy from that object, even if we don't mean to. Let alone respecting each other means respecting each other's presence in this life, which is the structure of balance between individuals in the universe.

Life always has so many worries that we have little opportunity to look at ourselves to keep our minds balanced and clear. Accordingly, we also gradually lose the ability to look deeply into the nature of each object to see that everyone is respectable. After all, everyone has beauty or beauty. Sometimes their beauty is palpable, but because our eyes are stained with the colors of prejudice, we cannot see. Sometimes it is hidden or temporarily obscured by some negative energy, which if we do not have an exploratory and empathetic view, we cannot detect. So, we should always ask ourselves why we lack respect for that person. At me or at them?

If we want him to respect us, we must first respect him. That's natural. In addition, in order to create respect for all subjects, we must meet two outstanding conditions: that of power and love. We don't have to have power to be powerful. Sometimes power can also cause disrespect, if it is abused to deter or intimidate the weak. As long as we always live in awareness, always control and take responsibility for our every word or action, always keep a sufficient border between ourselves and our subjects, and do not cause trouble or infringe on their rights, then we will have power. Kindness is also an important factor in creating respect. Love is loving the subject in a selfless, non-calculating, not demanding way, always giving them every priority, being open to accepting and forgiving their clumsy weaknesses. Especially, we are always dedicated to helping them overcome difficulties, or guiding them to a beautiful bright path. A person who behaves like that will surely be given great respect by everyone. In general, someone who is full of virtue and blessing—the ability to generate good energy and give good energy to others—is sure to earn a lot of respect. A person who is highly respected is someone who receives nourishing energy from many sources. Just as a tree has many roots deep into the ground, it will no longer be afraid of being knocked over by storms.

When we start to have respect, we begin to have feelings for each other. Falling in love within a certain limit will be a good start for all romantic relationships. If respect is maintained throughout the process of living together, the relationship will be very gentle and easy to overcome obstacles. Because of respect, each side consciously preserves its qualities, not allowing bad energies to freely spill out and cause annoyance or suffering to the other.

However, when we are close to each other, it is easy to see each other's deep shortcomings and gradually disrespect each other. So how do we cultivate a lasting respect for each other?

First, we have to know whether the other party really respects us or not. If we see that they are very loving and have little respect, then let's not decide to live together. It can be pity, or just a momentary emotion. They love us because they have a need to love someone. That love, though easily salty, lacks "paint glue." Only when they truly respect us will they take responsibility for our feelings and our lives. They will know what to do and what not to do to make us happy. Because they understand that our happiness and theirs are always intertwined.

However, when love is high, we give less consideration to respect. Only when living together will that need become apparent. It's not that when we love, we don't need to be respected. But because the feeling of love is so strong, it overwhelms reason. Seeing that the other party loves and loves me is satisfied. When we become each other, instead of continuing to strive to nurture love for each other, we spend a lot of energy grasping other needs such as accumulating money or strengthening our position in society. Therefore, the feelings of love quickly slip down and the need to be respected soars.

But unfortunately, respect is often easily lost after the storm of love passes. Because while we love, we have lost ourselves and have left very trivial images in the other person's mind. In other words, in a love where the material is delusional or too much consequence, respect is broken. Once respect is broken, the more we love, the more we feel like we want to get out of hand.

In order for respect to be tied to love, the most important thing is to control our feelings of wanting to be loved. We must know how to rise and fall consciously, responsibly. Don't let them think that our love is just a disguise of barter, of selfish demands, because we don't care about their status or needs. If we keep wrapping up all day, refusing to separate half a step, sooner or later that love will be shaken and broken. Because the more we get together, the more emotional satisfaction it gets. Then addiction, demand. When one side is not responsive enough, the other side will resist, get angry, unbearable, and bored. Moreover, sticking together like that, how do we have the time and energy to at least keep our balance, keep the beauty that we have. Not to mention, in love, it always needs the creativity and breakthrough ability of both parties. If our own source of life is not there, how can we share it with others?

Therefore, when we love, we must always know each other's necessary limitations. There are times when we need each other, but there are also times when we need to get back to ourselves. Return to ourselves to repair our bodies and minds, so that we can always be a reserve of energy for the other person when they need it. To do this, we must have a fairly stable peaceful and happy life before merging with others. While living together, we must always remember to cultivate our own qualities. Whenever we feel hurt by being disrespected, let's quickly return to heal our wounds first. Do not rush to pursue and try to punish others. Ask yourself what we did to make the other person no longer respect us as much as they used to. Beware that it is our overly strong attitude of emotional love that denounces our weakness and dependence. The most important thing is that we always keep our form. We must always maintain the points that the other person once loved and constantly transform the weaknesses that have hindered the relationship. To have the ability and goodwill to do so, it is imperative that we have a strong capacity in reserve. That power only comes from a practiced life, a mindful life.

Respect is the foundation of morality, an indispensable condition for establishing human peace. Because when respecting each other, ideas that encroach or infringe on each other's rights will not have the opportunity to develop. We see that our existence is intimately related to the presence of all objects, so we use kindness and sincerity to treat each other. This treatment is in accordance with the principle of natural coordination of the universe, each individual is equal to each other because they are born from one being.

Whenever we have contempt for someone, we ask ourselves if we are caught in a misperception, a prejudice, or a need for them that has not been satisfied. If we know that the other person's fault is, we should also remind ourselves that it is only a very small part of their wonderful whole. Never forget, there are only evil deeds, never evil people. Which from evil to despicable is a huge gap. It depends on the understanding and capacity of each person's heart.

Neither high nor low
Neither luxurious nor cowardly
All are mysterious
The dust of life makes us forget.

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