Understanding the heart Selfish

Understanding the heart Selfish


Selfishness is the most shallow and banal attitude of human life.

When we look at the peach blossom, we can assume that it is the essence of the peach tree itself. But when we look deeper, we will see that cherry blossoms are also made of many other factors such as climate, sun, water, minerals, insects and even garbage. These things are not peach blossoms, temporarily called peach blossoms, which at first glance seem to have nothing to do with peach blossoms, but without them, peach blossoms would not be present. Peach blossoms are born from peach trees, but the peach tree and its ancestors were also created from countless other conditions in this heaven and earth. They have no separation. In fact, there is nothing peach blossom, only a fusion made up of non-cherry blossom elements. Actually, the word "phi" shouldn't be there either, because it was these things that created the peach blossom fusion and nothing else.

If the peach blossom knew the truth that it was also the leaf, the branch, the stem, the root of the peach tree, the external everything that has been constantly nurturing it, it would never dare to be proud, arrogant and selfish. The cherry blossom is just a general that represents everything that the ancestors of the cherry blossom and the whole universe have to offer. This general status also only manifests for a while and then changes to another general. Therefore, cherry blossoms not only love themselves but also the leaves, branches, stems, roots or everything that lives around. Perhaps the cherry blossom understands that so it always lives life to the fullest. It gladly endures bone-chilling colds, so that when the spring sun warms it releases fresh and fragrant petals. Peach blossoms have lived very mettle, cute and fulfilled their responsibilities.

Have we ever raised our hand and wondered: whose hand is this hand really yours? Are all the talents shown by this hand created by ourselves? That question seems very simple, but we may have answered it wrong. Take a good look at your hands! Is it possible that in addition to its own training ability, it has received seeds of talent through the transmission from ancestral generations, most recently the parent generation? When we cook a bowl of sour soup, we must know that our ancestors cooked it with us. Because without the discovery and experience of our ancestors, how can we know how to cook sour soup. I don't even know what sour soup is. Even the noun "sour soup" is absent. Our ancestors are not only present in us through every cell but also in our perceptions and lifestyles. Whether we want to admit it or not, it's true.

I am also a continuation of my blood ancestors and also my spiritual ancestors. I am only a representative general, not a separate one. The only thing that makes us any different from them is that we have been credited with the universe for synthesizing all these transmitted elements into a new whole, to manifest a new life with a new mission. In addition, we also have to borrow what cherry blossoms used to borrow from nature. That is, we are constantly interacting and under the influence of everything. And in order to become a knowledgeable and peaceful human being, we also have to rely on many other factors created by humanity such as economy, politics, society, education, religion The deeper we look back, the more we will see ourselves as well as all species, also made of non-tams. The truth is that we are inherently selfless. Therefore, whenever we say "we" or look at "our" works, we must implicitly understand that they are inherently combined, common works. That term is only true in a relative context, only to help us pay attention to the sense of responsibility.

Our ancestors, thanks to many opportunities to look at themselves and less chasing the outside, easily saw the principle of natural interaction of life. They have always practiced loving others as well as loving themselves. It is not a matter of nobility or compassion, but it is the attitude to live properly and in accordance with the functioning of the universe. To live like that is to live with understanding, peace and happiness. Now we always consider ourselves civilized, have all kinds of degrees and don't see or accept that fact. So we keep embracing individualism, trying to accumulate all interests in the service of our supposedly separate selves. Sometimes we also encroach on others, steal common property, harm the environment and many people around us. But at the end of the day, we don't know what happiness is.

One day King Pasenadi – the ruler of India's Kosala emirate – asked Queen Malika: "Who in the world do you love the most?" The queen replied, "Of course, my dearest concubine is your majesty." "I guess you would," the king smiled happily. But the queen continued: "If your Majesty allows it, I will say it a little differently but will be more authentic." The king was impatient: "Just say it!" "Your Majesty, the one I love most is my concubine." The king was surprised: "What? Do I love myself again? I don't know what you mean?"

The queen said cautiously, "Then allow me to ask the opposite, who does your majesty love the most in the world?" The king laughed, "Well, who else!" The queen continued, "But if the concubine loves another man, what will your majesty count?" The king was embarrassed: "Ah, I will." "Your Majesty will go on a rampage and behead your concubine, won't you?" the queen continued. The king faked: "You ask for trouble! It's trouble!" The Empress asked again, "Your Majesty, is that true?" "Yes, you are probably right!" the king was silent for a long time before confirming. The Empress then gently explained, "Your Majesty loves me only because I have brought you happiness. So when the concubine no longer brought happiness to his majesty, his majesty fell out of love and wanted to kill him immediately. As such, His Majesty only loves me the most."

It is true that human instinct, like so many other living beings, has always taken every right for his ego. That is the biggest wrong attitude towards an individual who is suffering from interacting with countless others around him in order to survive. It is this mistake that has led to a serious imbalance, between the overwhelming nourishing energy sent by everything throughout the universe on the one hand and the attitude of living only thinking of oneself. To be fair, the cherry blossom receives very little benefit from nature, but it has lived its life to give all its value. And I, though known as the most knowledgeable, ask how I have lived and what I have done for this life?

Don't say anything remote. With loved ones who live next door, we rarely care about their difficulties or deep desires. Our minds are always thinking about how to earn a lot of money, advance status, attract the attention and admiration of many people. It's as if everyone has a responsibility to love and help us, and we're "privileged" not to be accountable to anyone. In fact, I've tried to help a few people, but never has that noble gesture come without any conditions. At the very least, the person must be cute, fond of us, or appreciative of what we bring to them. It's the same in sentiment. We think we love them wholeheartedly, but the truth is that we're addicted to their feelings that we can't let go. We think we're also noble when we decide to forgive them easily for their mistakes, but deep down it's because we're afraid they'll no longer like and be friendly to us, or because we want to prove our generosity in front of others.

It seems that we have never done anything without carrying our ego. It has become the "human being" of the times. In truth, selfishness is the most shallow and banal attitude of human beings – not only not wanting to help anyone, but also always creeping into every corner to extract rights. Perhaps, that is the root cause of the consequence: human beings, while enjoying the most, are the ones who suffer the most.

The purpose of ethics or religion is nothing more than to help man see the truth about his identity, to re-establish life in a way that is correct and in harmony with the functioning of the universe. This means that we must always consciously transform the bad energies that have arisen, as well as find ways to prevent bad energies from arising. That is, to be positive. In addition, we have a responsibility to nurture the good energies that have arisen, as well as to find ways to arouse good energies that have not yet arisen. I.e. blessed. What morality or religion cannot fulfill this function, which leads people to continue to worship their separate selves, constantly creates boundaries between individuals or groups to defend and dispute interests, and also makes people forget their precious lives in the present to confine themselves to distant fantasies, then that morality or religion is still a selfish and toxic thing. Pragmatism, individualism and other doctrines that are strongly influencing society as a whole also need to be reconsidered. We must have a clear right perspective and decisive attitude to choose the right path that can bring true happiness in reality.

There is no better path than the path back to the inner self – the moral mind. The mind is the source of all suffering and happiness. We don't have to look for any further paths, let's go back to where we are. We have all the conditions in which we can establish a life of true peace and happiness. In order to engage with these precious values, we must try to practice letting go of unnecessary demands and opposition. The more we are not demanding and clinging to the outside, the more strength we will have on the inside. Gradually, we naturally open our hearts to share and uplift people and species. We have come to realize that these objects are also incarnations—parts of our bodies. It is the true self that each of us is obliged to find. It has been swept through the ups and downs of life, once overshadowed by passions and ambitions. When that true self is found, the narcissism and hurt will be gone. Discrimination and hatred will also be broken.

This is the path that our forefathers took very successfully. Let us hurry back to receive and try to preserve to open up a bright future for ourselves and our children.

See the radiant peach
blossoms Shame on the mountains and rivers
O soaring pink petals What do I look for a hundred years?

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