Understanding the heart Thanksgiving

If we always express gratitude to each other, every wound heals, every difficulty is overcome, and every peak is reached.

Traditional ethics often remind the saying: "Eating fruit remembers the planter". When we pick up an orange, have we ever wondered where this orange came from? From the orange tree, of course. That's my very simple answer. But the truth is that the orange present in our hands must go through a very arduous life process, no less than the life of any creature. Starting from the orange seed, then having to absorb countless elements of nature to become a tree and produce leaves, flowers, and fruits. Then it is thanks to the love of water, wind, sun, minerals and especially of growers that oranges become nutritious food for us today. Although the proverb only reminds us to remember the work of the person who planted the tree, it is really about arousing gratitude in us for all the conditions that constantly nourish us.

Just as the proverb: "Drink water remembers the source" reminds us every time we open the tap to drink or bathe, stop and ask yourself where the water came from giving us so much convenience. Don't assume that having money to pay each month gives us the right to squander or take the presence of water for granted. How would we live a day without water? Currently, clean water resources in the world are gradually depleting because of the greedy and irresponsible lifestyle of people, which we ourselves never care about or have a sense of protection?

To see water without seeing the source, just as seeing the fruit without seeing the planter is a very shallow and ignorant sight. Only an ignorant person who considers himself an isolated individual, dares to declare that he needs no one. Even an electron so tiny that it cannot be seen with the eye must accept the principle of association to establish. Therefore, individualism is the most wrong direction of man. In the experience of wisdom and virtue, one of the ways to break through this misconception to create a stable and stable position with heaven and earth and the universe is gratitude.

Gratitude is a sincere vibe to a donation, deeply engraved in the heart and intent on giving back in one way or another in the future. The energy of gratitude when generated, not only creates harmony in relationships, but also has the power to awaken noble seeds in the soul, and ignite toxic energies that we accidentally caused in the past. Just maintain the idea of gratitude and we've inherited a lot. When we turn it into an act of thanks or thanksgiving, that energy multiplies. It makes the regiver and receiver both happy and happy.

So before we thank someone, we need to have a deep sense of gratitude in our hearts. Don't get into the habit of saying thank you easily as a polite style, in order to seek your sympathy or appreciation. At the very least, we must choose a dignified place and express our sincerity by being careful in our words. A clasp of hands, a bow, a bright smile, a subtle gift all contribute to the touch energy of the other person. Don't wait until the holidays to be busy shopping for gifts. It's unfortunate that we fall into the form of paying off our debts. Therefore, we should not focus on the value of gifts and do not train our partners in the habit of judging our hearts by material values. If we put all our energy into finding expensive gifts, we will no longer have the confidence to appear in front of the other person as our already wonderful self.

In the United States, Thanksgiving is no longer as meaningful as it once was. Although they organize very solemnly, it is mainly to build relationships for work or to satisfy eating and playing. They spend all their time preparing to party and promiscuous with gifts that few care to show gratitude for, even to loved ones who live next door. Although Vietnamese people have many ways of expressing gratitude, there is still no official day for all subjects to practice as a noble custom. Considering that Hung Kings Commemoration Day, the 10th of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar, is one of the most important days of the Vietnamese nation, we can choose it as a day of thanksgiving for our past ancestors and present benefactors. The anniversary is also the day of thanksgiving, which will mean a lot.

We can choose a small and meaningful gift to give each other. Ideally, you should give each other a fresh flower to convey the wish that the emotional relationship of both parties will always be beautiful. Let us choose roses, because they have long been a symbol of love. But we should choose yellow to speak of fullness and shine. Later, wherever we are or at any time, just give each other a yellow rose, we know it is a sign of thanks for Vietnamese people.

For Thanksgiving to be meaningful, we should limit partying, shopping, or going away. Dedicate the day to your main purpose, which is to show gratitude to the people who have influenced your life. We should have a family gathering. If we are far away, we can also attend with the family of a close friend nearby. Bring all your talents to design a "sit together" session so that it is light and cozy. Plant a beautiful vase of flowers and light some candles. It is recommended to turn off the television and phone completely. Practice being quiet or speaking quietly only when necessary for the first 15 minutes. A quiet space will make the energy in the room stronger and as a result, everyone will feel each other's precious presence more clearly. Before that, we can eat some light dishes or drink a few cups of tea. Then let's sit together in a circle. Each person gently walked over to the vase of yellow roses in the middle to choose one and sit down in front of whoever they wanted to give thanks. If there are many objects to be thankful for, we can get more flowers. Be silent for a few seconds and then express.

"Ma'am! I am so proud to be your child, of what you have lived for everyone and for us. You have given me energy and a strong belief in the true value of life."

"Mommy! I am deeply grateful to you, because you have given me a priceless treasure of love. In the most difficult times, it is when I remember your generosity the most."

"My dear! Thank you, for following you in a worthy way. I'm so proud of you."

"I thank you, for supporting me wholeheartedly. You have given me so much joy and happiness in my married life."

"I would also like to thank you, too, for what you have brought into my life. Although there were times when you suffered for me, I never left you."

"Sister! You are such a wonderful sister to me, always listening and understanding me. I love you so much and I'm so grateful."

"I am also grateful to you, because you have helped me with so many household chores. Especially your cheerful innocence and cute smile."

If we have time, we can tell each other about the love and sacrifice of our benefactors, whether they are here or far away. Occasionally, you can sing a few songs together to make the atmosphere more harmonious and warm.

We should also say these sincere words to teachers or students, to our employers or employees, to close friends or even to those who oppose us. If we see through the other person creating the adversities that we have tried to rise to and become the stable we are today, we should also express gratitude to them. Who knows, thanks to that sincere energy, the blocks of doubt, anger or obstinacy in us and they will disintegrate. As such, Thanksgiving Day will become a special day for people to practice forgiveness and draw closer together. On that day, everyone will surely be very happy and find life more lovely, because the heart is full of loving energy. If we can't come in person, we can also call or write. But the other person would be happier if he saw our smile and eyes in that thanksgiving.

Let's start now, in our own small family space, if we truly see the practical value of Thanksgiving. The good changes after that practice will quickly spread everywhere and will soon be accepted as an official national holiday. If every Vietnamese always expresses gratitude to each other, every wound heals, every difficulty is overcome, and every peak is reached. The highest peak of the Lac Hong ethnic group is the stable brotherhood, without any doctrine or force that can be divided. This spirit will contribute to enlightening the faith of humanity that the power of love can dispel all the darkness of suffering in this world.

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