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Willpower will only be ambitious if it is not put into the framework of one's own training.

There was a boy who was assigned to arrive early to light the fireplace in the classroom before the teacher and his classmates arrived. One morning, people were shocked to see the school on fire, and they pulled the boy out of the fire with severe burns. He was taken to a nearby hospital. A few days later, the doctor told his mother that he would probably die because his lower body had been damaged. Half-conscious, the boy shed tears but he was determined to live until the end. He miraculously survived death to the astonishment of the doctor. The danger passed, but the doctor said that his lower body was too badly damaged to be disabled, and he would be useless for life. Once again the boy was in pain, but still harbored the same strong will to walk as before.

Even though those shrunken legs had no feeling, no control, no vitality, he was not deterred. He confined himself all day to a wheelchair and was constantly trying to move. One morning, he suddenly threw himself out of his wheelchair and slid himself onto the grass with his legs dragged behind him. His mother was also surprised to see him reach the fence surrounding the compound and swing to his feet against the fence. Just like that, every day he dragged himself from one fence stake to another, forming a trail around the fence. He kept telling himself that he would be able to walk anyway. Thanks to his mother's loving hand and his unyielding will, he picked himself up, walked step by step, then walked alone and was able to run. He started walking to school, running to school, then running to the college skyline he had dreamed of for so long. The special thing is that he participated in the school's athletics team. The young man that everyone thought could not live, never walk, and never run was Dr. Glenn Cunningham – the fastest runner in the world at a distance of one mile.

When we have the will to do something and firmly believe that our abilities will eventually be possible, that belief turns into a powerful energy that motivates us to overcome all obstacles. That's the will. This means that when we constantly repeat a desire in our minds, our nervous system automatically forms a constant command, which then seeks to arouse and connect with hidden resources to achieve a satisfactory result. So confidence is the foundation for building willpower; Without confidence there is no willpower. But believing in oneself is believing in the available powers, and believing that the hidden abilities will be awakened through the process of training and nurturing. Even when we haven't seen any signals to turn the "impossible" into "possible," even when everyone thinks it's impractical or that it's never been done before, but with the firm belief that anything is possible if we find the right conditions for it, we can still achieve spectacular success.

Believing that anything is possible means believing in causes and conditions and believing in the miraculous connection of energies of the same frequency. These resources often include the blessings of our ancestors and the energy of the universe sent to us. Of course, we must have the appropriate root causes and conditions to connect. This depends on the energy we have created in the past and our remarkable transformations in the present. That is, when we begin to form, we pour all our energy back into ourselves to constantly evoke the good energies that have not yet arisen and nurture the good energies that have arisen. At the same time, we also try to isolate the bad energies that have not yet arisen and find ways to transform the bad energies that have arisen early. When we are not ready, we may not fully understand our inherent power, but in the process of honing, we will discover the wonderful mysteries of our whole being. As long as a certain point is opened, it immediately entails countless other advantages. Sometimes the advantage lies right where the situation is difficult. Because when we encounter difficulties, the survival instinct can call upon profound potential resources that we normally cannot see. Therefore, it is often said that people with willpower always see opportunities in all difficulties, while people who lack willpower always see difficulties in every opportunity. Therefore, successful people are not only those who rise above their circumstances, but what is important is that they have risen above themselves and found their own great resources.

Willed people must first of all be optimistic, always seeing the bright sides of life. Although facing a great event, the optimist still believes that any difficulties will pass if they know how to make the most of the advantageous aspects, even if very few. In order to be optimistic, we must have a correct view (right view) of the nature of life and be able to overcome old knowledge and experiences that have built into prejudices and prejudices that are deeply embedded in us. We also have to be able to deeply observe everything around us with a truly exploratory attitude.

The key to building optimism is learning how to enjoy life. When we take a step back for a moment to observe the mysterious values of life, we will see that nature always contains great lessons that only those who dare to separate themselves from their eager egos to prove themselves can understand. These lessons are such as the weather of cherry blossoms in the cold, the soft flexibility of bamboo trees before winds and storms, the principle of harmonious work of bees, or the solidarity of ants. Nature not only shows us the way to success but also shows us the art of living, so before reaching success we have the joy of life. This spirit is an indispensable material to arouse all success.

Time spent with nature and enjoying life is also a valuable opportunity for us to reflect on ourselves. That is why people who want to make a big will often retreat to hide to sharpen their "jewels", instead of accumulating temporary favorable conditions outside. When the jade is bright, there is no fear of upheaval or adversity anymore. We were able to overcome it and most of all we saw it at a different level of awareness. We'll know what we should and shouldn't do to make our dreams come true. In fact, when our jade is bright, all the energies of the same frequency will automatically connect without us having to search for it. Thus, the process of honing jade is the most important job but also the most difficult. We have to move away from high-end enjoyment, even put ourselves in harsh frameworks to invest energy in our health, build endurance, perseverance, and especially transform harmful habits.

We have seen many people who also have the will to rise but in fact they are just trying to accumulate favorable conditions from outside, and they themselves still do not change anything. Their level of knowledge and stamina remained the same. Their dreams of reaching far-fetched goals are only beautiful dreams after all. Therefore, willpower will only be ambition if it is not put into the framework of one's own training. Because this attitude is the desire to have more of what we have, but it is not enough to arouse the hidden capacity to overcome our current limits.

Let's not forget that the energy in us is sometimes strong and weak, and our will is not always consistent. But let's not flinch. They are merely a return to the habit of enjoyment, or suddenly the notion of expecting the signal of prosperity arises strongly, or the pressure of circumstances suddenly increases. All are transitory phenomena. As long as we persist in the practice or try a little harder, everything will pass. After that effort, we have a valuable new experience. Those who do not have the habit of behaving according to emotions, always know how to live deeply with reality and look at themselves, have experienced difficult circumstances, they have more than half of the factors to make dreams come true. So honing your own jade needs to be done from a young age, and can be molded easily. Because enjoyment not only makes us weaker, but it also makes us addicted and covers us with thick layers of ignorance.

When we say "I've always been right" that's conservative, but when we say "I always believed in me," we're respecting ourselves. This is an invaluable asset that not everyone has. Physical impairments, talents, or severe failures can easily cause us to lose faith in ourselves and have a pessimistic outlook on all the problems of life. The poet Frederick Langbridge wrote: "Two men look at the night sky through the waves, one sees only one black and the other sees the stars." In order for our perspective to remain broad, in addition to eliminating old prejudices, we also have to overcome superficial emotions or self-imposed feelings of being this and that without being able to accept ourselves and our current circumstances. Accept so as not to create more pressure and understand and find a way to neutralize, not surrender. So the will, if not skillfully used, will turn into a beautiful velvet veil that hides our weak truth, and then create fascinating plays choreographed by the mind and not real.

What few people expect is that willpower itself not only does extraordinary things, but it can also sustain other extraordinary things that appear. The success of this person will become a powerful source of encouragement to make the belief in others arise, towards the "impossible". Thus, in order to turn the "impossible" into the "possible", we need not only the rise of ourselves, but also the support energy of successful people and the love of the universe. Therefore, when we succeed, we have a responsibility to return these favors with a humble attitude and always aim to help others. Only then can we sustain success. Remember that as a human being is selfless, the will is also selfless. Don't accidentally turn it into gorgeous jewelry to glorify your ego and look down on those who are weak.

Every peak comes
When you get rid of yourself
The long road does not tire
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