As a vegetable jute is not a very common item in America. Very few people grow jute seeds on their backyard. In USA climate it is not so hard to grow jute. You just need to know the process that how to grow jute seeds and leaves. The jute seed germination process is easy. Buy some seeds and prepare soil by mixing 90% soil and 10% organic compost. Just plant like sandy soil. But you can grow jute plant in any kind of soil. The seeds are very hard but they are really first grower. After preparing soil for growing jute the next step is to provide seeds on seedbed. Highly nitrogen reach soil jute leaves grow very firstly. You can also grow jute as microgreen. After planting jute seeds, germination process takes up to 3 days. Within 3 days most of the jute seeds get started. The next step is growing stage. Newly sprouted jute seeds automatically convert into young seedlings within 7 to 10 days. You need to keep watering daily. Jute plant seedlings like over water. They can be grown on a floating area. So, try to keep watering daily. In next 15 days your jute leaves is prepared for harvest. That's the easy steps to grow jute leaves as vegetable. To know the process in practical, see the full content.
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