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Lazy people never have a stable life or a good future. In other words, the kingdom of success never has the shadow of the lazy.

Man's natural instincts are always for enjoyment. But the essence of enjoyment is only momentary emotional satisfaction, not true happiness. Of course, not everyone realizes this truth to try to tame the hedonistic instinct, and not everyone has the courage to win over themselves. If we are also victims of emotions, always caught up in unnecessary good feelings and react harshly to necessary bad emotions, then inevitably we will develop a weak character and some other habits that are structurally similar to dependence. boredom, hesitation, fear, anxiety. In addition, there is another habit of the same nature and also a significant obstacle to the construction of happiness: laziness.

Laziness is the habit of not wanting to detach yourself from good feelings in order to reach out to other, deeper good feelings. Just as a cat likes to curl up in an ash stove or a warm towel, even though he is very hungry, he regrets having to leave that pleasant feeling to receive the unpleasant feeling of having to get up to feed. People with laziness do little but want to enjoy more, preferring to rely on the help of others or pray for luck without effort. They always shy away from seeking lightly, or extruding responsibility to others. They love to eat, love to sleep, like entertaining pastimes. They are only interested in the things they love. That is, they prefer to do things that are already gifted rather than trained, or that do not require physical movement or deep thinking. We've seen people work very hard, but it's just that it brings them good feelings. Other things, though very important, sometimes affect the future of their careers but are a little difficult, they keep soaking. The water reached their feet to jump.

If we bring such a big "lump" of laziness, we will face many difficulties in life. We will be very afraid of the rain and sunshine or staying up late and early to work. When we meet unhappy partners, we will not try to improve the relationship to cooperate. We will be both victims and perpetrators of work stagnation and account deficits. When we choose a life partner, we inevitably tend to look for someone who loves us and cares about everything for us. It can be said that marrying a lazy person is as bad as buying the wrong old car. Although it consumes a lot of gas, but for a long time, it lies there. It took constant repairs for him to keep running, but it wasn't much better than last time. Although the other person is willing to build a long-term relationship with us, looking at our attitude of trying and sluggish, they also suspect that this is selfish and is taking advantage of them. Many marriages break down also because of the lack of effort on one side's part. If the other party makes a mistake or degradation that one side tries to support, they can still go together. And if one party has wholeheartedly supported and the other party refuses to try to make amends, it will only fail.

Lazy people never have a stable life or a good future. In other words, the kingdom of success never has the shadow of the lazy. No matter how smart or talented they are, and with relentless, half-hearted striving, one step forward and three steps backward, they will not be able to achieve their goals all their lives.

Surely everyone knows the story of the turtle running with the rabbit. No one would have thought that the slow turtle would dare to race against the rabbit who was so agile.

However, the turtle is very confident in its diligence to be able to compete and overcome the restraint and laziness of nimble people like the rabbit. And the turtle has done wonders, making all species learn from its example. We often say, "Industrious and intelligent." In truth, diligence is more important than intelligence. It is formed from training, surpassing ourselves, so it is the hallows that help us level all obstacles and build a solid career. While intelligence is innate, does not need hard training but is still successful and superior to others, smart people often rely on rather than learn or sharpen more. It is this subjectivity and laziness that is the grave of so many talents. They have "jewels" inside, but they cannot be used.

In The Tale of Kieu, Nguyen Du reminded: "My body must be worried." Let us not forget that we are the main ones responsible for our lives. When we're hurting or when we're suffering, our dearest person can't stand it for us. But what have we done with our lives? Are we living happily and happily on our own strength or through the luck or support of others? Support is also needed. But if we keep relying on it, we inadvertently extinguish our ability to strive, harden our ability to learn and create. That lazy habit is opening up difficult roads ahead. Even something as simple as exercising and we keep making appointments, planning countless times and then leaving it, how can we have the energy to constantly transform the negative energies in our minds? How can we be brave enough to contribute to changing the difficulties of our loved ones living next door? To live without being able to reach, not being able to promote, without anything new, is a meaningless, lifetime.

Zen people often refer to the saying: "Accumulating the age, the immutable destitution." That is, looking back at the place of departure in the past, we see that we have not left half a step. How disgraceful! I am "ashamed" of everyone because I used to declare so eloquently about my sublime ideals, but until now I am still empty-handed; We're "ashamed" of ourselves because we've clearly seen our hidden abilities but still can't bring them out. Where have we been and what have we done? Have we been pulled away from our ideal path by the gravitational forces around us? What we've been doing seems to be just to develop more self-enjoyment, but it doesn't reflect the true values we once wanted.

Ten years, twenty years of looking back and seeing that I still haven't taken any more steps is a big failure. Do we know why? Or do we continue to blame others and circumstances? Sometimes we don't even know we're standing still, because we're mistakenly thinking that the attractive amenities we're grasping are the end of the journey. The root cause of that sudden diversion is emotional saturation. We lose interest in the ideal path, especially when we encounter obstacles that bring about too great a bad emotion that we are not able to accept. Therefore, a person who wants to have a big career must make continuous efforts to suppress the development of instincts, know how to mobilize positive energy to face all adversities.

When a seed is sown in the ground, although it has all favorable conditions such as sunlight, moisture, fertilizer or minerals, without the non-cockroach element (i.e. continuity), the seed cannot germinate and grow. Just like when we take two bamboo sticks or two stones to fight each other to get fire, but the fighting power is too weak or keeps stopping, how can there be fire. Everything needs a non-espionage nature to be successful. If we allow laziness and spontaneity to interfere, it will disrupt all buildings, especially the work of transforming our minds. No matter how many wonderful methods we have, carefully guided by skilled masters, and many favorable conditions for practice, if we have not overcome laziness, we will not be able to join the ranks of the awake. I will always be who I am — the old self who can't keep up with the mysterious purity of every moment of life.

To correct laziness, we need to have a strong determination to detach ourselves from unnecessary good emotions and practice facing the bad emotions necessary. In order not to fail forever with ourselves, we should try to live with family or people who are stable and active. Thanks to strict discipline, lively atmosphere, constant encouragement, or looking at their example of overcoming difficulties, we will not be able to cultivate laziness. As a first step, let's not let ourselves be free. We need to arrange our working time so that we gradually forget the desire to seek enjoyment, or indulge in endless rest. From time to time, have the courage to take on some important work and work with a team of diligent people. Thanks to the responsibility to fulfill and the positive work spirit of the team, we reduce enjoyment. It is best to participate in community activities, vibrant programs that must use hands and feet and brain. In general, we need to refresh our routine in a new environment to pull us out of the fascinating maze of laziness. We have to immerse ourselves in the fresh and healthy life of the group to overcome it.

Don't expect that every time we make new plans, we can let go of our long-standing lazy habits. The trick that can soon change that laziness problem is to "try a little more." For example, we should start waking up ten minutes earlier than usual, or do that hard task five minutes before we want to finish, or try to sit back and listen to the other person talk a little more even though we really want to get up and do something else. Thanks to small periods of perseverance, that lazy mass, no matter how hard, must be eroded. In fact, we're using our old handicaps to turn into new therapies, because of the lazy habits that are formed from such "a little extra" things. A little diligence substituted for a little laziness is a very clever solution and also very easy to succeed. Just a few more minutes and the laziness will pass. And if we listen to it and let go of our work, then inadvertently we make that energy grow stronger and the door out of it will be closed.

Being lazy or making us like to lie down or sleep. So when we find that our willpower is not enough to contain, try to step outdoors, or at least do something that we love, not give up easily. Laziness is closely related to gloom (kissing). Therefore, we need to start from exercising the body and adjust the diet so that the body is always light and strong. As a result, we can maintain emotional balance, calm and lucid to understand and find effective solutions.

In addition, we should also refresh our bedroom or office. Not only do we rearrange everything to be tidy and clean, but we also remind ourselves every time we move any item, we must remember to return it to the correct position. Looking closely, we will see that our lazy attitude is very evident in such small actions. This method is quite small but very effective. It helps us to take a sense of responsibility for each of our actions. This is also an important material for establishing relationships, especially when we have decided to invite a very special person to accompany us in our life.

Laziness is not a major affliction that binds us to suffering, but it is a very frightening obstacle that prevents us from reaching our distant dreams or even living deeply with reality. Laziness is also the ability to spark emotional bursts and drown us in unexpected trances. Therefore, the effort to overcome the attempt to be lazy to always be enthusiastic is that we have officially entered the realm of success.

Startled to look at the old
way Not yet out of the forest
Oh a thousand distant
because of heavy footsteps.
Bothered to grasp
only the Hundred Years from now and not
to return to make the white
clouds Gently float around.

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