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We are The Rike Inc, an herbal company and most of our team members are nature lovers, royal design concepts, and passionate about healthy products business, so we decided to start a business in herbal teas, based on royal values. 

Vietnam has strengths in the production of perennial industrial crops due to its diverse soil, climate and crop ecosystems. Restructuring crops in the direction of improving quality and efficiency is affirming the practicality and correctness in order to effectively exploit potentials and advantages and respond to climate change. Successful transformation has contributed to the development of modern agricultural production, increasing income for farmers and building new rural areas in the localities.

We realize that Asia is a potential exporting market for high-quality organic herbal tea with top experts, experienced farmers, and young students who are always eager to run a meaningful start-up project for the community. In addition to that, our mission is to help Americans improve their physical and mental health with royal quality at an affordable price, instead of paying a substantial annual budget for their health care. 

The Rike - A dream of Royal Herb Tea

 Make Our Life Great Again

What we are concerned about most is our customer's physical and mental health

Not only bringing fresh healthy tea products, but we are also always eager to learn about rare healing teas that can only be grown in Asia. For example, Crinum latifolium, Panax Ginseng, Anamu Tea... These kinds of teas have been studied by trustworthy scientists and doctors for their ability to support women's health.

This fact encouraged us to develop organic herbal tea products that help people improve their mental health, sleep better, and feel more relaxed, and confident in their lives.

 Therefore, we have created 2 Facebook fan pages, The Rike and The Rike Herb. 

Our social media channel's purpose is to connect with our valued customers as well as people around the world and create more valuable content that improves their spiritual life, and health education.

We focus on spiritual care for something everyone can experience, helps people to find meaning and purpose in the things we value, can bring them to hope in times of suffering and loss, and encourages them to seek peace with themselves, others, and what lies beyond.

Fortunately, after over 3 years, these 2 fan pages have over 100,000 followers and positive feedback. This is a great motivation for our team, encouraging us to follow the right path we have chosen.

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We work closely with developing products you can trust at a price customer will love. Every product comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and many of our products carry extended warranties.

The Rike started as a small project by students at Missouri State University. With the help and support of the Missouri Business and Technology Center, The Rike has grown into a healthy and flourishing company. At its inception, The Rike sold a limited range of herbal and seeds products through Amazon,, Mercari, social media, and a handful of suppliers.

It wasn’t much longer until The Rike grew its product lines by providing innovative products to solve everyday problems. During the process, The Rike was able to increase their presence and relationship by expanding the number of online marketplaces, suppliers, and wholesale partners they worked with. And it’s all thanks to the help and support we’ve received from Missouri State University, hardworking The Rike employees, our suppliers, and of course, our amazing customers.


More than a tea business, our mission is towards the community

As you guys may know, the Covid19 pandemic has devastated much of the US and Vietnamese economies, a lot of people lost their jobs and had difficulty maintaining their businesses, hence we tried our best to boost our business so as to help improve unemployment in both countries. For us, a successful business is not making much money, it is "sharing to be shared" along with contributing humanitarian values to society.

From experienced customers to loyal customers

In the past, we have cooperated with KOLs by giving away best-selling tea products, listening to their honest feedback and reviews and thereby finding ways to better manage product quality. As a result, these KOLs all become our regular customers and give positive feedback. "Keep up your good work" - they said.

What is the future of the herbal tea industry?

Consistent demand from the aging population is partly attributable to intense marketing on the part of industry operators in an effort to boost awareness about the health benefits of herbal teas. The industry is expected to grow over the next five years. Continuing health trends and the aging population will boost domestic demand.

Production and Manufacturing

We have our manufacturing facilities all lined up.  From R&D, USDA Organic Certified Facilities Farm and USA Co-Packer Manufacturer, safety test and certifications, ISO certified production line, to long-term shipping partners, Amazon and Fulfillrite logistic fulfillment center, everything’s ready so we don’t need to worry about finding a manufacturer to produce our product. Once we meet the crowdfunding goal, we are ready to kickstart production.

Each The Rike product is manufactured according to the highest quality standards – all while keeping our community and value at the forefront. That’s why The Rike products are not only rated as extremely efficient but are also sold at the lowest price point possible.

Our mission is to provide solutions that can meet, and exceed, all your needs by providing varied products in different categories using the Internet to lower the consumer's cost. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place. The community is at the core of our company, and we will do everything possible to ensure that each of our customers has a positive The Rike experience.

Key Customers

Customers are the basic value of any business, the only reason for businesses to survive and grow. The "customer-centric" policy only guides the way for all activities of the company. We listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and apply our experience, skills and thinking to optimize those needs. Each customer is a brick that builds up the company's value.

Ownership & Structure

Rosie Tran will be the majority owner. The company intends to recruit a sophisticated team of owner board members. The board members will be granted shares of stock to provide an incentive for their performance on the board. The team members have the opportunity to become co-founders or leaders. 

Shipping Formality

 US. Domestic & Global Shipping

The Rike Story
The Rike Story
The Rike Story
The Rike Story
The Rike Story
The Rike Story
The Rike Story
The Rike Story

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