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The heart must understand that the heart is true love.

Have we ever wondered why we love our partner? Because they're cute? Oh, so I'm only here to enjoy that cuteness, but I'm not loving. That anyone can do, anyone can love a cute person! A cute person is someone who is very sweet, very gentle, and especially always fond or humbled by us. If they are cute to others but not cute to us, then we don't necessarily find them cute and we love. In our gut relationships, too, do we love them because of their obligations, because they are bound to our lives, or because we know they are pitiful and need our love? In fact, many people have felt that they have suffered too much loss of rights because of their loved ones, so they have closed their hearts without wanting to love anymore. The body only becomes a spear when it can more or less bring benefits, even if it is just an attitude of respect or a reputation as a good person.

Whoever loves me will love me back, and whoever does not love me is guilty of what I must love. It sounds like a fair trade-off, but that's always the reality. It is true that it is very difficult to love someone who does not love us, even hates us or hurts us. It would be acceptable for them to love us less. Unless it is the heart of parents or cultivators who attain compassion, it is possible to love without conditions. I love them anyway. But we have also seen many parents who are committed to abandoning their child just because he is disabled or damaged. Or there are famous people who do charity work, but easily ignore the dusty child who begs in an unknown place. Love is a human nature, but we have to practice a lot to transform narrow-minded selfishness for love to be genuine.

True love must first be an attitude of giving. Let's not confuse it with a promiscuous attitude that tries to do everything to please the other person, but actually just because we want to "score more points". Genuine giving must come from the heart that wants the other party to be happier and happier. Therefore, each item we bring must be purely for their benefit, not interfere with our interests, even if they can see our heart. Wanting the other person to see our hearts is nothing more than to make them love or appreciate us. Although we know that our hearts are not generous enough to love them without being loved in return, do not be conditional on each donation. It's not love anymore.

After all, loving others is already a pleasure. Aren't there so many people in the world who want to love without someone to love? He lacks something, but he who loves must have something to do with us, but he cannot naturally want to love anyone. Rather, the person must have had feelings or favors for us, or at least they must accept and feel joy in knowing we love them in order for us to love. So having someone to love is very happy, it is not necessary to ask them to do anything more for us. One day everyone runs away from us, we have no one to love, we are miserable. Living without being able to love is a big accident. Therefore, let us be merciful so that the object is truly inherited, and we still do not become a sufferer of love. Only then will we not overshadow the beautiful meaning of love.

If giving is about bringing joy, then giving is taking away suffering. Everyone sometimes encounters difficult situations or gets into suffering. But they will not feel sad, but on the contrary, have more energy to overcome, if they always have a loved one by their side to share. Although we are not able to pull them out of the quagmire of suffering, at least our timely presence can make that suffering more or less less. Because they felt my sincerity. They know we truly love their lives, want to take some responsibility for them, and want to accompany them into the future. A pain that is contained by two hearts will certainly not be enough to make it hurt. That's why we always need each other in this life.

Living with someone who always says they love us, but when we're struggling, they show no idea. So much so, that I informed them directly and just asked them to sit down and listen to understand, and they had all sorts of reasons to repudiate. Such love will not bring happiness. They always think that they are too hard to bring money and honor to us, so they can no longer afford to take on other troubles. Let's deal with it ourselves. It should have been difficult, but it was their indifferent attitude that turned it into misery. I know. We know they're very busy and don't have much energy to help us solve problems. But we just need their caring attitude, even a single question, to make us feel warm. Because that attitude tells us that it is someone who is suffering with us.

Vast love Always brings joy Together share suffering Help each other to relax.

If you understand to have love, if you do not understand, that love will be very superficial and sometimes fake. But if we want to understand each other, we need to listen to each other, we need to know what the other party wants or does not want so that we can behave reasonably. Even if there are unjustified requests, we also need to know what mentality they are stuck in in order to promptly remove. If we do it in the name of love and do it our way, it will not ultimately help but make the suffering greater. Of course goodwill is necessary. Because sometimes we have to be very patient to listen, or we have to advise or plead for the other person to speak out all our hidden pains. In addition, we have to take the heavy energy from their rants, mourning, or anger without getting hurt. Therefore, goodwill must be an attitude of thinking for the other person rather than thinking of oneself (love), but also knowing how to think properly (understanding) to be able to help.

So if we really love each other, we must always know and understand what is happening to each other without waiting for an announcement. The heart must understand that the heart is true love. You don't have to do something too big to call it love. Just constantly care deeply about their health condition, cook a dish to their taste, be ready to roll up their sleeves to clean the kitchen, help them fix the brakes, never ask when they are busy, never leave them confused or lost. That is enough to make the object of love feel our sincerity.

To be capable of doing all this, we must realize that giving and giving are two indispensable materials in any love. Without it, there is no such thing as love. Because the suffering we love is also our suffering. If I don't help my loved one, who will help now?

love Always brings joy
Together share suffering
Help each other to relax.

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Understanding the heart - Compassion

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